Friday, 4 September 2015

Elina Svitolina v Ekaterina Makarova

Backed Makarova when winning 3-6 1*-3 30-15 @ 1.08

Svitolina holds for 2-3*.
Aaargh Deuce from 40-15... GP#3... Deuce... BP... Flippin Break 3*-3
Svitolina follows it up with a hold to love. 4-3*

I really think they should ban timeouts, or at least if a player calls one they should be penailsed on the scoreboard somehow. It's almost like a boxer taking a big blow and then having 5 minutes rest and starting again. I just have to leave my bet and hope now!

And Kate holds to 30! 4*-4

Followed by Svitolina holding to 30 5-4* Scoreboard pressure on Kate to hold here.

0-15... 15-15... Oh dear Kate 15-30. Doesn't look comfortable out there. 30-30... 30-40... Deuce... GP poor dropshot from Svitolina... Deuce... GP... Holds. 5-5*

Why in tennis when one player is so obviously out on their feet does the other player fail to get them moving side to side. I see it everyday and it bugs me.

0-15... 15-15... 15-30... 30-30... Return Ace! 30-40... Break! Svitolina is clueless here. Kate can't run very much yet she isn't having to. Everything played in to the middle.

5-6* 15-0... 15-15... 30-15... 40-15... Finally out for nothing! 40-30... Deuce... Kate holding her leg again. No way should she be allowed the trainer again. WTF trainer on court at Deuce. Cramping? Get the fuck on with it! Give her a time violation! Actually she's had a warning so that should be a point there. SHould be BP IMHO. Now it is BP but should be into a TB now. ... saved it! Deuce... WTF Svit? MP#3... Cheating Bitch! Whay fanny around when I could have won some money if you hadn't messed about. An hour of my life wasted!

Daria Kasatkina v Kristina Mladenovic

After the earlier loss I decided to reload to where I was at midnight and start the 4th September again.
Kristina Mladenovic
£74.74 loaded and dumped on Mladenovic @ 1.11 when the scire is 1-5* 15-30 in the 1st set.

And the break comes. 2*-5.

Break follows break and Kiki takes the 1st set 2-6. Serving first in the second which is always a bit of a worry in WTA.

And there's the first break of the 2nd set 1-3* Get in. And consolidated for a 1*-4 lead.

Stays on serve to 3-5* Kiki serving for the match. GSM

Profit: £7.85
Bank: £82.59

Andrej Martin v Pedro Cachin

Martin won the 1st set 6-2 and it's 0-0* in the 2nd when I get on Martin @ 1.18.

Typical Cachin follows up an easy hold with a break to 30 for a 0-2* lead!

There's the break back though. 1*-2 Back on serve.

Pffft and another break! 1-3*

This time he follows it up with a hold to 30. 1*-4

Wahey a hold! Just! 2-4*

Cachin holds to 30 though. 2*-5 looks like this may be going to a 3rd set.

He holds for 3-5* Got to break now though! 0-15... 0-30 c'mon... 0-40 oi oi...15-40... SAVELOY!!! Double fault to give up the break!

4*-5 And he holds to 30 to level it up at 5-5*.

After deuce it ends in a hold for 5*-6.

FFS 30-40... Deuce... Set Point #2...  Deuce... GP... Holds! 6-6

Tiebreak Time!!!
1-2** FFS!!!
1**-4 Two must holds here.
1*-5 Balls!!!
1-6** Flippin useless!
2-6* A bit late now!
Set Cachin.

Martin to serve first in the decider. Think I'll stick with him for now.

Andrej starts with a hold to love. Where was that serving in the tiebreak you muppet!

Oi! Oi! 15-40... 30-40... SAVELOY!!! 2*-0
And he consolodates it with a hold for a 3-0* lead.

Cachin back in the match with a hold to 15 for 3*-1

Oh Christ! 0-40... 15-40... Break! Back to TB type serving! 3-2*

Followed up by a hold to love! 3*-3 I fear for my bet right now. Switching @2.08

Aargh didn't get it on quick enough still on Martin

0-15 FFS... 0-30 I'll kill this donkey!!! ... 15-30 Fight!... 15-40 ... Break! 4 straight games! I so nearly greened at 3-0* aswell. Gutted by my own muppetry! 3-4*

Need the immediate break back please. Holds to love!

3*-5 serving to stay in the match. From 40-0 to Deuce!!! To Match Point! GSM

Andrej Martin! Another name for my blacklist! (Well if I had one!)

Loss: £109.45

Football: Malaysia U19 v Laos U19

Bit of crappy U19 international football to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

Going for Over 0.5 Goals @ 1.06.

Well not really ticking just yet! 0-0 at HT.

84 Minutes: Finally! 0-1 Get in! It was squeaky bum time!

Profit: £5.93
Bank: £109.46

Petra Cetkovska v Caroline Wozniacki

Money was still tied up in the footy so got 1.15 on Wozniacki at 0-0* 0-15 in the 1st game!

0-30 not a great start... 15-30... 30-30... That was well wide??? Ah yes given out! 40-30... Another very late call Holds for 0*-1

Petra Cetkovska

And a break already to 30. 0-2*

0-3* Woz saved 2 BP's there!

Why is it that Czech and Slovak girls are sooo hot?  I think that must be why they split the country in two. With that many sexy ladies walking around it must be impossible to get any work done!

We have a break back to make it 2*-3

And Woz gets the break again 2-4*
Pffft Broken once more! 3*-4

Uh oh Petra holds to 15 4-4*
0-30 C'mon Woz get a grip!! 15-30... DOUBLE FAULT!!! 15-40... Oh deary me! Broken AGAIN!!!

5*-4 And hold for the set! From 0-3 to 6-4. Terrible Woz. Buck up in the 2nd set please!

Actually gonna go for a chase the break now. Switching to Petra @ 1.75
Cet: -14.27 Woz: -103.76

Break!! 1*-0 And SWITCH
Cet: -103.76 Woz: +71.83

Oh dear a hold to 30 brings up 2-0* That's 6 straight games! Have to stick and pray Woz can claw her way back in here.

Well Woz had game point but is broken again! 3*-0 She is gone!!! And to think I was toying with the idea of backing her to win 2-0. I need some crazy WTA shit to happen now!!!

At 30-0 Petra threw in a DF now we have 30-40. Tennis is funny! And Break! 3-1* 7 game losing streak is ended! If only that break had come on her last service game I would have been green and out!

Well bugger me! Woz broken to love again!! What are you doing to me Woz??? SO nearly a perfect strategy as 4 breaks from 5 games this set. Just needed them to come together and I'd be laughing.

4*-1 You would expect Petra to freeze up getting over the line. But the way Woz is playing I don't think it will matter!

4-2* And we have another break! Can Woz get back in this? Grrrr 5/6 breaks this set!

Hello Woz looks like she may have a second wind! 30-0... Followed by a Double Fault Jeeez! Cetkovska bossing these rallies 30-30... On this peformance how is she around 150 in the world? 30-40... Out? Challenge! It is out! Deuce... BP#2... Deuce... BP#3... ACE!!! Deuce... Useless Woz! BP#4... Oooof just wide Deuce... Woz needs to find some angles and get Petra moving... Good serve GP... Holds!! Yes a Hold!!! After 6 straight breaks on her serve!

4*-3 Will the pressure pile up on Cetkovska now? Both players have traded at 1.10 or below now.

And Break for 4-4*

15-0 I'm outta here!

-0.24 on both. Now that was a lucky escape

Woz holds for 4*5 maybe should have held my nerve!

Woz takes the set 5-7. Really should have stuck to my guns!

Football: Melgar v Leon de Huanuco

A bit of a wind down from the tennis with a bit of Peruvian Footy. Going for Over 0.5 Goals at 1.09

Booom 1-0 Not even time to find an appropriate photo so over to watch Wozniacki

  • Over 0.5 Goals 1.09 £2.69 £0.24
    Ref: 54850879188 Matched: 02:06 04-Sep-15
  • Over 0.5 Goals 1.09 £6.07 £0.55
    Ref: 54850879188 Matched: 02:05 04-Sep-15
  • Over 0.5 Goals 1.09 £86.80 £7.81
    Ref: 54850879188 Matched: 02:05 04-Sep-15
Profit: £8.21

Danka Kovinic v Anna Karolina Schmiedlova

Scmiedlova leading 2-5* 30-15 in the 3rd when I get on at 1.01.

Eyes on the ball

FFS 30-40... Break!!! NEVER BACK 1.01

3*-5 15-40 TAKE IT!!! Grrrrr 30-40... 2nd serve... FFS Deuce... 2nd... GP... 2nd (not that it makes any difference) ... Ooooh Deuce... MP#3... 2nd serve... Looks like a retard and plays like a retard! Deuce... GP#2... Ace!! Dear God!

4-5*0-15... I love laying 1.01's Oh wait, what's that I backed it? N'ah surely not! 15-15... 30-15... 2nd... 30-30... 2nd... Shot! 40-30... Deuce... MP#5... 2nd... Oh my Lordy. In all my years I don't think I've seen a serve go so wide it goes straight in the stand! Double Fault Deuce... MP#6... FFS Schmiedlova punish the mooballs not tee them up for her! Deuce... MP#7 Lucky 7? C'mon mong face TAKE IT!!! Deuce... 2nd... Double Fault! BP... Point! Deuce... That was long! Challenge it No wtf useless! BP#2... Deuce... Shes fallen over but it's in! MP#8...

GSM! Never in doubt! 1.01's are FREE MUNNIES!

Profit: A whopping £0.90

Flavia Pennetta v Monica Nicelescu

Penne Pasta is leading 6-1 3*-2 when I get on at 1.04

Ok I know it's spaghetti!
Pennetta holds from Deuce 4-2*

5*-2 A break to love. Now to serve it out.

2 MP's wasted now BP!!! Women! Deuce... BP#2... Deuce... MP#3 Take it! ... Pffft Deuce... BP#3... FFS Break!

5-3* Holds from Deuce.

5*-4 This time then Flavia. 0-15... 0-30... 15-30... 30-30... 30-40 WTF? Deuce... MP#4... GSM Made me sweat there!

Profit: £3.48

Football: O'Higgins v Univ de Concepcion

Going for Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.23 in this one.

Let's have the goals to make this girl happy!

God I hate goals betting... 30 minutes gone and it's 0-0.

HT and still 0-0 may have picked a lemon here! However 7 shots on target in the 1st half I feel we may yet still have the goals.

Booom!!! Less than a minute in to the 2nd half and it's 0-1. Surprised the away team have taken the lead. Must have been an inspirational team talk!

Boom Boom!!! 51 minutes and it's 0-2.

Profit: £16.42
Bank: £91.16

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