Thursday, 10 June 2010

Larcher De Brito v Govortsova (and farewell !!)

Perhaps a crazy bet this but hoping for a quickfire break for GSM!! Fancied De Brito to take this but as she's serving second I've gone the other way wish me luck!!

Govortsova leads 1-6 6-4 5-4* when I get on at 1.47 come on the break!!! 40/94 reurn points won and 13 BP's gives me some hope!!

15-0 ... 30-0 hmmm not going as planned! 40-0 FFS!! Hold to love!! Woe is me!!! 3 2nd serves that game too???

5*-5 Do not stuff this up now! Jeez 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 15-30! ... 30-30 Hold dammit!! ... Ah nuts!! 30-40 ... BREAK!!!

You couldn't make it up!!! Fancied the other player to the one I put my money on!!! Mug Central here we come!! LOL

Come on ladies don't disappoint let's have the break back please!

15-0 ... 30-0 ... 40-0 ...  GSM!!!

There we go end of the road.

It's been fun but I enjoyed my time away more than I've enjoyed being back. I thought about not coming back at all, but actually trying it again has cemented firmly in my mind that I do not wish to continue.

Since my 10k thread last summer I had far too much involvement in betting for my liking. The ride was great and I've managed to make a decent profit on it. However I recognise the change and I stated all along that these things come and go. Recognising that the end of the road is nigh is the only way to stay in profit.

I will still have the odd punt but I will go back to the fun betting for a few quid rather than a few thousand!!

Good luck to you all and Happy Punting!!!

Dudi Sela v Andy Roddick

Decided not to top my bank up yet as some of the tennis has been a little unexpected this week. So with my £233 left I thought I'd just have a flutter or two.

Firts up is Sela. I got in when Roddick was 0-30 in his 1st service game of the 2nd set. Of course Roddick went on to hold.

I decided to hold my nerve throughout the set as Sela was serving well. He had other chances too but inevitably it went to a Tiebreak.

Roddick kept edging ahead of Sela but getting broken back. Because of this I felt that Roddick would probably go on to win the TB then sail through a 3rd.

So as soon as opportunity arose I bailed my bet and greened out. Although I gave some potential winnings away, if Roddick had won the TB I would have had little opportunity to trade out.

But tennis trading is always full of ups and downs and 5 shots later Sela clinched the match.

Never mind still a good profit.

Sela Wins
Profit: £124.00

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