Sunday, 14 March 2010

Monfils v Greul

Last time I looked Monfils was at 1.04 early in the 2nd set!!!

Now I have lumped on Greul at 1.42 with him leading 3-0* in the 3rd set.

C'mon the break please!!!
0-15 c'mon ... 15-15 ... 15-30 ... Believe ... 30-30 .... pfft 40-30 ... Deuce c'mon get a BP!!! ... Adv :-( ... Deuce ... Adv ... Holds Damn!!

1-3* C'mon Greul nice love service game please! 0-15 FFS Don't do this to me! 15-15 c'mon the hold ... 30-15 two more points please ... 40-15 one more ... And Hold thankyou :-)

1*-4 Right about now would be a great time for another break please!!! 0-15 Come ON!!!! ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 40-15 ... 40-30 DF! c'mon FIGHT ... Holds.

2-4* I am getting very nervous that the customary German choke may be imminent but I'll hold my postion a little longer! FFS DF 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 40-15 ... come on nice and easy please!!! ... 40-30 Don't stuff this up! ... Holds.

2*-5 Now then Break for GSM anyone? ... Ooh YES PLEASE sir!! :-)  0-15 C'mon!!! ... 0-30 Two MORE!!! ... 15-30 ... 30-30 pffft ... 40-30 what a waste of a chance! ... Holds

3-5* Got to get out here I'm afraid not risking it when in a 3rd set.

£295.85 Greul
£328.44 Monfils

Typical Greul serves it out comfortably! Oh well!!

Greul Wins
Profit: £295.85

Karlovic v Almagro

Ok so Almagro won the 1st set 7-5 and we have a tie break in the second.

I waited till Almagro led 4-3** before lumping on at 1.36.

Karlovic typically is having a great TB for a change and held his two serves for 4**-5

C'mon Almagro don't let me down!!!

5*-5 C'mon

6-5** TAKE IT!!!!!

YESSSS!!!! STick that up your pipe and smoke it anon!!! Bet placed and stated on the chat for real time reference if you need it!!!

Almagro Wins
Profit: £373.29

Happy Mothers Day

I hope you all treated your mother's and the mother's of your children well today! Although Rev informs me that Mothers Day is in May in Belgium so giving your other half flowers this morning may have led to suspicions you are having an affair and ridden with guilt! Be careful it's a minefield out there.

Anyway not been on for a while but will probably have a punt or teo this evening if the opportunity arises. Many thanks for all the positive comments. ALL feedback is welcome and always will remain uncensored.

I've not even really been taking note of results for the last copuple of weeks so I will have to take it steady tonaight and avoid rushing in to something.

Good luck and Happy Punting.

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