Monday, 5 November 2012

Football: Tigre v Racing Club

Araceli Gonzalez - From Buenos Aires as are Tigre
A bit of Argentinian and I just hope it's not as dubious as their tennis playes. This match is 1.61 for Over 1.5 Goals. And whilst that is probably for a good reason, there is no way I can leave that bet alone!

Back Over 1.5 Goals
1.61 £0.03 £0.02

Ref: 23235260176 Bet matched:23:09 05-Nov-12
1.61 £1.36 £0.83
Ref: 23235260176 Bet matched:23:08 05-Nov-12

Well it could have been 2-1 in the first 10 minutes and now after 30 minutes it could easily be 4-2. However it is, predictably, 0-0!

42 minutes and there you go 0-1 Get in!!!

Half time and it's 0-1.

FFS 85 mins and looks like we're going to end 0-1.

GTF IN!!!!! 88 mins and it's 1-1!!!!

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £181.15
Bank: £490.49

Football: Getafe v Real Betis

Eva Maria Gonzalez - From Seville as are Betis.
It's 0-0 at half time and I can't get stiffed by two Primera Division matches in a row!! Can I?
Taking odds of 1.31 on a second half goal.

Over 0.5 Goals
1.31 £238.40 £73.90

Ref: 23234443982 Bet matched:21:32 05-Nov-12

Goalll! 0-1 Get in!!!

Profit: £70.95
Bank: £309.34

Football: West Brom v Southampton

Cat Deeley - West Brom Fan
OK £200 loaded up and the chase for my £133 is on. West brom lead 1-0 at half time and I'm going for that old favouraite of another goal in the second half. Odds are 1.20

Over 1.5 Goals
1.2 £110.00 £22.00
Ref: 23233971391 Bet matched:21:03 05-Nov-12
1.2 £90.00 £18.00
Ref: 23233927506 Bet matched:21:01 05-Nov-12

60 minutes gone and it's 2-0

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £38.40
Bank: £238.40

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