Sunday, 17 June 2012

Portugal v Netherlands

Kelly Versteeg - Duth Number 15

This one has to have goals considering that it's all or nothing tonight.

Going for Over 1.5 Goals at 1.28 which I think is about right.

0-1 Van der Vaart on 11 minutes Get in!!

Wow this could be about 3-1 already! Definitely goals coming tonight! 25 mins Gone.

Goooooaaaallll Christiano Ronaldooooooo!!!!

1-1 on 28 mins and my Over 1.5 has landed!

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £552.58
Bank: £2,610.44

Jelena Jankovic v Jie Zheng

Jankovic leads 6(2)-7 7-5 4-1* after just being broken. Odds are 1.08.

Hoping for a quick break here. 0-15 ... 0-30 may get my wish ... 15-40 Take it! ... Yessss! Break for 5*-1

Come on JJ serve this baby out then!

15-0 ... 30-0 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 don't mess this up Jelena! ... 40-30 Finish it now!... GSM

Jankovic Wins 6-7 7-5 6-1
Profit: £146.63
Bank: £2,057.86

Mirnyi/Nestor v Bryan/Bryan

Mirnyi & Nestor lead 6-3 4-3* when I get involved at 1.19 hoping for a quick break.
Max Mirnyi's Wife Kseniya

15-0 ... 15-15 ... 15-30 c'mon though hardly any of my bet has been taken as the market is so weak, ... 30-30 ... 40-30 ... Game 4*-4 At least my bet is all taken now.

15-0 ... 30-0 ... 40-0 Holds for 5-4*

Now let's have the breaky for GSM please!

0-15 ... 0-30 Oi Oi! ... 15-30 ... 15-40 Oi Oi Oi!!! ... Game Set Match!

Mirnyi/Nestor Win 6-3 6-4
Profit: £295.89
Bank: £1,911.23

Alize Cornet v Yanina Wickmayer

Cornet leads 7-5 5*-4 when I get on at 1.11.

Always dodgy backing a hold to win the match in WTA but here goes anyway!

0-15 FFS!!! ... 0-30!!! Cornet you muppet! 4 easy points please! ... Phew Wickmayer should have won that point but sent it long 15-30 ...Grrrr 15-40 ... Fight Alize! Much better 30-40 it's all about the 1st serve! ... 2nd serve ... Bugger and break for 5-5*.

0-15 ... 15-15 ... FFS Alize you should have had that point but it goes just long for 30-15 ... Again too much on it 40-15 ... Yanina returning the favour this time though 40-30 ... C'mon Deuce ... GP ... FFS very lucky net chord gives her the game and a 5*-6 lead this set.

Now then ski slope nose let's be getting in to the tibreak at the very least! Hmmm don't like the sound of her moaning with her coach, I think she sounds like she lacks self belief she can win.

0-15 ... 15-15 thanks to a wild shot from Yanina when she was dominating the point ... pfffft 15-30 that was a weak shot ... 30-30 much better point that time ... 40-30 great defence in that point ... And she holds for 6-6.

Tiebreak time with Wickmayer to serve 1st

Mini break 1**-0 two holds please.
Great lob from Cornet 2*-0 another like that please.
2nd serve ... Double Fault!!! Idiot!!! 2-1**
C'mon the MB ... Yesss! 3-1*
Another? ... Yeppa! 4**-1 Now hold them BOTH!
Wickmayer goes wide 5*-1 change of ends better not mean a change in fortunes!
2nd Serve ... poor return 6-1**
2nd serve ... GSM Championship

Cornet Wins
Profit: £154.14
Bank: £1615.35

15th June 2012

Bet 1 - Football - Euro 2012

Ukraine v France

Went for the simple Over 0.5 goals in this one at 1.11.

We had crazy weather in this match and a delay of 55 mins. When it was under way I had to wait till the 53rd minute when Menez gave France the lead. Cabaye made it 0-2 on 56 and that was how it finished.

Over 0.5 Goals Won
Profit: £121.84
Bank: £1,277.51

Bet 2 - Football - Euro 2012
Sweden v England

Again I went for the safe option of Over 0.5 Goals at great odds of 1.15.

Andy Carroll landed my bet after 23 minutes to give England the lead. An own goal on 49 levelled it before the Swedes went ahead through Mellberg on 59 minutes.

England showed some great spirit though first with Walcott equalising on 64 before Welbeck scored the winner on 78 mins. 2-3 I wonder what the odds were for Over 4.5 considering Over 0.5 was so high?

Over 0.5 Goals Won
Profit: £183.70
Bank: £1,461.21

14th June 2012

Another catch Up!
Well after withdrawing £250 to keep as emergency top up funds when the inevitable wipe out occurs I was left with £394.51.

Bet 1 - Tennis - Bad Gastein
Johanna Larsson v Jill Craybas

Can't really rememeber much about this bet. Backed Larsson at 1.04
Larsson Won 6-2 6-3
Profit: £15.13
Bank: £409.64

Bet 2 - Tennis - Bad Gastein
Mandy Minella v Carla Suarez Navarro

Again not a clue.
Backed Minella at 1.13

Minella Won 6-2 3-6 6-3
Profit: £51.15
Bank: £460.79
Bet 3 - Football - Euro 2012
Italy v Croatia

Backed Over 1.5 Goals at 1.47 before the start.

Pirlo scored for Italy on 39 mins and I had to wait till the 72nd minute before Croatia equalised through Manzukic to win the bet.
The match finished 1-1

Over 1.5 Goals Won
Profit: £207.69
Bank: £668.48

Bet 4 - Football - Euro 2012
Spain v Republic of Ireland

This one annoyed the heck out of me as I was stuck on the phone and missed the start. Wanted to take Over 2.5 goals which was about 1.84. Unfortunately by the time I got into it it was already 1-0 and the odds were 1.33. I took that anyway.

I had to wait for the next goal till the 49th minute when Silva fired home. Torres completed his brace and made my bet win in the 70th minute before Fabregas sealed a 4-0 victory on 83 minutes.

Over 2.5 Goals won
Profit: £211.56
Bank: £880.04

Bet 5 - Football - Columbia Liga Postobon
Itagui Ditaires v La Equidad

Another foray into Colomian footy. Didn't know either team but took a punt on Over 1.5 Goals after about 40 mins whilst the score was 1-0. Got odds of 1.29-1.33.

Cordoba landed the bet with an equaliser on 78 minutes and that's how the match finished.
Over 1.5 Goals Won
Profit: £275.63
Bank: £1,155.67

All in all a very good day!

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