Saturday, 2 January 2010

Atletico Madrid v Sevilla

Moving swiftly on from the darts to the Spanish Football.

I wanted to back 1 goal in the second half but I just missed it with a goal in the 48th minute to make it 1-1. However I'll have a stab at another so getting on Over 2.5 at 1.45 after 50 mins!!

I'm hoping this doesn't take too long or indeed that I need to bring Bowie off the bench.

Hmm 70 mins gone and still 1-1. Bowie is just doing light exercises down in the corner.

Red card for Sevilla after 73 mins but not sure if that is a help or a hindrance at this stage!

I think it's Bowie time!! 5 mins to go so here it is:

Last 2 minutes + Injury time!! Dance dance dance my little Spanish friends!!

90 mins is up and only 3 added the writing is on the wall here!

FK Atletico on edge of area with 30 secs left!!


93.20 on the clock!!!!!!

Over 2.5 Wins
Profit: £64.34

Raymond Van Barneveld v Simon Whitlock

Semi final of the PDc in Darts.

I got on with Barneveld 4-2 up in sets. Odds were 1.26 hoping Barney can take two of the next four.

It would seem Brett Lee has grown a beard and a pony tail and taken up darts!!

Barney got the chance in that set to go 5-2 up but instead it's 4-3. Barney with the throw.

Takes the first leg nicely. A break would settle the nerves! This Brett Lee Geezer looks quite useful though! He's missing a few doubles now though. But another chance wasted by Barney followed by a rubbish start to the 3rd leg.

Mind you now Barney can't hit a treble!! Break to Whitlock may come here! Nope missed the double tops! Barney back in but he fluffs it! Whitlock gets the break for a 2-0 lead!

Whitlock takes the set!! That's sport for you Barney should have had 5-2 then suddenly it's 4-4!!
Whitlock has the throw this set and Barney's trebles are nowhere to be seen so I've switched as I would have Whitlock as the slight favourite not Barney at 1.89!!

-£99.39 Barney +£41.56 Brett

There's the 1st leg Whitlock now a break please! Here's a chance ...... 2-0 Whitlock!! Now bring this set home!! Boom!!! 5-4 Whitlock!!

Whitlock has a chance of an early break!!! Ooofff :-( Barney misses his double so Whitlock in again!! Yess!!
1-0 against the throw!!

Barney fighting back though!! There's the break back! 1-1 Maybe should have greened when I had the chance but all the momentum was with Whitlock and Barney looked like he was on the ropes. Let's hope for another break here then. 2-1 Barney. Whitlock makes it 2-2 Barney going to have to hold here P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E!!!

LOL Barney having a great leg!! Now I'm really regretting not getting out! Flip flop again. 5-5

Uh -oh poor start from Whitlock. Pulling it back now though. Phew 1-0 Whitlock. Barney really on fire now! Oh he's missed given Whitlock a slim chance... No Barney back in and finishes it this time. 1-1

Whitlock back in the groove now with a 180... lol and Barney with a 180!! Whitlock blown it!!! Barney handed it right back OH MY GOD!!!! 2-1 Whitlock! Barney Barney Barney!!!

Whitlock Wins it!! Brett Lee is in the Final!

Profit: £39.47

Barcelona v Villareal

To follow up the Liverpool disaster I thought I'd have another go on the footy!

This time I'm on the goals market taking a punt on under 4.5 goals at 1.20.
It's currently 1-0 to Barcelona with about 32 minutes gone.

Still 1-0 at half time but the odds aren't quite as low as I would like to get out at so I guess I'll stick for the time being.

Well I wasn't paying attention but my green up at 1.08 was obviously finally taken. £10.58 on both

Reading v Liverpool

FA Cup 3rd Round today.

I am a Liverpool fan so perhaps I shouldn't have taken this bet but looking at Liverpool's starting line up they have to be lumped on from the off in my opinion!

The over 2.5 goals at 1.84 was also very appealing but I have just opted for a straight Liverpool win.

Good luck if you're on and come on Liverpool let's restore some pride this season starting with a cup run (win) :-)

Reading open the scoring!! 1-0 and to be fair Liverpool have been poor!

As I am watching the game and it is nearly a full strength team I thought I'd put my opinions of the current squad down:

Cavalieri: Decent back up
Johnson: Good attacking full back way over priced though.
Aquillani: Who knows?? A LOT of money!!!
Agger: Good player
Gerrard: Homegrown Hero
Torres: Truly World Class
Voronin: Useless
Riera: Shows glimpses every now and then good back up
Aurelio: Not been the same since injury
Benayoun: Too lightweight made to look good by appalling performances around him.
Krygiakos: A make do signing
Kuyt: Works hard but not good enough paid striker prices too.
Babel: I think he has bags of potential play him up front Rafa!!
Mascherano: Over hyped but good player. Heart elsewhere.
Lucas: Lost for words here!
Insua: Widely tipped for greatness but I just don't see it.

1-1 Gerrard Equaliser!!! C'mon..

Carragher: All heart and very lucky not the real talent he is praised as being. Amazed he has had such a good career. Must be the only pro footballer who needs to take a run up to pass it! Too slow now too.
N'gog: PSG thought it was a joke when we offered £1.5m - enough said
Reina: Top draw keeper
Spearing: Local lad not seen enough of yet
Degen: anither injured signing!
Plessis: Youngster not seen enough of.
El Zhar: 23 now so not quite sure when he will be old enough!! Obviously crap!
Darby: Youngster not seen enough of!
Kelly: Youngster
Irwin: Youngster
Skrtel: Decent player
Dossena: Another international arrives at Anfield and is either injured or not good enough.
Eccleston: Youngster
Ayala: Youngster
Hansen: Youngster
Gulacsi: Youngster
Amoo: Youngster
Pacheco: Hotly tipped youngster
Bruna: Youngster

So I reckon we have a Premiership level team of: Reina, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Gerrard, Mascherano and Torres. Such a pity that the Premiership isn't a 5 a side competition!

Right that's it I'm firmly in the Rafa out camp now after supporting him for so long! He hasn't got a clue what his team or players should be doing. Wasting the abilty of the good players and surrounding them with over priced rubbish!

By the way can you tell it was 1-1?
Loss: £138.19

Pineto v Forli

Another dabble on the Volleyball. This time it's Italian Men's.

Forli are 2 sets to 0 up and lead 5-3 in the 3rd when I get on at 1.10. Hope this is finished in three as the liquidity is shocking so I wouldn't like to have to think about trading out!!

Even green of £10.56 @ 1.02 when Forli lead 16-11 in the 3rd.

Forli Win 3-0
Profit: £10.56

Joey ten Berge v Brian Woods

1st round match of the BDO Darts.

I actually stuffed up here as I was trying to put in a speculative back of 1.21 just in case he fluffed up his throw when it was 1.01/1.02 unfortunately I typed 1.01 and got matched!

Luckily he didn't fluff it though and the bet won.

Woods wins 3-0
Profit: £1.21

New York Knicks @ Atlanta Hawks

Last bet of the day though technically it's tomorrow!! If you know what I mean!! Back home on my trusty laptop now though!

Anyway this match should be relatively straight forward for Atlanta Hawks tonight. They have been so strong at home and should win this comfortably though 1.15 is very short for any match up I guess.

Good Luck if you're on and happy punting!

Well Hawks opened up a nice early lead and traded as low as 1.06. I really should know better and have greened up when so low so early. But I didn't!!!

Half time sees the Knicks leading 55-54 with the odds at 1.25 for Hawks. Still confident they will win but I think i will look to green out if they get sub 1.10 again. Small guaranteed profit is the way forward!!

Well I got out as Hawks started to get a lead mid way through the 3rd quarter. Perhaps I was a bit quick to get out after my earlier experience but green is green.

Hawks lead 80-67 at the end of the 3rd and are trading at 1.03 now.

Well that was something of a turnaround! Regular time finished 99-99 with Hawks not trading above 1.30 the whole match!

A sense of the inevitable came about in Over Time as NY Knicks went on to victory.

Knicks Win 112-108 after OT
Profit: £7.98

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