Saturday, 15 January 2011

American Football: Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Fancy Steelers here especially with home advantage. I missed the off though so lumped on at 1.42 just as Steelers were awarded a 37 yard penalty for 1st down on Baltimore 25 yard line.

Up to the Baltimore 1 yard line now!

Touchdown! Extra Point added! 0-7.

Steelers suffer at the hands of a 33 yard penalty this time!

Touchdown! 7-7.

FFS Roethliberger being sacked on his own 3 yard line is bad enough! But to fumble it for an easy Ravens Touchdown is unforgivable!!


Well Steelers rubbish again not getting a 1st down that drive and Roethlisberger sacked again!
Be thankful for small mercies I guess! Ravens can only get 1 1st down on their own drive and have to punt!

FFS not content with nearly getting inetercepted on first down they decide to fumble it on second down to give Baltimore possession on Steelers 16 yard line! Woeful!

Ravens don't miss opportunities like that too often! Touchdown! 21-7. Need a Touchdown right now from Steelers! 5.43 left in the 2nd now.

FFS Steelers start the drive badly with yet another QB sack! However they get it going and get deep in Ravens territory only to be stopped and have to go for the FG! But they miss it! Not there day? Well it's only half time so certainly not over yet but they will have to really up their game and cut out the errors if they are to have a chance!

Steelers start the 3rd as they had been playing with a poor drive consisting of only 1 first down and another SACK!

Woohoo!! Fumble by Baltimore on own 23 yard line! If the Steelers can't get down the other end they need all the help they can get! And they follow it up with another 1st down!!!  !st and goal!!!

TOUCHDOWN!!!! & Extra Point!! 21-14

Ravens do nothing with their possesion so Steelers have another chance!

Not to be! They too have to punt back to Ravens. 3:57 left in the 3rd loads of time left!

INTERCEPTION!!! Come on Steelers!!!

And another 1st down! on Ravens 12 yard line!! TOUCHDOWN!!! great comeback!!

As they say in tennis: MOMENTUM!!! 21-21

Surely now the home field advantage will really impact!

WOW Ravens falling apart! Fumbled on the snap I think! Steelers have it! 1st down on Ravens 23!!

I'm out at 1.30 for £4.63 on both

Steelers leed 24-31 with 1:33 left in the match

Pittsburgh Steelers Win 31-24
Profit: £4.63

Football: Inter Milan v Bologna

Inter are looking rejuvinated since Leonardo took over. 1.31 at home looks a great price to me here against Bologna. With Inter's 2 games in hand they could be only 5 points off the leaders should they win them both so hardly a disaster of a season as some have said!

I thought about overs as I expect Inter to win comfortably but will take the safer option of a home win.

Well been having dinner and come back to see Inter are 2-0 up after 37 mins so quite happy with that.

1st half ends 2-0.

3-0!!!! 62 mins gone! That should be that!

4-0 after 71 mins!
4-1 Should have gone for goals!!

Inter Milan Win 4-1
Profit: £12.01

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