Friday, 2 November 2012

Football: Brighton v Leeds

Harriet Dart - British Number 20
It's half time in this and currently 1-1. Going for a 2nd half goal so backing Over 2.5 at 1.30.

Off to the pub at 9pm so going to get ready during half time then hope for a quick goal in the 2nd half. Otherwise I'll see what the score is on my return!

Over 2.5 Goals
1.3 £92.90 £27.87

Ref: 23156752766 Bet matched:20:34 02-Nov-12
1.3 £237.48 £71.24
Ref: 23156752766 Bet matched:20:34 02-Nov-12

Blimey I know I wanted an early goal but didn't expect it! Came down from getting ready to see the market closed. 2-1 Brighton on 48 mins.

Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £94.26
Bank: £424.63

Tennis: Jo Wilfired Tsonga v David Ferrer

Yolanda - David Ferrer's Girlfriend
Back to the tennis and in this one Ferrer took the 1st set 2-6 and leads in the 2nd 1*-2. Hoping for another break of serve as I get on at 1.31.

Back David Ferrer
1.31 £255.16 £79.10
Ref: 23154397464 Bet matched:19:26 02-Nov-12

Well it's now 4-4* A hold then break for GSM would be a pleasing outcome here!

There's the hold to 30 for 4*-5 Now we just need the break to end this.

15-0... 15-15... 30-15... 30-30... 40-30... Game! 5-5*

Ferrer holds to 15. 5*-6 Free game for Ferrer.

0-15... 0-30 Oi! Oi!... LOL terrible from Tsonga 0-40... 15-40... this one then! ... 30-40 TAKE IT!!!! ... Yess! GSM

Ferrer Wins
Profit: £75.22
Bank: £330.38

Football: Istanbul BB v Galatasaray

Basak Eraydin - Turkey Number 4
It's half time and 0-2. Going for Over 2.5 Goals at 1.25.

Backing Over 2.5 Goals
1.25 £12.69 £3.17

Ref: 23153174741 Bet matched:18:57 02-Nov-12
1.25 £51.03 £12.76
Ref: 23153174741 Bet matched:18:57 02-Nov-12
1.25 £58.43 £14.61
Ref: 23153174741 Bet matched:18:57 02-Nov-12
1.25 £84.00 £21.00
Ref: 23153174741 Bet matched:18:57 02-Nov-12

Goal on 61 mins! 1-2

Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £49.01
Bank: £255.16

Football: Esbjerg v Silkeborg

Simone Alipieva - Denmark Number 3
Danish Superliga fixture and going for a Very safe (hopefully!) option of Over 0.5 goals at 1.07.

Had to wait 8 minutes to get matched though!

Back Over 0.5 Goals
1.07 £7.29 £0.51

Ref: 23150131753 Bet matched:17:37 02-Nov-12
1.07 £185.99 £13.02
Ref: 23150131753 Bet matched:17:38 02-Nov-12

Goal! 1-0 on 37 minutes

Profit: £12.87
Bank: £206.15

Tennis: Jerzy Janowicz v Janko Tipsarevic

Biljana Sesevic - Mrs Tipsarevic
It's 1-1* in the decider with Tipsy serving. Just missed the 2.02 at o-o but got 1.81 at 0-15.

Back Jerzy Janowicz
1.81 £134.45 £108.90

Ref: 23149047861 Bet matched:16:55 02-Nov-12

Now 15-40 C'mon Jerzy! BREAK!!!

Even Green at 1.24

LAY Jerzy Janowicz
1.24 £196.00 £47.04

Ref: 23149116692 Bet matched: 16:58 02-Nov-12

£58.83 Janowicz
£58.53 Tipsarevic

Janowicz broken again for a 4*-1 lead.

Tipsy's got the trainer on now.

He's playing on... No he isn't retires after 3 more points.

Janowicz Wins
Profit: £58.83
Bank: £193.28

Football: Zenit St Petersburg v Rostov

Irina Khromacheva - Russia Number 15
On to some Russian League action! Zenit overwhelming home favourites but I'm plumping for Over 1.5 Goals at 1.22 with 7 mins played.

Back Over 1.5 Goals
1.22 £111.19 £24.46

Ref: 23146531985 Bet matched:15:10 02-Nov-12

30 mins gone still 0-0 but looking at this match there will definitely be goals. They just need to work out how to play the final ball.

Half time and still 0-0. My link has gone down and can't find one that works now so no idea how the match is going. Sit and hope I guess.

1-0 Finally! Scored on 52 mins.

70 mins and still just the 1 goal.

Get In!!! 78 minutes and there's the equaliser! 1-1

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £23.26
Bank: £134.45

Tennis: Gilles Simon v Tomas Berdych

Marc Gicquel - Simon's Girlfriend?
Simon has just won the 1st set 6-4 and it's Berdych to serve first in the second. Tomas looked out of sorts when I saw him play earlier in the week so I fancy Simon to finish this in two. May be he will even show some signs of his his great talent. Would put the cat amongst the pigeons if he went on to win the competition.

Back Gilles Simon
1.7 £66.75 £46.72

Ref: 23145281964 Bet matched:14:17 02-Nov-12

LOL Berdych breaks Simon for a 0-2* lead.

Simon saves 3 BP's to get on the scoreboard 1-3*

Better service game holds to 15 for 2-4*

Oi! Oi! 15-40... 30-40 Take It!!! Yess Break 3*-4

Now Hold! Holds to 15 probably going to TB now.

15-30... 15-40!... Break Blimey what a turnaround! 5*-4

Serving for the match! 0-15... 0-30 FFS... 0-40 lol I have to laugh or I'd cry!... 15-40... 30-40 c'mon fight!... Deuce!... MP... Deuce... MP#2 TAKE IT!!! Yesssss GSM

Simon Wins
Profit: £44.44
Bank: £111.19

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Football: Tampines Rovers v Harimau Muda A

Stefanie Tan - Singapore Number 1
Nothing like a bit of footy from Singapore to get your punting day off to bang! I know nothing about either team or the league they play in SO... I guess I'll lump on Over 1.5 goals lol.

Over 1.5 Goals
1.24 £16.15 £3.88

Ref: 23142139571 Bet matched:12:20 02-Nov-12
1.24 £40.00 £9.60
Ref: 23142139571 Bet matched:12:19 02-Nov-12
1.24 £40.32 £9.68
Ref: 23142139571 Bet matched:12:18 02-Nov-12
1.24 £21.24 £5.10
Ref: 23142139571 Bet matched:12:17 02-Nov-12

40 mins and the home team have a penalty... Goal!!! 1-0.

Half time and it remains 1-0.

60 mins played and still 1-0.

70 mins and yep still 1-0!!!

80 mins still 1-0 C'mon let's ahve a late goal please!

90 mins still 1-0 looks like I've crashed and burned again!

Finished 1-0 oh well start again again!

Football: Independiente v Univ Catolica

Ok so perhaps there is something psychological about starting from £66.75. I guess it is knowing that I have done it before that leads me to a sense of security. So here we go again on the £66.75 to £10,000 chase is on agian!

Paula Ormaechea - Argentina Number 1
First up we are delving into the murky waters of Copa Sudamerica. Going for Over 1.5 goals from the off in this one. Odds are 1.37.

Blimey 0-1 after 2mins 30 secs! Get in!!!

Well this is a novelty! The sprinklers have come on after 11 minutes and stopped play lol!

Goal!!!! 1-1 45 mins on the clock in stoppage time in the 1st half.

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £23.50
Bank: £90.25

Ok I'm breaking my golden rule (YET AGAIN!) and going back in for some more. Taking Over 2.5 Goals at 1.32

Back Over 2.5 Goals
1.32 £90.25 £28.88

Ref: 23138634941 Bet matched:01:49 02-Nov-12

Goal 2-1 after 55 mins!

Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £27.46
Bank: £117.71

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