Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years Day

A New Year and a new start! Today I had the pleasure of having to go to a family meal. In itself a fairly pleasurable experience. However the most pleasurable experience was my new found ability to embrace technology!! Yes I actually made my first ever bets from my nice shiny new phone! Hey it is the erm.... what do we call this decade? The teenies?

Anyway this is not something that I have had a chance to experiment with at home as apparently I don't get 3G coverage instead having GPRS or GSM or something whereas the area I was in today does so everything was nice and fast and all worked well. If anyone has a clue what that actually means and when I may receive This magical 3G then answers on a postcard please!

On to the punting today. It was varied and relatively straight forward apart from a college American Football game that I have just checked on when I returned home as all I had was the odds which were going mental! I thought I was going to be on the wrong side of a 1.01 drubbing!

As you can see a decent return for the day all things considered.

American Football: £1.78
Darts: £27.61
Rugby Union: £17.16
Tennis: £11.46

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