Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Olympiakos v Arsenal

Champions League football tonight so I thought I'd pump for a rather juicy 1.44 on Over 1.5 goals in this one.

As for the Christmas list well Olympiakos are from Athens and that is the home of the Olympics a great spectacle for the ancient Greeks. Another spectacle for ancient Greeks in between Olympics was PANTOMIME! Yes Ancient Greece was the birth place of the pantomime and indeed the word means roughly "imitate all" in Greek.

0-0 at Half time is not looking good!

1-0 in the 47th minute!! That's better :-)

Oh well it ended 1-0!!! Sorry if anyone lost on that one!

Loss: £41.14

Al Ahli v Auckland City

This is the first match of this years World Club Championship, or whatever they want to call it this year.

Anyway I've gone for Over 1.5 goals from the start in this one at 1.37.

0-1 Just before half time Auckland take the lead. The price for under 1.5 had come all the way in to 1.58!!!

This year's tournament is being held in Abu Dhabi.
There is no RAIN here between May and October.
Dhabi means DEER.

That'll be REINDEER then!!


Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £10.73
Bank: £41.14

Sweden v Germany

And on to Women's Handball. It's the World Championships and Germany are 18-12 up at half time.

That seems a fair enough lead to warrant taking odds of 1.09.

Also it's a good excuse to watch Swedish girls running around :-)

Northern Sweden is within the area know as LAPLAND nice and easy that one!

Germany Won
Profit: £2.40
Bank: £30.41

India U23 v Maldives

OK so, as so often happens, the challenge fell at the first hurdle. But as I promised Confushush I have refunded his £20 and we have started again. No refud guarantees this time though.

First bet is on Over 1.5 Goals between India U23 and Maldives. Maldives are 1-0 up when we get on at half time. Odds 1.42.

For the Advent List I have one now.

Some scholars theorize that the name "Maldives" derives from the Sanskrit mālādvīpa, meaning "garland of islands". Another name for a garland is WREATH indeed some call it a Christmas garland.

Maldives leave it late but finally double their lead against the 10 man opposition.

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £8.01
Bank: £28.01

Brestnik 1948 v Levski Sofia

It being the season of goodwill and all that I have changed tack somewhat to see if I can turn £20 into £20,000 by 23rd December. That's 15 days and no small task.

I'm going to need a hell of a lot of luck but the way I look at it he's got no other option so I'll give it a crack.

The first bet is £20 on Over 2.5 goals in this match @ 1.59

Shocking price really for goals but when needs must!

I will try and find some Christmas link now. That will be a toughy as I've exhausted Sofia as had so many bets on teams from there!

Ok  here goes... Brestnik is in the Bulgarian Province of Plovdiv. 
Plovdiv is host of the international BOXING tournament "Strandzha" which takes place since 1949. In 2007 ninety-six boxers from 20 countries participated in the tournament. Some fights take place during the DAY.

So there you have it BOXING DAY

0-1 at half time! Need an early goal in the 2nd half to ease the nerves of Confushush I think!!

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