Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ljubicic v Djokovic

Decided that Ljubicic was way too high when leading 7-5 3-2* so decided to follow Rev in and lump on.

Ljubo duly went to 0-40 but I had already bailed out at 0-30. Better safe than sorry. Anyway Ljubo broke so I then evened the green at 1.20 for £477 on both.

As for the doubters please refer to the chat as all my bets have been posted on there as I have placed them so are date and time stamped! I guess that's why you have turned to attacking the pictures I have on the blog! So this one is just for you! It's your standard :-)

Ljubicic Wins
Profit: £477.56

Radwanska v Dementieva

Radwanska leads 6-4 4*-2 30-0 when I get on at 1.12. Very low I know but hope she comes through.

OMG 30-30 now!! Do not stuff this up!! ... 40-30 c'mon Rad! ... Deuce :-( ... GP this time please Aggie ... FFS Deuce #2 ... BP!!!!! Fight damn you ... 2nds serve :-( ... Deuce#3 phew thought the break was inbound there! May still be but I live in hope of a hold! ... GP#2 TAKE IT!!! ... Yesssss !!! Clutch erving LOL.

5-2* Break for GSM would be very sweet after saving a BP ;-)

15-0 ... 15-15 c'mon let's get the break here! 30-15 ... 30-30 just 2 more! ... 2nd serve ... MATCH POINT - Take it!!! ... pfffft Deuce ... GP ... Hold! Darn :-(

5*-3 Got to serve it out now then!!! I believe!!! ... 15-0 C'mon nice and easy please ... 30-0 two points just two more points ... 40-0 3 MP's take the 1st please! ...


Radwanska Wins
Profit: £179.06

Martinez Sanchez v Wickmayer

Not been following this match as got in not long ago. Lost £50 on Roddick so thought I ought to have another punt!

MJMS won the first set 6-4 and the score was 3*-3 Adv in the second when I lumped on at 1.62. MJMS duly held for m then went on to break for a 4*-3 lead. That was enough for me to greeen out on both for £368.97.

I can go to bed now :-)

5-3* after a hold!
5*-4 MJMS to serve it out? Probably worth a lay but I'll abstain I think!

Damn 0-15! ... Glad I did abstain now ... MP! GSM

Profit: £368.97

Roddick v De Bakker


Here you go mate a loss for ya!!!

Came in from a nice evening out to find Roddick at 1.04 with the scre at 6-3 3-3* so thought I'd throw in a cheeky lay for a grand (£40 liability)

Great timing as Roddick broke next game and then held easy for a 5-3* lead threw in a £10 bet on De Bakker at 200 hoping for a miracle. Unfortunately despite De Bakker holding easy Roddick served it out.

Roddick Wins
Loss: £50.00

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