Sunday, 28 February 2010

Loads to catch up on so here goes ...

Been doing a few bets since my last post so thought I'd better get on and update the blog! All done in chronological order from oldest to newest:

Cadiz v Hercules (Football) - Profit: £154.75

Cadiz v Hercules (Football) - Profit: £640.57

Llodra v Benneteau (Tennis) - Profit: £149.44

Aston Villa v Burnley (Football) - Profit: £0.00

Malaga v Espanyol ( Football) - Profit: £804.34

Kerber v Duque Marino (Tennis) - Profit: £1,045.39

Ferrer v Ferrero (Tennis) - Profit: £698.87

Czink v Yan (Tennis) - Profit: £61.50

Cirstea v Fichman (Tennis) - Profit: £582.74

Cornet v Craybas (Tennis) - Profit: £52.54

Cuevas v Daniel (Tennis) - Profit: £765.94

Verdasco v Monaco ( Tennis) - Profit: £95.80

Wales v France (Rugby Union) - Profit: £198.50

Santander v Almeria (Football) - Profit: £25.38

Savchuk v Jidkova (Tennis) - Loss: -£91.95

Gulbis v Karlovic (Tennis) - Profit: £266.63

All in all a good week which resulted in a total profit of £5,740.13 from these. It also tops February's totals up nicely to £6,946.77 and take the profit for 2010 to £24,105.48.

Feel free to continue sending me ridiculous messages anonymously whoever you are!! LOL I do enjoy reading the thories! I've got the number of a good therapist if you want it! :-)

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