Friday, 15 January 2010

Philipp Kohlschreiber v Arnaud Clement

I fancied Kohly in this one pre match but thought I would see how it develops first.
Got on in the first game tough with Clement serving and the score at 30-30. Kohly looks up for it though I know it's very early!!

Clement holds to 30 for 0*-1

FFS 0-15! ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 Not what I wanted!! 40-30 Lucky boy Kohly! Clement hit that long but could easily have been a winner! ... Deuce! ... OK perhaps Kohlschreiber not quite as up for this as I first thought! ... BP!!! ... Deuce ... GP much better! ... Holds! Phew!

1-1* Now let's put some pressure on so I can green out of this one please! WTF 15-30 and I still can't get out??? ... 30-30 ... 40-30 ... Letting him off again! ... Holds!

1*-2 Need a stronger hold than last time please Philipp. I've lost confidence in this match and just want to get out unscathed now I think. FFS 0-15 ... 0-30 ... Kohly being owned!!! ... 15-30 ... 15-40!! ... ACE 30-40 another please! ... Deuce ... C'mon Kohly lets hold and send Clement and his silly sunglasses packing!! ... BP #3!!! Wow 11 clean winners already from Clement to 4 from Kohly! And Break!! FFS

Why is Clement wearing those shades?? The brightest thing out there is his ridiculous shirt!!

1-3* Now then Philipp show a bit of fight please! hmm Kohly now looks decidedly disinterested! Hold to love!

1*-4 Switching to Clement here at 1.75 ish

Just got that tanking feeling! Though why he would want to I'm not sure! It's not like he's going to win the Aus Open!! And typically just as I switch he throws his 1st decent service game in! Holds to 15!

2-4* Just need Clement to serve out the set though and then we'll see what we get in the 2nd!
LOL Kohly trying Hot dogs!! Me thinks he's definitely not interested! Hold to 30

2*-5 Now a break to serve first in the second would be nice. By the way my terrible book stands at -£2,604 PK +£55 AC!! So not a lot of room to manoeuvre! 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 ... 40-30 ... Some dodgy calls here Holds!

3-5* Going to have to serve it out then!! DO NOT CHOKE!!! OMG 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 hmmm ... 40-30 lucky that went wide from Kohly but it's Set point anyway!! ... FFS His 1st DF for Deuce!! .. Better SP #2 ... ACE for the SET!!! 3-6

Weighing up my options here and I think I'll just stick on Clement for the time being. Kohly has to serve first and his 4 sevice games so far have faced BP, Broken, 15, 30 so a good chance of a break I think.

Starts with a DF which is nice! 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 Clement got to do more with these 2nd serves! .. 40-15 ... 40-30 Note to the broadcaster!! Please don't use that camera angle it's rubbish! Holds

1-0* Thought about the switch here at 1.65 but holding my nerve for now! These are the times when I miss smoking. Just need something to distract from the tension and take the edge off! Mind you a hold to Love helps!!

1*-1 A break would be good! 15-30!!! C'mon!!! 30-30 ... 30-40 TAKE IT!!!! ... Pffft Ace saves it Deuce! ... GP ... Holds.

2-1* Trying to switch at 1.61 here but my lumps are hard to move around! It seems everyone else is switching too! Ah nuts not all matched and now its 15-30!!!  Hold to 40!

2*-2 Ok my book is now +1734 PK -2602 AC Hoping Kohly can win this set so I can get the heck out of this!! Holds to 15

3-2* Now is the time to put some pressure on then please Philipp!! 1.69 for Kohly and I can escappe the mess!! Hmm Holds to Love!!! May have got this switch very wrong!!

3*-3 Need a big hold please Kohly!! Hold to Love will do nicely!

4-3* Getting towards the business end of the set!! Break and a hold an we'll be level in a flash!! Get on with it Clement!! Why so long between points? I do hope he's getting tired! 30-0 ... 40-0 Perhaps not! LOL Holds to Love.

4*-4 Kohly making me very nervous here!!! FFS DF for 0-15 ... 15-15 ... heart racing now!! Means I've got too much money on!! Withdrawal time if I get out of this!! 15-30 ... wild shot! ... LOL Clement misses an easy put away!! Maybe the betting Gods are smiling on me tonight?? 30-30 still though!! ACE 40-30 that may be the momentum shift Kohly needs!! .... Or perhaps not Deuce! ... GP Take it please!! Holds!!

5-4* Now break for the set while Clement is still thinking about that miss!! Oooh nearly ... 15-0 ... ooof again 30-0 but only just missing! ... Shot! 30-15 Looks like Clement is holding his leg in pain??? ... 40-15 ... ACE for the Hold!

5*-5 Love hold too much to ask? 15-0 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 Clement is holding his leg!! Injury??? 40-15 Market not seen Clement injury just me then!! LOL Maybe wishful thinking! Holds!

6-5* Definitely something up with Clement!! He move gingerly again at the end of that game!!! Market still not seen it!! Break for the set and he may need the physio which the market most certainly will see!! FFS Kohly that was there for the taking! 15-0 ... 30-0 ... 40-0 ... could have been so different if he'd got 0-15!! ... 40-15 still a chance though! I don't like tiebreaks but that's where we're going!

Kohly to serve 1st Ace please!!
0-1** No bloomin sign of ANY injury there!! My eyes must be playing tricks on me. MB back please!!
1-1* Yes!! Now another please!!
1**-2 Got to do better when you're in the point Philipp! 2 holds please!
2*-2 And another please!
2-3** FFS useless 2nd serve that!! Get it back please.
2-4* Ace pffft! Changeover let's hope this end brings the MB!!
2**-5 What a mess but only 1 MB down I believe!!
2*-6 Not now though another easy put away into the net!!!

Loss -£2,602.49

Ah well it's only the markets money!! The run had to end eventually!! The anon poster got their wish LOL

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