Friday, 30 October 2009

Denis Istomin v Marat Safin

0-6 4-4 Istomin to serve. We WILL have a break now!!!
15-40!! c'mon Marat this is YOUR tournament!! YOUR last hurrah!!
30-40 And denis Istomin is not going to stand in your way of a glorious swansong!!


4-5* Marat to serve it out!! I wish I'd got the 1.40 but this and the Melzer win adds up to more :)
BP!! Istomin you fool!! And break :o They will not allow this!!
5*-5 Break again then Marat!!
BP!!! Take ITTTT!!!! Saved. I hope Istomin knows what he's doing here!
BP#2 This time!!! Saved :( Istomin may have to arrange to take a holiday to a far away isolated place if he stuffs this one up!!
BP#3 I see he's just adding drama :-) Saved with an ace! Surely meant to miss! GP :(
6-5* WTF is this? Istomin is treading on very this ice here I feel. Does he not know this is Marat's tournament? Crazy fool! LOL

That's it Marat get your DF out of your system at 40-0 so it doesn't appear in the TB... good thinking! (those are two words you don't often hear muttered about Safin LOL)

Tie break it is then!
1-0** c'mon 2 holds
1-1* One more
1**-2 Now the MB's and win 7-2
2*-2 At least one then!
3-2** hmmm c'mon Marat
3-3* Ace!! Let's have another!!
3**-4 This is where he makes his move!!
3*-5 Whoop ... there it is!! Shout it louder!!
4-5** Serve it out then Safin!!
4-6* Two MP's

Safin Wins 6-0 7-6(4)
Profit: £145.94

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