Sunday, 17 June 2012

Alize Cornet v Yanina Wickmayer

Cornet leads 7-5 5*-4 when I get on at 1.11.

Always dodgy backing a hold to win the match in WTA but here goes anyway!

0-15 FFS!!! ... 0-30!!! Cornet you muppet! 4 easy points please! ... Phew Wickmayer should have won that point but sent it long 15-30 ...Grrrr 15-40 ... Fight Alize! Much better 30-40 it's all about the 1st serve! ... 2nd serve ... Bugger and break for 5-5*.

0-15 ... 15-15 ... FFS Alize you should have had that point but it goes just long for 30-15 ... Again too much on it 40-15 ... Yanina returning the favour this time though 40-30 ... C'mon Deuce ... GP ... FFS very lucky net chord gives her the game and a 5*-6 lead this set.

Now then ski slope nose let's be getting in to the tibreak at the very least! Hmmm don't like the sound of her moaning with her coach, I think she sounds like she lacks self belief she can win.

0-15 ... 15-15 thanks to a wild shot from Yanina when she was dominating the point ... pfffft 15-30 that was a weak shot ... 30-30 much better point that time ... 40-30 great defence in that point ... And she holds for 6-6.

Tiebreak time with Wickmayer to serve 1st

Mini break 1**-0 two holds please.
Great lob from Cornet 2*-0 another like that please.
2nd serve ... Double Fault!!! Idiot!!! 2-1**
C'mon the MB ... Yesss! 3-1*
Another? ... Yeppa! 4**-1 Now hold them BOTH!
Wickmayer goes wide 5*-1 change of ends better not mean a change in fortunes!
2nd Serve ... poor return 6-1**
2nd serve ... GSM Championship

Cornet Wins
Profit: £154.14
Bank: £1615.35

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