Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Czech Republic U21 v Austria U21

Lena Reichel - Austria Number 12

I don't fancy the mens matches just yet at Roland Garros so I'll go and have a dabble (read blow my bank) on the football

Going for Over 1.5 Goals from the off on this at 1.30

Over 1.5 Goals1.3£135.09
Ref: 48185255880 Matched: 15:57 03-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.3£4.07
Ref: 48185303945 Matched: 15:57 03-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.3£265.95
Ref: 48185318729 Matched: 15:58 03-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.3£0.04
Ref: 48185326385 Matched: 15:58 03-Jun-14

26 minutes: Goal to Austria 0-1

Half Time: Still 0-1. I could green out for £8.48 on both but that would be too boring ;-)

60 minutes: Still 0-1 sometimes the boring option is the right option!
70 minutes: 0-1
80 minutes: 0-1
FT: 0-1


Carla Suarez Navarro v Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie Bouchard

Bouchard has just broken in the third for a lead of 6-7 6-2 5-6*

A hold and she's in the semis.

On at odds of 1.24

Eugenie Bouchard1.24£329.22
Ref: 48184258173 Matched: 15:23 03-Jun-14

Net chord takes it wide! 0-15... 2nd serve, return just wide not over rule! No doubt about that backhand winner! 15-15... WTF should have been an easy put away into an open court but into the net! 15-30... long from Suarez Navarro 30-30... 2nd serve, another over rule this time in Bouchard's favour! ... return is uncontrolled and lands wide 40-30... Deuce... MP#2... Deuce... MP#3 3rd time lucky? YES!!! GSM

Bouchard Wins
Profit: £75.93
Bank: £405.15

Garbine Muguruza v Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova
Taking Sharapova from the off here at 1.24. SHe is in fine form and despite a 1st set wobble against Sam Stosur came back very strongly. She has only lost to Ivanovic on clay since last years final loss to Serena William here at Roland Garros and with Serena out, will surely go one better this time. Muguruza has played well but is in a different class. 2-0 Sharapova was tempting at 1.80 was tempting but just in case I've gone for the win.

Maria Sharapova1.24£14.93
Ref: 48180801624 Matched: 13:02 03-Jun-14
Maria Sharapova1.24£246.39
Ref: 48180801626 Matched: 13:02 03-Jun-14

1*-0 Broken to 15 in the 1st game!
2-0* Consolidated with a hold to 30
3*-0 Shocking start again from Maria! Broken to 30.
4-0* Will someone give a shout to the locker rooms! Maria was due on court 15 minutes ago!
4*-1 It's OK she has just realised she's on Philippe Chatrier not Suzanne Lenglen.
5-1* Had a BP in that game but Garbine holds.
6-1 Well that was unexpected!

Now the question is will Maria now shift up a gear? She can't play any worse! Or do I switch? Hmm decisions decisions!

Muguruza to serve first so I will stick with Maria now. Hoping for a break straight away.

1-0* Holds from 30-30. Now can Maria hold? If not it may be over and money done already!
1*-1 Now let's step it up Maria.
1-2* A couple of double faults helped but we have the break. Now kick on!
1*-3 Ace seals the game. Playing better but still not dominating.
2-3* Hmm holds from 15-40. That could have been Maria's set there!

Not trusting Maria to hold here so going for a quick switcheroo!

Garbine Muguruza2.68£38.68
Ref: 48181954481 Matched: 14:03 03-Jun-14
Garbine Muguruza2.68£1.63
Ref: 48181956893 Matched: 14:03 03-Jun-14
Garbine Muguruza2.68£101.73
Ref: 48181959136 Matched: 14:03 03-Jun-14
Garbine Muguruza2.68£2.98
Ref: 48181959479 Matched: 14:03 03-Jun-14
Garbine Muguruza2.68£2.00
Ref: 48181960283 Matched: 14:03 03-Jun-14
Garbine Muguruza2.68£46.47
Ref: 48181963233 Matched: 14:03 03-Jun-14
Garbine Muguruza2.68£3.00
Ref: 48181964064 Matched: 14:03 03-Jun-14
Garbine Muguruza2.68£5.00
Ref: 48181965063 Matched: 14:03 03-Jun-14
Garbine Muguruza2.68£100.00
Ref: 48181969125 Matched: 14:03 03-Jun-14
Garbine Muguruza2.66£22.51
Ref: 48181971143 Matched: 14:03 03-Jun-14

3*-3 Get in with the Double Faults Maria!!

Garbine Muguruza1.92£60.99
Ref: 48182130856 Matched: 14:09 03-Jun-14
Garbine Muguruza1.92£200.30
Ref: 48182130912 Matched: 14:09 03-Jun-14
All profit on Muguruzu at the moment but no liability.

4-3* All green £24.30 on both sides. Maria had a BP there.

Maria Sharapova2.5£16.86
Ref: 48182288485 Matched: 14:13 03-Jun-14
4*-4 Hold to love!
5-4* 4 straight points from 0-30 down
5*-5 Holds to 15.
5-6* And Maria gets the break with 4 straight points from 30-0.
5-7 It's all square!

Ok going back in at 0-30 in Muguruzu's 1st service game of the decider.

Maria Sharapova1.2£286.00
Ref: 48183029802 Matched: 14:40 03-Jun-14
1-0* Well I back Sharapova and she loses 4 straight points!
1*-1 A bit iffy but holds to 30.
1-2* and there's the break! odds at 1.18 are too high for me to think about greening out. Hoping for the hold! Gulp!
1*-3 I was right to ulp! 5 BP's saved but holds. Odds now 1.17?!? If I wasn't already in I would be all over that at this score.
1-4* at the third time of asking Sharapova converts the BP.

Garbine Muguruza29£11.83
Ref: 48183948465 Matched: 15:12 03-Jun-14
All green £67.80 on both.

1*-5 Holds to 15. Feel a bit sorry for Muguruzu. She needs to hold here or the score won't really reflect the match.

1-6 Broken to 15 for GSM

Sharapova Wins
Profit: £67.80
Bank: £329.12

Joao Souza v Theodoros Angelinos

Score is 6-4 5*-4 when I get on at 1.01 yes that is not a typo!! Backing at 1.01 hahaha

Joao Souza1.01£236.19
Ref: 48179688986 Matched: 11:50 03-Jun-14

0-15... 0-30... Oh Dear! 0-40! Car Crash!!! 15-40... 30-40... And Break! 5-5*

Well this is a typical 1.01 bet! Don't do it kids! ;-)

0-15... 15-15... 30-15... 30-30... 40-30... Holds for 5*-6

Souza needs to hold to take us into a 2nd set tiebreak.

0-15... 15-15... 15-30... 15-40... Break!! And second set! 5-7

Ok this is a clear lesson in not backing 1.01's for a quick quid or two!! I hope you all appreciate me demonstrating this for you! ;-)

And switch for final set!

Theodoros Angelinos3.5£2.06
Ref: 48179914606 Matched: 12:04 03-Jun-14
Theodoros Angelinos3.4£10.79
Ref: 48179921836 Matched: 12:05 03-Jun-14
Theodoros Angelinos3.4£2.81
Ref: 48179922412 Matched: 12:05 03-Jun-14
Theodoros Angelinos3.4£222.34
Ref: 48179923742 Matched: 12:05 03-Jun-14
FFS 15-30 getting done like a kipper here! 30-30... 40-30... Deuce... GP#2... Holds 0*-1

A break would be nice. See if Souza can lose 5 straight games from 1.01?

1-1* A hold to 15 for Souza to stop his slump. I need SOuza to drift out to 1.71 to get out of this unscathed.

30-40... and break! :-( FFS got this all wrong! 2*-1 Need the rebreak!

He'll probably romp home now after screwing me over! :-(

3-1* A hold to 15. Seems to have refound his form.

3*-2 Holds to love. Not over yet. C'mon the break!

15-30... 30-30... 30-40 TAKE IT!!! Deuce... GP... Deuce... BP#2 This time? ... YESS!!!! Break! 3*-3

3*-4 Oh yes c'mon now do I get out???

heodoros Angelinos2.26£1.79
Ref: 48180367182 Matched: 12:36 03-Jun-14
Theodoros Angelinos2.18£257.61
Ref: 48180361007 Matched: 12:36 03-Jun-14
Theodoros Angelinos2.18£2.39
Ref: 48180360541 Matched: 12:36 03-Jun-14

And green and out £25.13 on both. You see backing 1.01 can be very profitable!!! LOL

Souza Wins
Profit: £25.13
Bank: £261.32

Daniel Kosakowski v Ilija Bozoljac

Kosakowski leads 6-4 4*-3 when I get on at odds of 1.07

Daniel Kosakowski1.07£134.75
Ref: 48179571844 Matched: 11:42 03-Jun-14
Daniel Kosakowski1.07£29.83
Ref: 48179572523 Matched: 11:42 03-Jun-14
Daniel Kosakowski1.07£56.72
Ref: 48179574403 Matched: 11:42 03-Jun-14

And holds to make it 5-3* Bozoljac serving to stay in the match. 

30-40... GSM

Kosakowski Wins
Profit: £14.89
Bank: £236.19

Kubot/Lindstedt v Golubev/Groth

Jarmila Gajdosova - Groth's ex wife
The score is 4-6 3*-3 when I get on at 1.51

Ref: 48179061624 Matched: 11:04 03-Jun-14

Blimey while trying to find a suitable picture for this post I see we have a break straight away! 3-4*

Ref: 48179115298 Matched: 11:09 03-Jun-14
Ref: 48179125048 Matched: 11:10 03-Jun-14

Greened up for £69.43 on both.

Golubev/Groth Win
Profit: £69.43
Bank: £221.30

Japan v Costa Rica

Kurumi Nara - Japan Number 1
Going to leave a punt on this match and go to bed. However before I do I'm going to make a withdrawal. It's only 39.40 and takes me back to £100. It's more of a psychological thing after such a barren patch.

Anyway back to the footy. I'm going for Goals again. Did think about going for the 0.5 Goals @ 1.12 but can't resist the Over 1.5 Goals at 1.54

Over 1.5 Goals1.54£32.22
Ref: 48176670977 Matched: 00:10 03-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.54£55.99
Ref: 48176671019 Matched: 00:10 03-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.54£2.62
Ref: 48176671496 Matched: 00:10 03-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.54£2.99
Ref: 48176677288 Matched: 00:12 03-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.54£4.12
Ref: 48176681278 Matched: 00:13 03-Jun-14
Over 1.5 Goals1.54£2.06
Ref: 48176709815 Matched: 00:20 03-Jun-14

Nice to see this morning that the score was 1-3. Bodes well for England in the World Cup!

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £51.87
Bank: £151.87

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