Saturday, 2 June 2012

Argentina v Ecuador

Another South American footy match, another Over 1.5 bet. Was tempted by the Over 2.5 but at 1.60 I think this is too low and would maybe look to take on 15 mins in. However I'm going to bed in a jiffy so will leave this bet on whilst in the land of nod.

Instead I've layed under 1.5 at 5.7.

Well couldn't sleep so thought I'd see how this is progressing. 3-0 at half time! Should have gone over 2.5 ... nevermind.

Over 1.5 Wins
Profit: £25.44
Bank: £150.16

Now the question is to go in again or not. Over 3.5 is at 1.19 and I think there's got to be another goal at least in this. Over 4.5 at 1.83 is also tempting but I'll play safe I think and plump for Over 3.5.

Goal 4-0 in the 75th minute

Over 3.5 Wins
Profit: £27.36
Bank: £177.52

Bolivia v Chile

Ok on to this now we're 15 mins in and still 0-0. Going over 1.5 goals again at 1.59. Fairly confident but would be more so if Chile were at home. Bolivia pretty useless so I think I'm going to have to rely on Chile bagging both.

Goal ... 0-1 scored in the 48th minute of the 1st half! And there's half time. Let's hope for an early one in the second half.

Red card for Bolivia after 54 mins. Come on Chile let's push on now.

Boom 0-2 after 82 mins.

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £45.07
Bank: £124.72

Sassuolo v Sampdoria

Semi Final 2nd leg of the play offs. Sampdoria won 2-1 in the 1st leg the other night. It's 0-1 at half time and whilst Sampdoria may well park the bus Sassuolo have no option but to go all out attack as they must score two. To me that can only have one of two outcomes. They attack and eventually get a breakthrough or they attack and leave themselves exposed to the break and Sampdoria get a 2nd. EIther way I think over 1.5 is great value at 1.34 so here we go again! :-)

Goal 1-1 on 61 mins.

Over 1.5 Wins
Profit: £19.59
Bank: £79.65

Aranxta Rus v Julia Georges

OK here we go again. It's 1-1 and 5-2* in the decider. Jumping on Rus at 1.21 It's a pit as Georges is fit!

Match Point ... Deuce ... Match Point ... TAKE IT!!! Deuce ... Game Point ... Deuce ... MP This time???


Rus Wins

Profit: £10.07
Bank: £60.07

Kaia Kanepi v Caroline Wozniacki

I suppose I'd better have a punt on the tennis.

Kanepi won the 1st set 6-1, Wozniacki levelled it at 1-1 by winning a 2nd set Tiebreak 7-3 after coming back from 5-1* down in the set. Kanepi has been traded at 1.01

I've backed Woz for the early break at 1.69 at the start of the deciding set.

1*-1 30-40 Take it Woz! ... Deuce ... BP#2 ... Deuce ... Holds for 2-1*

FFS Now I remember why I don't bother with this punting lark much any more. SO frustrating. Break Kanepi for 3*-1 :-(

Fight Caroline! From 40-15 to Deuce c'mon. Jeez Woz when are you going to learn that Kanepi will punish the moonball. There was no need for it then. Hold for 4-1*.

Woz being given the runaround here by Kaia. Doesn't look like she's got the fight this set.

Another break 5*-1 . Another comeback... I doubt it looks like 1.01 is safe tonight. Mind you it'd be a guaranteed loss if I'd gone with Kanepi!! :-)

Match Point ... Deuce ... BP ... Deuce ... BP#2 ... Break!!! The come back is on? 5-2*

Game over ... 6-3

Loss: £100

RELOAD. But not willing to piss away more than £250 on this punting lark so £50 it is and all or nothing.

England v Belgium

International friendly number 2 for the day. I fancied goals in this and 1.37 for Over 1.5 is far to juicy to walk away from so I'm in from the off.

Belgium have some good attacking players and I'm hearing Kompany has been injured in the warm up which should unsettle them at the back.

England line up is:

Hart, Johnson, Cahill, Terry, Cole, Gerrard, Milner, Parker, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Young, Welbeck

Looks like they've gone for pace up front. Not sure how they'll line up as that could be a 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-2 or as I hope a 4-3-3.

Good luck if you're on.

1-0 Welbeck bags it on 36 mins. Another before half time would be great...

Half time and remains 1-0. The second half subs may determine the number of goals to come.

Ah nuts! Finishes 1-0. Defoe could have had a hat trick in his spell on the park but them's the breaks.

Over 1.5 Loses
Loss: £125.89
Bank: £0.00

REALOAD!!! lol

Poland v Andorra

International friendly and Poland are 1-0 up after 25 mins when I have decided to back Over 2.5. Need 2 goals in the next 65 mins. Always a bit of a lottery betting on goals but Poland should be able to oblige. Odds 1.27.

2-0 after 36 minutes. :-)

LOL Penalty to Poland on 37 minutes. Don't miss and I'll take the nice easy cash please...

Boom 3-0

Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £25.89
Bank: £125.89

Jubilee Weekend

Hello sportsfans! I hope you are all well and haven't blown too many banks while I've been away!

Thought I'd have a little play this weekend and see if I can make a few quid along the way. Usual rules... there aren't any, and if there were I'd change them to suit as I go along anyway.

Depositing £100 and see where it takes us to by Tuesday night (or indeed 6.30 this evening!)

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