Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Uruguay v Costa Rica

Quite fancied Uruguay for the win here but I still remember Italia 1990 when Costa Rica beat Scotland and Sweden! LOL So I'm going for my standard Over 1.5 bet. 1.33 seems a reasonable enough price to me!

If the T-shirt in the pic is anything to go by these Costa Rican women have impeccable taste so their team may nick a win ;-)

By the way it's live on Betfair video but if you don't have that there's a stream here

30 mins gone and still 0-0 should have been about 3 by now!

Haftime and it's 0-0! How it's 0-0 I'm not quite sure but hey ho should be goals in the second half. Hopefully early as I fancied Detroit Red Wings in the NHL at 12.30.

Bowie Scores again!!! Put on after 67 mins and goalless he takes just 3 mins to bag a goal for 1-0 Uruguay. Still need another though.

Get In!!!!  1-1 74 mins!!!!

Over 1.5 Wins
Profit: £4.35

Steve Beaton v Kevin McDine

Again a few quick trades in this and it's McDine who leads 3-1 at the break. Let's hope Beaton is beaten :-) (sorry I couldn't resist)

Terrible darts here from McDine in this leg! Let's hope he wins the next! 3-2 it is.
Bad start!

Couldn't update as I was chopping and changing all over the shop!! Ended up redding out for -£0.37
I think that perhaps darts isn't for me!! LOL

Beaton Wins 5-4
Loss £0.37

Ted Hankey V Simon Whitlock

I have no idea what the score is as my mrs is watching bloomin I'm (not) a celebrity get me back on TV!!

However the markets always move nicely in darts so I thought I'd have a dabble. In and out nice and quick. £1.41 on both 

Whitlock wins 5-4
Profit: £1.41

Austria v Spain

Back on with the challenge we go. Just had a quick look at the Spanish team an it looks fairly strong. I was tempted to go for over 2.5 @ 1.86 but I've played it relatively safe with the over 1.5 goals. Hoping this will be done and dusted early so I can get on with the next bet. Oh how I wish there was tennis to punt on!

Well that was over quickly I went to read my daughter a story come back and the markets closed!!

1-1 after 10 or so mins will do for me :-)

Profit: £2.76 Hope you all got on!!

Should have gone Over 2.5!!! 1-2 after 25 mins :o

Algeria v Egypt

Well I never!! I didn't get on at the start but just found this and got on after 5 mins. 1.68 for over 1.5!! Do both these teams play with squirrels up front or something. I'm probably going to regret this as now I'm going to do some research into it after taking the bet!

Well this game looks absolutely mental! Probably should have got on the red card market instead! No goals yet but anything is possible in this match!

30 mins gone and still 0-0. Over 1.5 can be backed at 2.34 now :o

Goal! 1-0 Algeria after 40 mins. Just the threat of going for a fag seemed to do the trick this time! But now I am really going for one :)

70 mins gone and still 1-0. Hmmm there's got to be another goal in this surely! Evens the pair! :-(
May have to get Bowie off the bench ;-)

83 mins and Bowie is on!!

Bowie didn't work and now I think there may be an error on my screen it says 4 mins added time! Surely they mean 14? Have they not been watching? ANd now the keeper is down for two mins and he still blows after 4 mins added! Scandalous! And yes my pocket is talking!! :-( Oh well £10 reloaded and start again! Onwards and upwards!

Slovakia U21 v Croatia U21

Again I know nothing about either team and I'm playing the Over 1.5 goal market blind. 1.4 seems like a good value punt as anything can happen in football. Come on the goals!!

I fancy a Croatia win purely because the babe looks quite hot!! :-)
(I can think of worse reasons for favouring a team!)

The stream I have doesn't seem to be working so I'll let you know when I find one.

 Here's a stream: Click

0-1 Kalinic scores for Croatia in the 28th minute :-)

Half Time and it's still 0-1. The earlier game was the same and finished 0-1 so this one can't do the same surely. Going to hold my position I think. Bring on the goal!!

1-1 after 48 mins
Over 1.5 wins

Profit: £3.80

This match finished 1-2 by the way. So the babe one! Perhaps this is a fool proof strategy I have stumbled across :-)

South Korea v Serbia

I couldn't resist getting involved in this match!  know little about either side, but Serbia qualified ahead of France in their World Cup qualifying group.

The odds of 1.51 on over 1.5 goals is ridiculous for any match with any teams so I have to take those odds.

Good luck if you're joining me! Don't worry I have David Bowie at the ready if needed!

By the way if you want to watch it:

Stream 1
Stream 2

I hope you got on!!!!! 1-0 Already!! YESS!!!!
Sorry that should have been 0-1 to Serbia! Goal after 6 mins I think! 1.51..... LOL

I hope I don't regret the LOL above!
30 mins played still 0-1. Anyone know why they're playing at Craven Cottage?
39 mins gone.... going for a fag so fully expect a second goal and half time when I get back. ;-)

Half time. Disappointing that there's no 2nd goal so I'm laying my stake back out at 1.39. Fully expect the goal to come but this is a marathon not a sprint and there's plenty more to go at.

£0.00 on Under 1.5
£1.14 on Over 1.5

Well that's typical it ends 0-1
No Win :(

Draw for London ATP World Tour Finals

The draw for the group stages has been done Click here for link

It was never going to be easy for anyone I guess but this is what it looks like:

Group A: Federer, Murray, Del Potro, Verdasco
Group B: Nadal, Djokovic, Davydenko, Soderling
Alternate Tsonga

I feel that Federer and Murray should go through from Group A. Del Potro struggling with injury and Verdasco not on form. I expect Tsonga to get at least one match from this group. In Group B, I'm going to go against the ranking here as I actually think Davydenko is favourite for this group. Many will note Djokovic's rich vein of form but I don't see it like that I see him playing OK with a very fortunate draw, or his opponents not taking their chances. So I'm going to plump for Davyenko and Soderling.

The Ten by Ten by Ten by Ten Challenge

As noted by some readers of the blog (thanks Rev) I seem to do much better when I have set myself a target and a challenge. I had thought about doing an Advent calendar challenge in December (details to follow nearer the time) but with 12 days left of November, I thought I'd better put them to use.

With no tennis on this week and not a lot next week either it's going to be tough going picking through other sports but I'll give it a crack. So what's the challenge? Well it's starting with £10 (as all good challenges should ;-) ) and the target is £10,000 or to be precise The  10 x 10 x 10 x 10 challenge!! :-)

As you all know by now I work more in percentages than actual amounts and as such I'm always breaking figures down. Hence the 10 x 10 x 10 x 10! Part 1 is £10 to £100 for which  will set a target of 3 days.

So now to scrabbling about for a bet with no tennis..... Todays Target £21.60

Sorry for the Absence

Hello all sorry for the absence the last couple of days but I took the family away for a couple of days to a friends Log cabin in The Lake District. All very last minute as I got chatting to him about it over a beer after rugby. Anyway he is looking to sell and I said I may be interested so he handed me the keys and said "go take a look". Very nice it was too. It's more luxurious than a lot of houses I've been in with all the mod cons etc. Beautiful setting too, just a shame it always rains up there. It has got me thinking about maybe getting one though. Perhaps somewhere drier for me though and near a beach would be a bonus! Perhaps Norfolk would be nice. So if anyone knows of any log cabins going cheap in Norfolk let me know. Guess I'd better get punting to pay for the thing now! ;-) That could be the next challenge.... £2.00 to a log cabin!

Anyway I was hoping to be able to update the blog when I was up there but never got round to it so here I am.

I notice that Betfair in their infinite wisdom of alienating their customers at every given opportunity are not putting up any markets for this week's Challenger events! God knows why as last year there was very good liquidity considering. So I'll have to look for an angle on something else tomorrow.... I see the darts is on!!

So until tomorrow sleep well or happy punting (depending on what you're doing please don't try both together!)

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