Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Roddick v Almagro

I never like to get in early as it makes me nervous!

However I though Roddick was way too low at 1.25 from the off but did not lay it! However when I saw 30-30 in his first service game I lumped on Almagro at 4.4,

Obviously Roddick won the next to points to hold!! :-(

And now 0-15!! I am a numbskull!!! ... 15-15 ... FFS DF for 15-30! ... 15-40 OMG ... BREAK!!

Jeez Louise!!! I don't effing believe that!!

Break back please! ...  And a hold to love for 3-0.

Finally Almagro is on the scoreboard! 3*-1

Oooh Shot!! 0-15 ... 0-30 C'mon!!! ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... Pffft Ace for 40-30 ... Holds

Oh well at least there is a glimmer of hope for me! Maybe not in this set but you never know! Keep the faith.

Almagro Holds to 30 for 4*-2 Now would be a "most excellent" time for a break!

Hold to 15 brings up 5-2*

A hold to LOVE!!! Can he ??? Will he??? Will Roddick choke???
2nd serve .. 15-0 had the chance in that point but Roddick got lucky ... 2nd serve ... 30-0 ... 2nd serve .. FFS 40-0 ... Set Roddick!! 3 second serves to have a go at and doesn't win a point!

OK MUGro to serve 1st in the second. Please take it to a third! Odds 1.07 now!!

Ah balls! from 15-0 to 15-30 ... 30-30 Better! ... 40-30 ... Holds!

LOL overhead into the net from Roddick gives 0-15 ... DF !!! 0-30 C'mon!!! ... 15-30 ... Eh??? looked out from Roddick!! FFS 30-30 Lucky Git!!! ... 30-40 TAKE IT!!!! ... 2nd serve .. Pffft Deuce ... BP#2 THIS TIME PLEEEEEAAAASSSSE!! ... FFS Roddick gets away with a net chord just landing in this time! Deuce #2 ... GP :-( ... Holds! Roddick is one lucky son of a ....

Almagro holds to 30 for 1*-2. I hope he can win this set!!

0-15 great running ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... Ah FFS wide open court and smashes it long! 40-15 ... 40-30 better but should have been BP now! ... Rubbish again HOLDS for 2-2

30-0 .. FFS lucky Roddick again! Net chord just falling the right side of the net for him! 30-15 ... 30-30 .. Uh oh! .. FFS Al MUG ro 30-40! ... Phew!!! Thought he'd smashed that wide then! Deuce! ... GP Take It! ... Deuce well played Andy ... FFS into the net! BP#2 ... Ah Nuts BREAK!!! 3*-2 Roddick

Hold to love for 4-2* Any hope? 1.01 traded so probably not! But you NEVER know!

Oh sure now he throws in a love hold! 4*-3 Break coming? C'mon burn thse fat fingers backing 1.01.

Hold to love from Roddick 5-3* Gotta hold now and hope Roddick chokes.

FFS from 15-0 to 15-40 Sooooo many UE's!!!! ... 30-40 ... Deuce great second serve!! ... GP Take it!! ... Ah FFS Deuce#2 ... Shot! GP#2 this time? ... Deuce #3 ... WTF is this crap?? MP#3 ... Saved! Deuce#4 ... Lucky git Roddick! MP#4 ...

Well the last point summed it up really! Unforced Error from Almagro when loads of court to hit!

Roddick wins
Loss: -£599.00

Henin v Wozniacki

Well Easter is almost upon us so I have got a few days off for a change! Thursday to Monday inclusive I'll have you know.

March has been terrible for getting on here and betting I'm afraid but at least it's GREEN.

Anyway back to betting I got on Henin when leading 3*-2 in the first set. Terrible time to get on anyone really and as you would expect no sooner was I on than Woz broke back for 3-3*

They both held their next couple of service games for 5-5*

FFS Woz! Broken when so close to a free game or TB!

LOL Henin!! Woz has broken back a tie break it is then ....
Woz to serve first ... prob be a DF!!
0**-1 Oooh er!!
0*-2 Get in!! MB Caroline and another?
1-2** Nope! What chance two holds now? Not a lot I fear
2-2* Pffffft was that self prophecising do you think?
2**-3 Now for 2 MB please
2*-4 Yessss and another?
2-5** GTF In!! Please Hold!!
Actually don't care I'm bailing here!

Even green £99 on both

I notice there have been some rather juvenile posters on the blog while I've been away!!

Just for the record .... I'm not a Nazi , not Scotch (though how anyone can be a drink puzzles me) and I am not up for a threesome with Cheryl Cole and a 12 year old pre pubescent halfwit!!

Henin Wins
Profit: £99.71

I think that Protennis must have their stats wrong! How can Woz be only 2 lbs heavier than Henin????

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