Wednesday, 18 February 2015

18/02/2015 As it happens

We're off in the Champions League... fingers crossed folks.

11 minutes: Derlis Gonzalez has give Basel the lead 1-0 there's a long way to go in this match though.
Montserrat Gonzalez - Paraguayan Number 2

27 minutes: Boom! That man Christiano Ronaldo! One chance and one goal

Christiano Ronaldo to score anytime @ 1.76 for £100 - PROFIT: £72.58

Half time and the scores remain the same. I could green out on the Basel  match for £47.50 on all outcomes and Porto are the team on top. Can Basel hold on?

48 minutes: Porto have levelled it 1-1. Hang on no they haven't it's been disallowed! C'mon! The brown envelope will be in the post tonight ref :-)

74 minutes: Can't keep on with the Basel bet here so I'm greening out at 1.48 for £76.46 on all outcomes.

78 minutes: Well that is timing!!! Porto have a penalty within a few minutes of greening out! Thank God for time stamped Betfair forum or everyone would think I'm seriously Billy Bullsh1tting!!! hahaha!

It's all going on! Real Madrid have score a second! 0-2 Marcelo the scorer. Ronaldo the provider this time.

Back Basel to win @ 3.85 for £50 - PROFIT £76.46 (Greened on all outcomes at 1.48)

It's all over! and finishes 1-1 in Basel and 0-2 in Gelsenkirchen.

Back Ronaldo to score a hattrick @ 18.0 for £5 - LOSS £5.00

Back Real Madrid to Win @ 1.51 for £200 - PROFIT: £99.32



Wednesday's Winners

Happy Birthday to wrestlers Hannah & Holly Blossom
Night two of Champions League footy tonight with another two games. Hopefully make up for last night losses on the disappointing Bayern match and should blossom into fruitful wins for the bank!

FC Basel v FC Porto

Whilst not always convinced of the outcome of the match sometimes odds just scream out at me. This is one of those. I predict a tight affair tonight and my gut instinct is a 1-0 home win. So odds of 3.85 on Basel seem far to tempting to ignore and I'm on it.

Back FC Basel @ 3.85 for £50 (Potential Profit: £133.70)

FC Schalke 04 v Real Madrid

Schalke are not exactly free scoring of late and aren't conceding many either so a reapeat of last year's 1-6 may not be on the cards. Real too have had a funny couple of weeks and the 4-0 away loss at rivals Atletico must still hurt. Strangely Christiano Ronaldo has lost his scoring touch and people talk of perhaps a crisis! It's been 3 whole games folks, get over it. The smug git will probably bag a hattrick tonight just to prove his doubters wrong! But I'm going to have a dabble on him scoring at least 1.

Christiano Ronaldo to score anytime @ 1.76 for £100 (Potential Profit: £72.58)

Ronaldo hattrick @ 18.0 for £5 (Potential Profit: £81.17)

I am torn about whether to back Real for the win... I've been mulling it over all afternoon. The odds of 1.52 are probably about right but have been gradually rising as I've been deciding. Another few points nearer 1.60 and I would have been on without doubt.

Ah sod it!!

Back Real Madrid To Win @ 1.51 for £200 (Potential Profit: £99.32)

Good Luck all and Happy Punting!

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