Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sport Recife v Palmeiras

After the disappointment of not getting my bet matched in the last match I'm gonna have a late night pissed up punt on the Brazilian Footy. Going for Over 1.5 Goals at a much nicer price of 1.44. The higher price obviously refects the greater risk but looking at the two games I would have thought this was the more likely to get 2 goals yet the other match is only offering 1.36 so I've plumped for this one.

Vivian Segnini - Brazilian Number 3

Lovely photo of the Brazilian Number 3. Only need 2 goals so 3 would be great. This was taken from her own Facebook site. please give her lots of messages of support as I hope we see her break into the big time in the near future.

Get In!!! Goal after 14 mins. Now for another and I can get some much needed kip. Still 0-0 in the other match.

Booom! 1-1 after 37 mins. Gamble landed pissed up punting is the best. AN as for Vivian Segnini she is obviously a good luck charm. I can't wait to see her name in the markets on Betfair some time soon as she rises up the rankings.

Profit: £268.88
Bank: £906.11

Portugal U21 v Albania U21

Can't believe how low the odds are for Overs on this match. Well actually I can but am disappointed as I wanted around 1.50 for Over 2.5. It is, however, at 1.33! Even Over 3.5 is odds on at 1.80.

I should probably shy away from this as it seems too low but I'm out this evening so will lump on regardless to keep the bank ticking over whilst I sup a pint or two.

Over 2.5 is the bet then at 1.33. Let's hope it's printing money... Famous Last Words!

Nice pic of a young and up and coming Portuguese tennis player Barbara Luz. Looks alright in this photo but don't get too excited as she doesn't in most others. Still you never know! And as she's number 4 in Portugal let's hope they bag 4 tonight.

Barbara Luz - Portuguese Number 4

Well bugger me! My bet was next in line to be taken and I set it to keep in play... but the 1st goal was so early it wasn't taken! So I won £0 as no bet FFS I bet that wouldn't have been the case if it had ended up 2-0! As it turns out it ended 3-1 and I would have comfortably won £200+ still win some lose some.

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