Monday, 2 November 2009

Tampa Bay Lightening @ Philadelphia Flyers

Got a feeling it's going to be Philadelphia's night. Fancy them to win the Baseball tonight so going to back them here too LOL!! Great logic eh!! Let's hope for a home win them. Gone for match odds rather than the moneyline for a bit of extra odds, let's hope my greed doesn't come back to bite me.

Really need to get my month back on track after today and a win here would go some way towards that!

Back Philadelphia Flyers 1.89 £13.16 £11.71
Ref: 9348525177 Bet matched:22:01 02-Nov-09
1.91 £0.60 £0.55
Ref: 9348511335 Bet matched:21:58 02-Nov-09
1.91 £1.80 £1.64
Ref: 9348511335 Bet matched:21:59 02-Nov-09

If anyone wants to watch heres a link

1-0 Philadelphia :)

2-0 Philadelphia and the end of the 1st period. I'm out for  more than I would have won on the moneyline if I kept it to the end so happy.

Lay Philadelphia Flyers
£37.93 £5.23
Ref: 9348772025 Bet matched: 22:42 02-Nov-09
£12.09 on all outcomes :)

Phildelphia Win 6-2
Profit: £12.09

Sheffield Utd v Newcastle Utd

Here we go again on the over 1.5 goals. Was actually tempted by over 3.5 at 3.70 but decided to play it safe. Really fancy lots of goals in the match. No real reasoning just a feeling in my water!! LOL

Back Over 1.5 Goals 1.36 £23.60 £8.50
Ref: 9347550317 Bet matched:19:39 02-Nov-09

0-0 at half time!! :( I've even been for a goals fag! It'll soon be time for David Bowie again :)

Bowie Strikes again only 3 minutes after being brought on!! Still left in reserve then if needed later. That's 2 goals for him this evening :-)

0-1 after 53 mins

0-1 Full time. Man of the match performance by Harper the Newcastle keeper says it all really. Oh well I'll reload with.... Hmmm £20 I think as it's only Monday.

Under 1.5 Goals Wins
Loss: £23.06

OB Odense v AaB

0-0 with 27 mins gone when I decide to get on. Going for my normal Over 1.5 Goals. Dance Dance Dance!! LOL

Back Over 1.5 Goals 1.6 £15.02 £9.01
Ref: 9347061929 Bet matched:18:28 02-Nov-09

Odense went 1-0 up after about 60 mins and hopeful of winning the bet!

Bavid Bowie did the trick tough with an equalise on 67 mins.

Thank you David!!

Over 1.5 Goals wins
Profit: £8.57

Alejandro Falla v Nikolay Davydenko

Going in from the off here. Davydenko should have far too much for Falla. The only danger is if he wants it this week. But looking at the draw he stands a good chance of picking up 500 points this week so that should be enough motivation for him.

Lay Alejandro Falla
£15.52 £13.58
Ref: 9346695824 Bet matched: 17:23 02-Nov-09

Gone for the lay of Falla as a few extra pennies :)

Great start from Davy!! Broken to love :(
1*-0 Wakey wakey Davy!!

LOL on the phone I see Davy has won 6 straight games!!
Make that 7! 8! 9! Dear God Falla!!

Davydenko Wins 6-2 6-1
Profit £1.84

Guillermo Garcia Lopez v Simon Greul

Got involved when 5-4* Greul about to serve to stay in the set hoping for a break and set!

Back Guillermo Garcia Lopez 1.47 £9.41 £4.42
Ref: 9346395378 Bet placed: 16:33 02-Nov-09

5*-5 GGL better hold now, then the pressure will be firmly back on!!
6-5* Right then free game for GGL. Let's have a break then!
7-5 I love it when a plan comes together :) (As Hannibal would say)

Garcia Lopez Wins 7-5 6-2
Profit: £4.20

Andreas Seppi v Stephane Bohli

Score was 4-6 6-1 2*-0 40-15 when I got on.

Back Andreas Seppi 1.08 £3.73 £0.30
Ref: 9345648705 Bet matched:15:16 02-Nov-09
1.08 £5.76 £0.46
Ref: 9345648705 Bet matched:15:16 02-Nov-09
1.08 £58.89 £4.71
Ref: 9345648705 Bet matched:15:17 02-Nov-09

And now deuce :( Hold Seppi you nugget!!
3-0* Thankyou now break again.
3*-1 Better hold than last time needed then! Deuce again FFS! But Holds!
4-1* Now break him this time!
4*-2 Let's have a love service game and get those odds down then!
From 30-0 to 30-40 :( and broken!! Break him back then Seppi you clown!
4-3* :(

Winnings are in from earlier match so lumping them on Seppi!! C'mon!!

Back Andreas Seppi 1.49 £15.82 £7.75
Ref: 9345861060 Bet matched:15:39 02-Nov-09

0-15 c'mon pfff 30-15!! :( 30-30 Two more Andreas!! 40-30! Deuce!! Give us a BP please :) BP according to my SB but not according to odds!!!Hmmm must be deuce now! Bloomin scoreboard betting!! LOL

4-4 Now hold Seppi ffs!! Or I'll personally come and have a word with you ;-)
5-4* That's better holds to 15! Now break for GSM please :)
0-15 C'mon!!! 15-15 :( !! 30-15! 30-30 Two points from GSM C'mon Seppi take them!!!
Double fault!!! MP !! TAKE IT!!!!!! Pffft Deuce :( . GP!
5-5 Switching to try and get out!!

LAy Andreas Seppi 1.53 £172.02 £263.19 £91.17
Ref: 9346059931 Bet matched: 15:57 02-Nov-09
1.53 £11.00 £16.83 £5.83
Ref: 9346059931 Bet matched: 15:57 02-Nov-09

0-30!! Damn didn't get matched!! Got some out but holds!

Back Andreas Seppi 1.87 £8.26 £7.19
Ref: 9346088521 Bet matched:16:00 02-Nov-09
1.87 £2.06 £1.79
Ref: 9346088521 Bet matched:16:00 02-Nov-09

6-5* Need a hold now Bohli!!
30-30 Hold you Muppet!!!! 40-30 Take the GP!!!! Deuce :( MATCH POINT!!! FFS Bet he takes this one too!! :(

Seppi Wins 4-6 6-1 7-5
Loss: £74.80

Tomas Berdych v Paul Henri Mathieu

Got on at 1-0* Deuce. Hoping Berdych can nick the break. He doesn't as Mathieu holds.
However confident in my bet as Mathieu has been pretty terrible recently.

Back Tomas Berdych 1.43 £68.38 £29.40
Ref: 9345014191 Bet matched:14:17 02-Nov-09

3*-1 Break Berdych.
4*-2 And I think I'll get out Green is good.

Tomas Berdych 1.15 £85.03 £97.78 £12.75
Ref: 9345180431 Bet matched: 14:31 02-Nov-09

£15.83 on both

Ivo Karlovic v Florent Serra

6-7 4-5* To Serra serving for the match. Got on at 1.06.

Back Florent Serra 1.06 £1.42 £0.09
Ref: 9344394466 Bet matched:13:14 02-Nov-09
1.06 £2.71 £0.16
Ref: 9344394466 Bet matched:13:14 02-Nov-09
1.06 £6.45 £0.39
Ref: 9344394466 Bet matched:13:14 02-Nov-09
1.06 £18.04 £1.08
Ref: 9344394466 Bet matched:13:14 02-Nov-09
1.06 £25.00 £1.50
Ref: 9344394466 Bet matched:13:14 02-Nov-09

No messing about now Serra!!

40-30 Take it!!! .... Deuce :(
MP#2 This Time!!! .....Yess!!!

Serra Wins 7-6(5) 6-4
Profit: £3.06

Christmas is coming

Well Halloween is out of the way now and for those in Britain we just have Guy Fawkes night on Thursday then nothing till Christmas (St Andrew's night apart). I am merely musing over this as I am currently enjoying my first mince pie of the year.

It's a Sainsbury's taste the difference one, and I can highly recommend them. Though my favourite mince pie for mass consumption over recent years have been the standard Tesco ones. Nothing beats my mum's home made ones though with the caramelised chewy bits that have bubbled out in the cooking process.

One of the reason's I was wandering about dates is the whole thanksgiving in America thing. They make a big fuss of this and treat it almost like a second Christmas. However having spent two thanksgiving's in the State in the past I don't get what all the fuss is about. Just spend a weekend in rural England. Pretty much every winters Sunday is exactly the same as far I can tell!!

Anyway happy Sunday for yesterday and here's to lots of mince pies over the next 8 weeks or so :-)

Albert Montanes v Roberto Bautista-Agut

Backing Montanes from the off here. Fantastic price inmho I would have made him 1.20 tops so happy to take 1.34!!

Back Albert Montanes
Ref: 9343485635 Bet matched:10:48 02-Nov-09

1*-0 Nice start :-)

3*-0 and I'm out or even green I have made more than the 1.20 Ifelt the price should have een so happy to green up.

Lay Albert Montanes 1.09 £65.92 £71.85 £5.93
Ref: 9343703283 Bet matched: 11:42 02-Nov-09

Montanes wins the 1st set 6-1
£11.70 on both

Montanes Wins  6-1 3-6 6-4
Profit: £11.70

New York Yankees @ Philadelphia Phllies

Well I see I should have let my bet run rather than green up and go to bed last night. Still green is green :-)

I took the Yankees at the off and layed of when they were leading 2-1

Yankees Won 7-4
Profit: £5.26

Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals

Missed the off as was still in the Colts game. Got in score still 0-0 with less than 2 mins gone.

Back Arizona Cardinals 1.19 £1.34 £0.25
Ref: 9341946663 Bet matched:21:18 01-Nov-09
1.21 £102.59 £21.54
Ref: 9341941980 Bet matched:21:18 01-Nov-09

Well so far we've had three drives and three touchdowns!! Do either side have a defence?

FFS Panthers are destroying them. 28-7. I have to switch to save some bank here.

Back Carolina Panthers 1.4 £125.72 £50.29
Ref: 9342302434 Bet matched:22:20 01-Nov-09

Oh well easy come easy go :(

-53.63 Panthers
-103.92 Cardinals

All red even at 1.04 :(
Panthers win 34-21
Loss: £55.58

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