Monday, 30 November 2009

Blackpool v Preston North End

OK as Rev pointed out I need £0.44 to get my November total to £5,555.55 :-)

So here it is £1.70 on Over 2.5 goals @1.27 gives me £0.44 after commission.
Bet was placed at the start of the second half when the score was 1-1.

Lol Typical it ends 1-1

Over 2.5 loses
Loss: £1.70

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Hello everyone. As most of you know by now, I rarely get a chance to do any bets on Saturdays. I usually do family stuff in the morning, play rugby in the afternoon and, invariably, get drunk in the evening!

So I'm going to miss today's tennis where we have the battle of the fixers from the last round robin matches! LOL. My predictions for the semi finalists was nearly right with Del Potro instead of Murray being the only exception.

Today if I was betting I would be seriously tempted to have a nibble of Davydenko. I think he has a much better chance of victory here than the odds suggest. Not a lump job, but for you sensible punters out there he may be worth a few quid.

In the other semi final I would fancy the other non favourite to win in the end also. Soderling is bashing the ball well at the moment and Del Potro would be out of the tournament if Federer hadn't helped him through.

The two as a double would be in the region of 6.5 so £100 would get you £550 profit which would be quite a nice return. Not that I would ever recommend that type of bet.

Good Luck with you bets and Happy Punting.

Until Tomorrow. 70k

Friday, 27 November 2009

Nikolay Davydenko v Robin Soderling

Here we have the match up of two players that are so different yet both seem to perform well indoors. Firstly we have Davydenko who never quite seems to fulfil his obvious talents, which leads to concerns over his true motivation for a win to be the outcome of certain matches! Davydenko has a great all court game and so much more ability than his opponent today.

Soderling on the other hand is a ball basher, who is performing far above his talent this season. I have him down as a top 30 player but certainly not a top 10 player! He has one game plan which is to hit it as hard as he can. When he tries to do things differently he loses the point more often than not. If his A-Game of hit it as hard as you can isn't working, he can always shift to his B-Game..... HIT IT HARDER!!!! :-)

Davydenko win for me here but not getting on from the off. The odds should still be juicy enough towards the business end to make a few quid, judging by the starting price that is.

Deadlock in the first set so a tie break it is!

Davydenko takes the 1st set Tiebreaker!! 7-4.

All in Davydenko at 1.35 when 15-15 in the 1st game of the 2nd set! Don't let me down Davy!!

Break Point!!! Take IT!!! ... 2nd serve.... Pffft Deuce :-(

Hmmm 4-4 and Davy has dominated the set yet now it's 0-30!! :-( Make that 0-40!! ... C'mon Nikolay!!! Get a grip! And Break!! Woe is me!!!

Break back? Yes please Bar tender!! :-)

Soderling serves out the set which guarantees him to top the group and, as such avoid Federer. Will he now conserve his energy for tomorrow? I bloomin well hope so ;-)

3-2* in the decider on 0-15 OI????
0-30 Oi Oi!!!!!
0-40 Oi Oi Oi!!!!!! If only I had actually bet according to my hunch!!!

And Out!!

Davydenko Wins 7-6(4) 4-6 6-3
Profit: £1,209.35

Quickly off to the pub to get last orders!

AOL Customer Service!!

Well I had some fun and games today. I woke up this morning to discover my internet connection was down. Naturally I assumed some kind of fault so went through the usual shenanigans of trying to fix it. I lost count of the number of times I turn off and on again!

Anyway I finally decided I had better contact someone to see if there was a fault. First port of call was to BT to see if there was a fault on the line. After the obligatory 20 mins trying to get to speak to someone they informed me that there was no problem their end but they could send an engineer out but that would cost me!! No thanks!!

Next I thought I would contact my Service provider, AOL. That proved somewhat difficult though. I couldn't find a telephone number for them anywhere! Everything I found gave an email address or a website....

How exactly are you supposed to contact them in this way when the reason you need to contact them is because you can't actually access the internet? Imbeciles!!

I rang a friend in the end to get them to look on AOL's website for a telephone number. Not an easy find I can tell you but there it was hidden away many pages deep into their site.

So I rang them and received the usual multi options of press 1 for such and such, press 2 for ... , press 23089 for an air strike to put you out of your misery!!

How do I know which button to press? I don't know what the problem is... That's why I'm ringing.

Anyway I finally got to speak to someone. They firstly tried to tell me that BT had disconnected my broadband capability! Had I not already spoken to them I would have accepted this, but I had! So I simply asked if they were sure. 10 seconds later after they had bothered to test the line they confirmed that it was fine!!

Next they told me their was a billing issue and they would have to transfer my call.... Yippee I love being transferred by call centres it's so much fun!

Eventually my call was answered again and the conversation went something like this.....

Nicholas: Hello my name is Nicholas how can I help you today?

Me: (Explained the situation and confirmed contact details)

Nicholas: Hello my name is Nicholas (again!). Mr 70K you have not paid your last invoice and so your service has been barred.

Me: Not paid? I've been with you for 7 years and never been late with a payment, how can this be?
(then it dawned on me that my card was replaced in October and that may have caused a hiccup)

Nicholas: Mr 70K you have not paid your bill of £24.99 so the account has been suspended.

Me: You told me that. Why haven't you contacted me to sort this out and I would have corrected the details as last time my card was renewed it updated automatically?

Nicholas: Mr 70K we have millions of customers we cannot be expected to contact them.

Me: Is it not AOL's policy to provide any level of customer service then?

Nicholas: Mr 70K it is an automated process. If you do not pay the service is switched off.

Me: Can you give an answer that isn't written on the screen in front of you?

Nicholas: Mr 70K How would you like to pay the outstanding balance in a one off payment?

Me: I'll take that as a no!! (gave my card details). How long will it be before my connection is back up and running?

Nicholas: Mr 70K your payment has been processed.


Nicholas: It can take BT up to 28 days to restore the connection.

Me: WHAT? There is no problem with BT what are you on about? Turn my connection back on NOW!!!

Nicholas: Mr 70K, let me check your line..... Mr 70k there is no problem with your line.

Me: I KNOW!!! When will my internet connection be back on.

Nicholas: Mr 70K your connection will take 4 to 5 hours to be reinstated.

Me: What time is it now?

Nicholas: How would you like to set up your mandate to pay your next payment?

Me: What time is it now?

Nicholas: Mr 70K I can not give you a precise time. How would you like to set up your mandate for future payments?

Me: I don't! If this is how you treat customers I will decide between now an the next billing date whether or not to change service providers.

Nicholas: Mr 70K if your payment is not made on the due date your service will be disconnected.

Me: Are AOL bothered about customer retention?

Nicholas: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: Yes. (silence)

Nicholas: Mr 70K are you there?

Me: Yes

Long pause.......

Nicholas: Mr 70K is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: Yes.

Longer pause....

Nicholas: Mr 70K?

Me: Yes.

Nicholas: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: Yes

Nicholas: I do not understand Mr 70K. Please repeat the question.

Me: I didn't ask a question.

Nicholas: Errrm. Mr 70K is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: Until I say no you can't end the call can you?


Nicholas: Mr 70k Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: Yes

Nicholas: What can help you with?

Me: Do you know if the Merseyside Derby will be Overs?

Long pause....

Nicholas: Mr 70K for calls relating to telephone queries I would have to transfer you to a different department would you like me to connect you?

Me: Are you just reading random answers off your screen now?

Nicholas: I do not understand Mr 70K. Please repeat the question.

Me: No

Nicholas: Mr 70K is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: Ok I'll let you go now I've wasted enough of your time to feel a little satisfied for the time I've wasted. Be sure to check out my blog won't you!

Nicholas: Thankyou for your call today. We are glad to be of service.



The call ended at 12:25. Back on at 16:45!! At least they got that right :-(

Anyone know of any good Broadband packages out there?

To top it all I see that Djokovic won in straight sets which I would have had a bet on!! Thankyou AOL you may have cost me over a grand!!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Roger Federer v Juan Martin Del Potro

I'm very confident on this match, so much so that I'm all in from the off.

My bet is for Federer to win at 1.35. He is looking in decent form at the moment against a distinctly average (for this level) Del Potro. Federer will certainly be wanting to avenge his defeat at Flushing Meadows in September and also to guarantee his qualification in this tournament.

Sure Del Potro has the game to trouble Federer but Federer's class will prevail here. I still have niggling doubts as to Del Potro's fitness. He may well trade higher but it's the end rsult I'm interested in and don't want to miss a fair price of 1.35.

Good Luck if you're on and Happy Punting!

Well that's a great start. The Finnish Number 1 is broken in the first game!
Del Potro consolidates  the break for a 0*-2 lead.

Hmmm Federer broken again!  1-4* Del Potro. Is Federer stitching Murray up here?

So Del Potro wins the first set 6-2! If my maths is correct then if Fed wins this set by 1 break and Del Potro wins the final set by 1 break then Murray is out. Interesting that both these players hate Murray with a passion. There should be a documentary on this... It's a conspiracy I tells ya'!!!!

Just to add a little more spice and intrigue to this. If Murray goes out and Del Potro goes through to the final I think there is a good chance of Del Potro being world Number 4 by the Aus Open! If he wins this tournament he takes the year end Number 4 slot!

2nd Set Tiebreak!!!
1-0** C'mon the MB!!
1-1* This one then please Fed!
1**-2 Gulp!!
1*-3 OMG Fed!!!
2-3** Need the MB back NOW!!!
2-4* FFS change of end to bring some luck?? DP odds very low for one MB!!!
3**-4 MB!!! Now two holds please
4*-4 Now an Ace please!!
4-5** FFS!!!
5-5* YES!!!! MB back and another??? 2nd serve....
6**-5 C'mon TAKE IT!!!
Yeeessss Set Federererererererererer!!!

Switched at the start of the 3rd book now stands at:
-2069.34 Fed
+3064.39 DP

2*-3 Federer to serve ... Now would be a good time for a break!
3-3* Hold Break Hold or Del Potro is out of the tournament!
15-40!!! ... 30-40 c'mon Potty .... Deuce!!... Hold damn it!! BP#3 ... Deuce!!! I think that's a few lives lost this match already!! GP Take itt!!! ...  Deuce ... challenge! GAME!!! Yes

Get the F@*& in !!!! Del Potro goes to 3-5* and I'm Out! So it would seem is Murray!

Profit: £2,367.82

Andy Murray v Fernando Verdasco

I would have thought that Murray should win this but it may not be as straight forward as the odds of 1.27 might suggest. If you must get in from the start I would have though a lay with a view to trade would be the way forward.

Personally I will wait and see what Murray and what Verdasco we have before getting involved.

I would hope for 2-0 Murray but just feel the first set will probably see him trade above 1.50 at some point.

I think Ana may have been telling Betfair to get their backsides off the beach and go fix their servers!! Well done Ana they're back now :-)

Murray gets the first break for a 5*-4 lead in the 1st.
Murray takes the first set. Maybe Ana was directing Verdasco to his hotel room!

Off topic but just for your information this is the Brazilian Rev! ;-)
Otherwise known as Reverendo Verde

Anyway back to the tennis via The Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody!
2nd set Tiebreak it is. I just noticed both pics are pointing in the same direction! How odd!

Verdasco takes the breaker thanks to a double fault from Murray. We couldn't be due an upset ..... could we?

Final set TB!!! Well this is a lot closer than most were expecting!!
4-2* to Murray
5*-3 C'mon Andy!!
6-3** 3 Match Points for a place in the semi's
GSM Well done Andy. No bet for me though.

Nestor/Zimonjic v Bhupathi/Knowles

Right then I missed the start of this as I had to do some proper work this morning.

It's 6-4 3-3 when I get on at 1.34. Nestor has just saved 3 BP's to hold so I'm hoping for a quick break then maybe green out.

Oh well!!  Knowles holds for a 3*-4 lead.

Deciding Point saved again 4-4 Now the break please!

4*-5 Need to hold now then. I do not want the lottery of a Champions Tiebreak!!

0-15 Not a great start ... but they hold to 30.
5*-6 Need a hold then two TB chances to win it!

2nd set Tiebreak
1-2** MB! Now let's have 2 back please!!
1-3* Get 1 at least!
1**-4 Need 2 holds then!
2*-4 And another please!
2-5** WTF was that??? Zim you twonk!!
2-6* Looks like we're going to the Champions TB
3**-6 There's one back. But if they're going to lose this TB anyway Iwould rather they had saved it!
5-6** They couldn't .... could they????
6-6* THEY CAN!!! Now another?
6**-7 Don't stuff it up after that comeback
7*-7 Give us the MP!!
8-7** MP Take IT!!
8-8* Ok MB Now please!
8**-9 Two aces would be good!
9*-9 Give us an ACE!!
10-9* This time then!! 2nd serve!!


Nes/Zim Win
Profit: £511.70

LDU v Fluminense

Well I was going to say that I was maybe being a bit brash with my Over 2.5 bet on this match at evens but I didn't get the chance!! Fluminese scored after 30 seconds!!!

What a start. Got to be more goals in this and it's not very often you get the chance to double your bank in 90 mins so I'll let it run for now!


1-1 after 20 mins!! This is looking good! :-)

2-1 Just before halftime!

Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £769.82

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Rafael Nadal v Nikolay Davydenko

Well I thought Davy was the bet here but the drift today has been quite alarming. This morning I was expecting Davydenko to be trading around 1.80 on Betfair but now it is Nadal who is favourite and trading at 1.90. I would have had Davydenko as favourite, he is on good form whereas Nadal is not. He does well on the indoor season whereas Nadal does not. It would seem that Davydenko's reputation is still tarnished from Sopot and people panic when they start to see a drift. There are also concerns over Davydenko saying he has had undiagnosed breathing problems. Whether that will be a factor we shall see. I have been spooked by the market as in the Djokovic match earlier and as such will sit on my hands and watch and wait. A shame really as before the drift I felt that anything over 1.80 was value on Davydenko!! LOL.

Should have gone with my own opinion and I could have had a nice green now as Davydenko breaks for a 0-2* lead in the 1st set.

Breathing problems? I'll give him breathing problems for saying it and spooking the market and then me!! Another break for a 1-5* lead. I'm getting on now as Nadal is not going to fight back from this with a Davis Cup Final around the corner! He doesn't even look like he wants to continue!!

Set Davydenko 1-6. A nice break straight away for Davydenko in the second is the order for the day with a nice side of a hold with a double break to follow please :-)

1-0* Grrrr Davydenko had the BP but Nadal saves. No funny business now Nikolay! Nadal is on the ropes so keep him there!

FFS another Nadal service game and another BP wasted!! ... BP#2 Take It!! ... Pffft it doesn't matter how bad he's playing you have to take your chances or you might get punished Davy! ... GP ...  Holds for 2-1*

2*-2 Gotta get the break this time Davy! ... 0-15 ... 0-30 Oi Oi!! ... 15-30 ... 15-40 Take One!!!! 30-40 FFS TAKE IT NIKOLAY!!! ... ARRRGGGGHHHH Deuce :-( ... BP#3 ... 3rd time lucky? ... YEEESSSSSS!!! Break for 2-3*

1.13??? Are they havin' a Giraffe? I can't green at that should easily be sub 1.10!! Hold my position so do NOT let me down Davy!!! FFS a double fault hands Nadal 2 BP!!! 1st one saved! C'mon! Deuce now hold Davy!! BP #3 .... What a complete and utter tool! ... Deuce ... GP ... HOLDS!!


2*-4 And still 1.13???
3-4* Just two service holds away Davy.... FOCUS not HOCUS POCUS!!
Here we go again 0-30 ... 15-30 ... 30-30 c'mon Davy ... 30-40 :-( ... Deuce!! c'mon Davy!!! ... BP#2 WTF is this crap Nikolay? ... BREAK!!!

This should have been over long ago It could have been 0-6 had Davy taken his chances. Joke!!!

Davy wins 6-1 7-6(4)
Profit: £210.46

That was one of those matches that I just had to turn off the computer and watch to stop myself doing anything silly and start again in the final set. Had I kept it on I think Iwould have switched 2 or 3 times LOL

Bryan/Bryan v Dlouhy/Paes

Both teams lost their 1st matches here but I think that doesn't really have too much significance for this encounter. The Bryan Brothers will be looking to avenge their US Open semi final defeat here and I really fancy them to do so. I will lump on them to start with hoping for an early lead so I can green out. It may well go to another Champions tiebreak but hopefully I'll have been in and out by then.

Let's just hope Wodderwick isn't in the crowd!

Good luck if you're on and Happy Punting!

And out after the 1st break
£101.50 on Both.

Bryans Win 6-3 6-4 
Profit: £101.50

Novak Djokovic v Robin Soderling

Originally I thought this would be the banker bet of the day on Djokovic but the pre-match drift made me sit up and pay attention. In the warm up the commentators on Betfair video said he was unwell after the last match so that may explain it. Mind made up not to get involved early on now.

So Soderling takes the 1st set tiebreak as he finally remembers that all he has in his game is to hit the ball as hard as possible.

Soderling gets the first break in the second set to take a 1-2* lead. A bit early in the set to be lumping on though.

OK 1*-3 and I'm all in c'mon the double break or at least serve it out Robin please!

Get in!!! 1-4* This is surely over!!! 1*-5 End it now Robin!

Soderling Wins 7-6(5) 6-1

Profit: £78.97

Kubot/Marach v Mirnyi/Ram

I really hate this format of doubles with the champions Tiebreak instead of the final set and the even more ridiculous deuce deciding point rule. It makes doubles so unpredictable it's impossible to bet on!!!

But I like a challenge so I will have a bet!! LOL
Kubot and Marach did very well beating Dlouhy and Paes in their first match but they let their opponent have opportunities despite not playing that well. Mirnyi and Ram however were imperious in their victory over the Bryan brothers with incredible serving stats that hardly gave their opponents a sniff.

Due to this I can't see past them today so have lumped on the Beast!!

Good luck if your with me and Happy Punting.

Marach gets lucky on serve with Ram not getting the 2nd serve deciding point back. 1-1 it is.

Grrrrrr Again Marach saves Deciding Point on second serve for 3-3
Even Kubot isn't exactly excelling on serve today, but Mirnyi/Ram not taking the openings. I hope it doesn't cost them!

Marach now has to serve to stay in the set! Surely the break will come now!
15-40 which is actually 3 Break Points in this format! ... 30-40 ... Deuce & Deciding Point ... Take IT!!!! FFS ... Finally!! Set Mirnyi and Ram

That's enough for me out and green

£81.88 on Both

Getting out seems like the right decision as we are now heading into a Champions Tiebreak to decide the match after Kubot and Marach won the 2nd set  6-4.

Well Well Kubot/Marach Win 16-14 in the TB

Profit: £81.88

Indiana Pacers @ Toronto Raptors

Gone for the home town Favourite in this one.

Yet again I have no idea what their form is just hoping for a strong start and then green out :-) Hopefully try and make 10% on the market then I'll be happy. I do like a well researched bet!!

Stream available here 

And I'm out after less than 3 mins as Toronto open up a 12-4 lead.

£38.17 on both
Well over the 10% I was looking for! :-)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Roger Federer v Andy Murray

Well seeing as I've been stuck in the over 13 corners market I haven't been able to get involved in this as yet. As I write Murray is 5-3 up and about to serve for the first set.

I am a Murray fan as long as he doesn't do his silly injured grimace when I have money on him so I would love for him to win the title here and hopefully reclaim 3rd spot in the rankings.

Some call Federer the Greatest of All Time but my vote would have to stay with Borg on that one!

I guess this match could be billed as The GOAT v The Dunblane KID :-)

Well no surprises here I guess. Murray took the first 6-3, Federer the second 6-3. I can't pick a winner but my heart says Murray. The Betfair market favours Fed but not by a lot at 1.89.

It seems the Market was right as Fed cruised to a 6-1 final set win. I didn't manage to get involved in thhis match myself.

Debrecen v Liverpool

Ok chasing mode on now after the dismal 0-0 wiped most of my bank out earlier. I've never bet on corners before but here goes. 13 or more at 3.45 is the bet.

Good luck if you're on this match unless you're on less corners! ;-)

Happy Punting!

Halftime and Liverpool are leading 0-1 through an early Ngog goal. As far as my corners bet is concerned it is looking fairly good with 6 corners in the 1st half so nearly half way there. Some periods of pressure in the second half should get us there hopefully!

11 Corners after 60 mins!!! It's looking good so far 30 mins for 2 corners!

12 now!! Just need 1 with 13 mins + stoppage time remaining!

There it is Lucky number 13!!

13 or More Corners Wins
Profit: £206.50

15 Corners in the end

Rubin Kazan v Dinamo Kiev

The way the group lies at the moment they could both do with a win here tonight so that should indicate a willingness to attack. On the other hand a defeat would end their campaign son they may go defensive. I hope it's the first as I've gone for over 1.5 Goals here at a massive 1.46!!

Apparently it's snowing so I have no idea how that will impact but hopefully the Keepers will suffer from snow blindness :-)

20 Mins gone and still 0-0
I guess not many folk fancy goals as Over 1.5 is already in the mid 1.70's :-(

40 mins played and not only is it still 0-0 but there hasn't even been a shot on goal :o !!!! Bowie may be needed early in the 2nd at this rate!

0-0 at half time. Almost a great goal right at the end but a fine save from the Kiev keeper and the follow up header which was to an open goal ended up on the roof of the net. What was quite worrying was the fact that only 12 secs of injury time were added when there was well over a minute of stoppage time by my watch.

Not looking good. I brought Bowie on and even he couldn't score. I put my green onto unders so now my book stands at:
-£739.87 Under 1.5
£0.00 Over 1.5

0-0 Final score
Loss: £739.87

Juan Martin Del Potro v Fernando Verdasco

Thanks to GVL for the information regarding Verdasco. I was nearly tempted to get in from the off, however discipline is what is needed as I am much happier getting in later on in play.

If you missed what GVL said then basically Verdasco has apparently said he wants to save himself for the Davis Cup final so probably isn't that bothered here. That is perfectly understandable I suppose, as he realistically has no chance of winning here, so wouldn't want to pick up and niggles prior to a Davis Cup final.

The only thing stopping me is that fear that Del Potro may still be injured and after a three set match against Murray the other day he may have aggravated it. I don't know though, purely speculating. These things have to be taken into consideration when trading on Betfair because of the retirement rules obviously.

Perhaps backing Del Potro at a bookie that voids on retirement is the way forward here.

Anyway I'll wait and see how the match unfolds before getting involved.

Right it's 1-1 and I've seen enough to get involved at least for the short term. All in Del Potro at 1.58

15-40 Take one!! 30-40 Take IT!!!!  And break!! I love it when my timing is right :-)

Green and out

£138.30 on Both

Del Potro Takes the 1st Set 6-4.
Verdasco takes the 2nd 6-3. Verdasco may take this as Del Potro's body language looks like a defeated man. He'll need a momentum shift to win now.

Del Potro :-D gets the break then holds for a 5-2* lead in the 3rd. That's enough for me to get back in at 1.06. C'mon the break!!! Back out at 1.04!

£153.30 on both
Well I wish I'd layed some more of that 1.04 as Verdasco has broken back for 5-4* Game On!!

Del Potro Wins 6-4 3-6 7-6(1)
Profit: £153.30

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans

Well I've done my standard lump on the home team favourites. Yes it is random but that is my mainstay in NFL.
My actual bet is to Lay the Titans at 2.8 and I see they've come in slightly already :-(
The texans will surely win with top draw totty like this to cheer them on so I'm confident in my bet ;-) And they even wear Cowboy boots.... Yeee Haw it can't fail!!!

Texans get the 1st score to lead 7-0.
It's still 1st QTR still 7-0 an I'm outta here. £122.02 on both.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Novak Djokovic v Nikolay Davydenko

I will stick to my opinion of Djokovic that I mentioned at the draw (read here)

He has had a heck of a lot of good fortune recently and the tournament wins show him in a better light than he's actually been playing. This will be tight but I fancy Davydenko to win. It's just about choosing the right time to get involved.

First blood to Davydenko 2-3*.
Not only does Davydenko hold on to his serve he breaks Djokovic again to win the set 6-3 and gets to serve first in the second.

Davydenko at trading at 1.67 on Betfair now and it's one of those prices that sums up most peoples minds at the moment...... They just don't know what will happen next. Biding my time still.

The Fallen Madonna with The Big Boobies  Thinking about it this may seem a tad random in the greater context of this post if you are reading at a later date so maybe I should explain...... but I won't LOL. I guess you'll just have to ask! :-)
Djokovic gets the 1st break of the second set right at the business end to take a 5*-4 lead. Will he serve it out? Oh here we go trainer for Davy! Fat Tony on the phone!

Djokovic saves a break point to hold and take the 2nd set 6-4. I still fancy Davy to prevail but my cash is staying in my pocket for now. Davy to serve first which becomes an advantage at the business end if they're still level.

Novak gets a break straight off the bat in the deciding set to take a 1*-0 lead. Davy was broken from 40-15 up!
Djokovic saves three BP opportunities to go 4-2* up. Davy running out of time to get back into this. But we may still have another flip flop.

Well I'm in Djokovic to serve it out :O on at 1.12! C'mon Nole!

0-15 !!! Typical
0-30!!! OMG
15-40 FFS!!!
30-40 ... 2nd serve...
BREAK!!! FFS Djokovic!!!
Great timing by me!! Now break him back!!!
0-15 c'mon... 0-30 Two More!!! ... 2nd serve ... 0-40!!! TAKE IT!!!! ... 2nd serve ... YES!!! Break Back!!

Thank the Lord for that! 6*-5 Serve it out this time please!
Here we go... 0-15! Not again??? ... 2nd serve ... 15-15 Novak looks almost too scared to serve it out! ... 30-15 Great serve that time! ... 2nd serve ... 40-15 ... 1st one please!!! Damn tried to get out at 1.02 and not matched! 40-30 TAKE IT!! .... 2nd serve ... GSM

Djokovic Wins 3-6 6-4 7-5
Profit: £56.66

Dlouhy/Paes v Kubot/Marach

I only got involved in this at 3-6** in the 2nd set Tie break. 1.04 with two chances to serve it out was fine for me. Every little help as they say at ASDA.

Yet another doubles match where the faves crash and burn.

Smokers can be Fat Too!!

Off topic I know but following on from the discussion on the chat box.

Apparently fat smoking girls can grow moustaches too!!

Sigma Olomouc v Teplice

Fantastic I've been waiting all week for this fixture!! ;-)
Over 1.5 Goals at 1.45. I don't care what you say that has got to b e taken in any match. I know nothing about either team or indeed about Czech football as a whole. But I do know what a goal is and that is all that matters!

Good luck if you're joining me, happy punting!

Oh great it looks like Betfair aren't putting this in play now!!! FFS why have it on the in play coupon then you morons? No chance to trade out it would seem!! C'mon the goals!

Panic over it's in play now!!

If you need a stream there's one here. 

1-0 24 mins played :-)
2-0 after 27 mins!!!

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £143.35

Rafael Nadal v Robin Soderling

I couldn't make my mind up pre match so I stayed out the whole of the first set. Soderling taking it 6-4. Rafa just doesn't have the power he used too as is clearly shown in the size of his biceps. I wouldn't of course like to comment on any speculation as to the radical change in his physical stature over the last 18 months! However I think the picture here shows all the evidence you need! :-)

Soderling should probably be a lay at the start of the second but I think he may take this in two so will hang fire for now.

Soderling Wins 6-4 6-4 and I won nothing! But at least I lost nothing either! Onwards and upwards we go....

Week 10

After updating my money data this morning I noticed that we are now in the 10th week of this blog! I can't believe it's been going that long already to be fair and I certainly can't believe people are still reading it!! LOL

I've only had one losing week so far, which was week 7, so that is the motivation I need to keep in profit. It seems to be that I tick over for periods with very low profit (or loss) the have a quick flurry over a few days. Recognising
that flurry is the key to securing profit I think, as some many times I've let my good run go on too long without withdrawing the profit and ended up with a loss which wipes out all of my good work. Not really and issue between now and Christmas, but it is something I will be monitoring so that I can act upon it next year.

As for today well we have 2 singles and 2 doubles matches in the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. Then we have a few football matches late afternoon/ evening and the NFL in the wee small hours. Apart from that there is a bit of NBA and NHL but not a lot else! I may have too look around some of the obscure markets to keep me going! Roll on January I say.

Anyway my challenge last week was to get 10K by the end of November and I'm currently on £334.98. Mind you I have cheated because I lost the original £10 then lost a subsequent £10. I reloaded with £100 on Friday but I'll still try and get to 10k from here. I need a 53% increase per day to get there so not that difficult!!! LOL

Good Luck this week and Happy Punting!!

Real Salt Lake v LA Galaxy

Well I decided to go for this rather than the late NFL game. Over 1.5 goals is always the bet when the odds are this high! Was up to 1.49 but coming in now so I've taken 1.46 (watch it go out again now).

Both previous meetings this year have been over 1.5 with a 2-2 and a 2-0 so I don't really see why the odds for goals are so high. But maybe I'm missing something.

You can see from the picture that Beckham like Cheerleaders as much as we do on this blog so a Galaxy win for me!

1-0 Galaxy!! 40 mins gone. Beckham instrumental in the build up. He not only has an eye for the ladies but an eye for the through ball too.

1-1 After 62 Mins!!!

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £102.38

Sunday, 22 November 2009

New Orleans Hornets @ Miami Heat

Heat are at home and are favourites. That is a clear indicator for the professional Betfair Trader that you should lump on them! I know as I bought the ebook "Lump on short priced favourites for guaranteed locked in profits!!" ;-)

I guess it may be born from the frustration of waiting for a week with no tennis then not really getting much when it is finally on! Nevermind this is a cert!! :o

Good luck if you're on :-) And Happy Punting

Sorry I forgot... If you want to watch it's here. 

All green and out at 1.14  with the score 57-48 to Heat with seconds remaining in the half. £16.24 on both.

Heat Win (Never in doubt LOL)
Profit: £16.24

Roger Federer v Fernando Verdasco

Well I just wasn't sure on this one before the off and I'm still not. Federer was 1.21 at the start so would have been a great lay to trade with hindsight as Verdasco has taken the 1st set 6-4. I still don't feel confident enough to get involved in this so will watch and see how the second set develops. Trading the serve may be an option this set though.

Well I wish I'd listened to my own advice 8 service holds and we have 4-4. Had I traded that I would have had a nice green now! Oh well.....

Make that 9 holds! :-( ..... 10 ... 11 and Federer breaks for the set 7-5.
Deciding set it is then Federer to serve first will be an advantage if it's still on serve towards the end of the set.

Well that was a disappointing final set, Federer wins it 6-1 and I didn't manage to get on all match.

Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants

All in on the Giants at home today. Not got much time for a write up as having my dinner.

However 1.34 is fine for me. Hopefully add more when my belly is full :-)

Well not exactly the start I had been hoping for. Falcons lead 7-3 early in the 2nd Quarter. I was hoping for a strong 1st half from the Giants so I could trade out and move on.

And now they go and end a great drive with a missed field goal attempt from 31 yards!!

That's more like it Manning seems to be having a good game here the score doesn't reflect the game in my opinion. Giants lead 10-7 with 7 mins left to halftime.

Well it must be the night for missed Field Goals as Falcons miss from 35 yards so the score remains 10-7 to the Giants.

A Falcons  gives a turnover to Giants 1st down on the Falcons 34 yard line with 1.34 on the clock. A TD here and halftime will be much more relaxed!

TOUCHDOWN!!!! Extra point added.... Giants lead 17-7. Halftime.

Not a great start to the 2nd half! Falcons score a Touchdown with their first drive! 17-14 now.
Giants go straight back up the other end for a Touchdown 24-14 8.36 left in the 3rd quarter.

Despite The Giants trying their hardest to help Falcons with penalties that drive, they can only manage a field goal. The score is 24-17 now and if The Giants can get a Touchdown on this next drive the odds should certainly be nice and low for a trade out and even green before the tennis starts!

Bish Bosh Bash!!! Have some of that!!! Touchdown!! Perfect timing now I'll green out for the tennis I think :-)

£47.88 Giants
£0.00 Falcons

Giants doing their best to stuff it up so I'm even both sides for  £36.55

New York Giants Win 34-31 in Overtime
Profit: £36.55 Full Color Printing from PsPrint

Brondby v OB

Over 1.5 Goals has to be the bet again on this. 1.32 seems fair enough and I would like this one over quickly please Betfair Gods.

Hopefully the picture I have put up is hot enough to satisfy them an award the early goals!

0-1 after 22 mins :) Another before half time would be a most satisfactory outcome! :-)

I've decided to trade out of this as got enough green to make me happy and want to have my dinner before the NFL starts.

£19.76 on both outcomes

0-2 just before halftime

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £19.76

Andy Murray v Juan Martin Del Potro

Betfair has this market with Murray as clear favourite, trading at 1.35 at the moment. That is most likely due to the issues with Del Potro's wrist in recent weeks. But I think people are forgetting Murray's problems.

The head to head between the two shows Murray with a 4-1 lead. Del Potro's only win coming on clay earlier this year. Their last encounter was a TB a piece in the first two sets before Murray took the final set 6-1. That result kind of sums Murray up to me. He is perfectly capable of beating anyone 6-1 when he has his head switched on. Unfortunately he is also capable of losing 6-1 to pretty much anybody too! I don't know why he suffers from this so much as he is affected more than any other top player it would seem.

Because of this laying Murray at the 1.35/1.36 mark is very tempting, with a view to trade, especially as he has had his own injury problems of late. Obviously winning in Valencia was a good result, but again he looked injured fatigued in nearly every match bar the final. However the following week in Paris he only played one set in two games at his top level. He struggled through against Blake before a spectacular collapse versus Stepanek.

Overall I think that Murray will win I just have to decide whether to start off with a lay or wait. I think waiting is obviously the safer option though.

As for the picture of Andy Murray's girlfriend, Kim Sears!!! Well I'm not quite sure if Andy is that big, but that is usually enough of a motivation for most blokes to do what they're told! So keep an eye out for this signal to Murray as he will no doubt win if on a promise!

Finally I get on at 1.06 with the Murray leading 5-2* in the 3rd set. I hope he can break now for GSM rather than put me through the turmoil of having to serve it out!

0-15 Oi!... 15-15... 15-30 DF Oi! Oi! .... 15-40 Oi! Oi! Oi!  oooooofff 30-40 Take It!!!! .... 2nd Serve ...

Murray Wins 6-3 3-6 6-2

Profit: £8.64

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