Thursday, 1 October 2009

Beck v Verdasco

4*-5 1st set Beck serving got on Verdasco at 1.27 even though only wanted 1.23, sometimes the delay is beneficial :)

Back Fernando Verdasco 1.27 £102.60 £27.70
Ref: 9066335379 Bet matched:15:30 01-Oct-09

Reason being that Verdasco has got through his usual jittery start and already levelled the 1st set so should cruise home from here I hope!

Well that was quick! Breaks to take the 1st set 6-4. We still have odds just below the sp so I'll stick with this one :)

And out at deuce so I can move on to Korolev match

£16.21 on both

aaaarrrgh Bloomin people popping round to say hello. Just greened up in this to back Korolev from the off. Was during the warm up and there's a knock on the door. Anyway couldn't get rid of them come back and Korolev has gone from the 1.83 I wanted to back to 1.27!!! :( Guaranteed if I'd have got on and left it I'd have come back to the reverse!!! LOL

Verdasco Wins 6-4 6-0
Profit: £16.21
Bank: £118.81

Azarenka v Na Li

I can never work out what you abbreviate Na li to!! Li is effectively her first name in the western sense I think and Na would be her surname I guess!

Any way I believe the odds on Azarenka are at least 10-15 ticks too high for this so I'm all in backing her from the off!

Back Victoria Azarenka 1.56 £1.83 £1.02
Ref: 9063737416 Bet matched:09:32 01-Oct-09
1.56 £1.83 £1.02
Ref: 9063737416 Bet matched:09:33 01-Oct-09
1.56 £22.12 £12.39
Ref: 9063737416 Bet matched:09:33 01-Oct-09
1.56 £48.08 £26.92
Ref: 9063737416 Bet matched:09:32 01-Oct-09
1.56 £62.59 £35.05
Ref: 9063737416 Bet matched:09:32 01-Oct-09
1.56 £112.71 £63.12
Ref: 9063737416 Bet matched:09:33 01-Oct-09
1.56 £162.79 £91.16
Ref: 9063737416 Bet matched:09:32 01-Oct-09

I'll call her Lina I think :) Anyway she is serving 1st so lets hope for an early break!

Lina starts well holding to 15 from 0-15 down. And a fairly positive start from Vicky holding to 30.

2*-1 Break to 40. 3bp's came and went but the 4th time she converted. Could green out for around £70 on each but I feel that Azarenk really should be around 1.23 right now as the sp was wrong but they are 1.33 so gonna hold for now.

3-1* Hold to love!!! Vicky is a girl right? ;) Great break consolidation. Odds 1.24

4*-1 Break to 30. )Odds 1.19!!! 5 ticks for a break :o

5-1* Hold to 30 from 0-30. Very good stuff. But I don't understand markets sometimes that was the game that pretty much sealed the set and yet odds are same as they were before it 1.18/1.19!!! Crackers!

5*-2 Hold after 2 deuces and odds briefly went up to 1.23!

5-3* Break to 30 with a DF!! Better to break for the set anyway :) Odds 1.28.

5*-4 Some sloppy Unforced errors starting to creep into Vicky's game now as we are at the business end of the set. A service game like she had earlier in the match would be nice right now! Odds 1.34

5-5* Lina didn't actually win apoint that game yet breaks!! Bloomin women 3 ue's and a df!! Odds 1.66

5*-6 3 deuces and a BP in that game but she holds :( odds now 1.95. I guess it was a case of you have 5 games and I'll have 5 games!!! Vicky still looks in complete control to me but I may be biased!

6-6 TB time. If justice is done Vicky cruises this tb. However tennis is a cruel sport :( Odds 1.75ish

1st mb to Lina 2-0* then yet another UE for 3**-0 Lina\:( FFS Vicky are you Worzel Gummage in disguise? Quick someone go and get her brain head! There's one mb back 3*-1 Lina. And another mb 3-2** Lina. Pfff 4-2* Lina. Just one hold point would be nice Vicky!!! Woohoo 4**-3 now for 2mb's please! There's 1 4-4 :) Now another?? No :( 5-4** C'mon Vicky 2 holds please :) 5-5!! Another and you've got sp!! 6-5** Lina serving sp Vicky Take it!!!!! WTF 10 feet long UE!!!! 6-6! C'mon the mb now don't let lina have sp!! :( 6**-7 Need 2 x aces please :)7-7 ok just 1 ace then :) DOUBLE FAULT!!!:( 7-8** Lina c'mon the mb!!! What a shock. Hands her the set with an unforced error long!!! Half Lina's points must be UE's that have gone long from Vicky! The other half were probably into the net LOL!!!

Still fancy Vicky to win. SHe should have won that set 6-2 and should have won the tb. If she can just reduce her UE count she should be winning this easy. Odds 1.56 on Lina

0-1* Break to 30. And so the brain fart continues. Looks like she's given up right now but that will just be the disappointment of the tb odds 1.28 on Lina

0*-2 Not a good sign and might suggest Vicky has given up. 1st hold without trouble since the first game of the match!

0-3* FFS Vicky Broken again without Lina winning a point! 3UE's and a DF!!! Sometimes you can accept losing but when your player goes from 5-1 up and cruising it hurts!! :(

1*-3 Break to love! Game on? Will this rekindle the belief in Vicky. Starting with a hold here would be something!!!

2-3* Hold to 30. Now this game could be the match defining game! Odds 1.33

2*-4 Hold to 15 had 0-15 but then applied zero pressure. That could be curtains. Hope not but fear the worst!

3-4* Hold to 30. Really needs the break now. Odds 1.26

4*-4 Break to 15!! Lina trying to balance the match with some UE's of her own now! Odds 1.60ish Can she actually hold now though. C'mon Vicky :)

5-4* Hold to 30!! Well done Vicky. But now you must go on to win the set or it was all a waste of time! Odds 1.85 on Lina.

SET!!!!!! takes her 2nd sp odds 1.57! Can she hold do I have the faith? Stick for now.

1-0* holds to love! C'mon now the break odds 1.35.

1*-1 Holds to 30 had 30-30 there. Odds 1.56 so tempted to just get out for nothing and walk away. C'mon one more hold Vicky.

1-2* Saves the first bp then hands another right back and guess what hits an UE looooong :( Odds 1.77 on Lina Need a break right back here please.

1*-3 Holds to 30 I think it was. Need Vicky to switch her game back on consistantly rather than the odd point here. Odds 1.44

1-4* Break to 15! Another gift of a break :( Azarenke has her Worzel Gummage head on again :( Odds 1.14. Should have followed my instinct and got out at 1-0 or 1-1 :(

2*-4 Break to 15. Vicky obviously likes a challenge! Must hold now though. Odds 1.36

3-4* saved a bp there now the break for a flip flop please :)

3*-5 and I'm bailing I think :(

Na Li 1.19 £540.03 £102.61

-£309.35 on both :(

Na Li wins 7-6(7) 4-6 7-6(4)
Loss: £-309.35
Bank: £102.60

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