Friday, 30 October 2009

Janko Tipsarevic v Gael Monfils

Score is 6-4 3*-2 to Tipsarevic. Hoping he can finish this off from here.

4-2* holds from 30-30 now can he nick another break. Is Monfils bothered?
4*-3 It seems Monfils is fighting so Tipsarevic ids going to have to work and serve this out. 2 more holds Janko!
0-30 C'mon Tipsy hold!! 0-40 :( 1 saved c'mon 2 more!! Oof tough call on Monfils 2 saved 1 more please!!
Get in all saved now don't hand him another straight away! Why does that always happen?? BP :( and Break! :(
4-4* C'mon another break then Janko!
4*-5 Monfils acting the clown now. Show him who's boss Janko!! C'mon!!!
Hmm Janko's first serve seems to have disappeared whilst Monfils seems to have found his :(
Monfils is such a goon... trying to get the crowd to sarcastically cheer an over rule!! Idiot!
5-5* C'mon Tipsarevic break him!!
15-40 c'mon Take One!!!!!
30-40 TAKE IT!!!!!!! Saved :(
5*-6 Free game for Monfils now :( C'mon Janko let's get to the TB!!
Tie break it is!!

0**-1 c'mon 2 holds Janko
0*-2 Not a great start get your act together!!
1-2** Now 2 MB against him please Monfils is trying to take the piss here!!
2-2* Not so great now are you Gael?
2**-3 C'mon Tipsy two aces would be nice!
3*-3 And another hold before turning the screw please!!
4-3** Pressure!! C'mon the MB!!!
4-4* gotta get it back in play Janko!
4**-5 OHHH Tipsy should have had that one. Let's have two holds then!!
4*-6 FFS  should have been a mb up to a mb down in 2 pts!!
5-6** break him!!!!
6-6* Great shot and another
6**-7 c'mon don't fluff it now Tipsy!!
7*-7 ACE!!!! Let's have another!!
8-7** Match Point TAKE IT!!!!!!
8**-9 :(
Set Monfils!! Janko celebrating too early!! So unlucky! :(

No idea what has been happening as My system died yet again :( I think I may have to make an investment in a new laptop!  guess working them for 12-14 hours per day with numerous streams sb's and a bot is going to take it's toll sooner or later!
2-2 it is then sb says Janko has had 3 bp's this set :o Why oh why can he not convert!!
3-2* Holds to love! Now the break!! 30-40 TAKE IT!!!!!! YEEEESSSSS!!!
4*-2 Now serve this out!! Monfils only had 2 return pts this set!!
5-2* A break for GSm would be a satisfactory outcome! :-)
5*-3 Gonna have to serve it out then 3/ 19 return points this set doesn't indicate a break is coming but it's sport so you never know!!
2 MP's!!!!

Tipsarevic Wins 6-4 6(8)-7 6-3
Profit: £161.60

Denis Istomin v Marat Safin

0-6 4-4 Istomin to serve. We WILL have a break now!!!
15-40!! c'mon Marat this is YOUR tournament!! YOUR last hurrah!!
30-40 And denis Istomin is not going to stand in your way of a glorious swansong!!


4-5* Marat to serve it out!! I wish I'd got the 1.40 but this and the Melzer win adds up to more :)
BP!! Istomin you fool!! And break :o They will not allow this!!
5*-5 Break again then Marat!!
BP!!! Take ITTTT!!!! Saved. I hope Istomin knows what he's doing here!
BP#2 This time!!! Saved :( Istomin may have to arrange to take a holiday to a far away isolated place if he stuffs this one up!!
BP#3 I see he's just adding drama :-) Saved with an ace! Surely meant to miss! GP :(
6-5* WTF is this? Istomin is treading on very this ice here I feel. Does he not know this is Marat's tournament? Crazy fool! LOL

That's it Marat get your DF out of your system at 40-0 so it doesn't appear in the TB... good thinking! (those are two words you don't often hear muttered about Safin LOL)

Tie break it is then!
1-0** c'mon 2 holds
1-1* One more
1**-2 Now the MB's and win 7-2
2*-2 At least one then!
3-2** hmmm c'mon Marat
3-3* Ace!! Let's have another!!
3**-4 This is where he makes his move!!
3*-5 Whoop ... there it is!! Shout it louder!!
4-5** Serve it out then Safin!!
4-6* Two MP's

Safin Wins 6-0 7-6(4)
Profit: £145.94

Jurgen Melzer v Radek Stepanek

Melzer won the 1st set 6-2 and I'm hoping he can keep up that level. 1.40 looks a gift if he can so in we go!!!

Stepanek to serve 1st this set let's start with a break!!
Had to go and answer the phone and come back to 1-1 BP TAKE IT!!!! Saved :(
1*-2 Now hold Melzer!!
2-2* Now for the break?

Wish I'd backed Safin like I was going to!! He's 4-0 up in the first!

15-40 Take one!!! And Break!!

3*-2 Now does he take it from here or to green?? Hmmm
4-2* C'mon another break then?
5*-2 Get in Jurgen I take back all those horrible things I've said about you in the past!! ;)

Melzer Wins 6-2 6-2 
Profit: £234.46

Horacio Zeballos v Ernests Gulbis

Thanks to Rev for pointing this out!! (I hope!!)

Zeballos leads 7-6 4*-3 30-15 when I get on.

5-3* now can he finish this off. I hope so Gulbis may not really be interested.
5*-4 it is then. Zeballos has faced (and saved) 6 break points this match. Don't want that kind of drama but would suggest he's serving well on the big points. C'mon Horacio!!
30-0 2 more!!
30-15 STill 2 more :(
30-30 Don't you dare!!!
40-30 TAKE ITTT!!!!!!

Zeballos Wins  7-6(8) 6-4
Profit: £77.02

THANKS REV!!!!! :)

Caroline Wozniacki v Jelena Jankovic

Well this is one I was waiting for but then got distracted so missed the start.
It was 15-15 in the first game of the match when I got on with Wozniacki serving.
I'm in so early because there is no way Woniackican beat Jankovic today after two gruelling matches and her injury problems. Only gone in £400 so leaves some to rescue or top up if it goes against me.

Back Jelena Jankovic 1.38 £164.95 £62.68
Ref: 9318004698 Bet matched:14:15 30-Oct-09
1.39 £2.16 £0.84
Ref: 9318004698 Bet matched:14:15 30-Oct-09
1.4 £100.00 £40.00
Ref: 9318004698 Bet matched:14:15 30-Oct-09
1.42 £132.89 £55.81
Ref: 9318004698 Bet matched:14:15 30-Oct-09

If Wozniacki does manage to win or indeed even get a set then I would be very surprised and maybe her "injury" antics yesterday were more in her head than physical. Jankovic just needs to bring her steady patient game to the court today and keep making her opponent move.

3*-2 First blood to Jankovic. She looks in total control at the moment. Just needs to stay focused.
4-2* And focused she doesn't stay going to 15-40 but saved them and another BP before finally holding.
5*-2 And another break. Let's hope Wozniacki sees out the set. Though I believe she needs to win a set to guarantee a place in the next round, depending on Azarenka's result later. Is Denmark nice in October? I'd rather stay in Doha for some sunshine on my holidays!!
6-2 Set to Jankovic!! Now you can retire and hit the beach if you like Caroline. :)

Ordinarily I would be looking to green out on this but I really feel it would just be throwing money away so will stick unless I see an opportunity open up in another match.

1*-0 Nice start from JJ with the break.
2-0* Bit of a wobble so I'm out at 1.04 Woz may get a set here if Jelena has a brain fart. Better safe than sorry and of course "GREEN IS GOOD"

Jankovic Wins 6-2 6-2
Profit: £132.03

Philipp Kohlschreiber v Nicolas Almagro

It was a finely balanced 1st set with Kohlschreiber taking it 7-5 with only one break in the match.

A 1.55ish Starting price makes me think there is good value in a 1.21 price at the start of the 2nd set. So having a nibble of that.

And a break straight away is very nice indeed to give Kohlschreiber a 1*-0 lead. He did face 3 break points in the first set and it's far from over but I'll confidently hold my position for now.

2-0* Odds still a couple of ticks too high for me. A bit of pressure on this service gane and I may get out at a decent price.
2*-1 A strong hold now should be enough for me to get out as a 3-1 lead always looks bigger than it really is!
3-1* Hold to love and market drops 1 tick!! :( OK I'll just ride it out then. Hope the market gets stung by another break now!
3*-2 Hmmm up 2 ticks! Does the market not realise that the higher the number of games played the closer we are to it finishing???
4-2 Kohlschreiber should see it out from here. Hopefully Almagro will be broken here though!
4*-3 Only two more holds and we're home :)
5-3* Holds after giving me a bit of a scare with deuce! Now break for GSM and get this over with!
5*-4 Gonna have to serve it out and send Almagro on the next flight back to Spain. He must be due to start his holidays.  I've layed a little off just in case!

Kohlschreiber Wins 7-5 6-4
Profit: £67.46

Post Reflection Punting

After my Reflections post yesterday I did carry on punting to a degree.
My stakes were vastly reduced so I was trying to get £200 matched on the first match.

Serena Williams v Elena Dementieva
Profit: £33.21
I wasn't able to get fully matched on this.

Svetlana Kuznetsova v Venus Williams
Profit: £53.50
A few trades with relatively small stakes made a nive return.

Shaun Murphy v Stephen Hendry
Profit: £44.59
This was a bit nuts.
No pics, no scoreboard, no idea, backed and then layed.
Even green all round! I love Snooker ;)

Palmeiras v Goias
Profit: £92.19
Usual Over 1.5 bet here. Topped up with a little more when still 0-0 just before half time.

All in all a very good day and brought my percentage increase for the week so far to over 10,000% :-)
However I will reduce my stakes a bit today as still recovering from some of the comments from yesterday, unless of course I see a sure fire thing ;)

Good luck today everyone and happy punting.

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