Monday, 3 January 2011

Tennis: Zuzana Ondraskova v Greta Arn

The score is 1-6 0*-0 15-30 when I backed Arn at 1.17. Seems to have far to much for Ondraskova here! Let's hope anyway!

And Break! 0-1*

0*-2 I think that tonight Ondraskova will have to take consolation in the fact that she is the winner here in the catwalk stakes :-)

Hmm scoreboard stuck? or retire? LOL 1st time this season I guess!

Ah Scores back up... 0*-4 Deuce ... BP .... Break 0-5*


Greta Arn Wins 6-1 6-0
Profit: £72.01

Darts: John Walton v Martin Adams

On at 1.22 on Adams here. Can see him going all the way again here. Should have too much for Walton, who apart from a quarter final appearance two years ago as been poor in this tournament for some time. Incidentally in 2009 he did knock out the defending champion in round 2! Lightening won't be striking twice here though!

Lets Play Darts!!!!

Walton with 160 for the break of throw! Nope
58 for Wolfie... Yes!!! 0*-1 1st set

95 for Walton to level it . Gets the Bul to secure it! 1-1*

180 for Wolfie ... 121 to hold 6 darts to get it though ... 64 needed now ... D16 ... Yes. 1*-2

148 checkout needed for Walton ... Nope 71 for Wolfie and the set ... D16 Yes!!!! Set Adams.

Walton with the throw 1st this set. Walton needing 50 ... D16 missed twice ... Wolfie needs 93 ... D16 missed ... Walton needs D16 miss. miss omg miss! Wolfie nicks it!!! 0-1*

That's enough for me out at 1.06 = £55.90 on both.

Wow down to the wire. Walton throwing 1st in deciding leg!
401 Walton, 361 Adams
356 Walton, 301 Adams
296 Walton, 161 Adams Advantage Adams
171 Walton , 61 Adams
111 Walton, 61 checkout ... Takes it!!! Never in doubt LOL

Martin Adams Wins 4-3
Profit: £55.90

Football: Charlton Athletic v Swindon Town

Should be a comfy home win here for Charlton IMHO. However I'm just after a few cheeky quid on a goal being scored while I look at tonights darts and tennis. Laying No next Goal at 14.5.

Missed it as I was having my dinner but 1-0 Charlton.

Lay No Next Goal Wins
Profit: £25.62

Football: QPR v Bristol Cty

I've gone for the Over 1.5 goals here  at 1.28 if I ever get matched! All matched now!

QPR are at the top of the table and scoring plenty especially at home. Bristol City are sitting mid table and though not free scoring they do average a goal a game away from home.. it's just that they let in more!

I would have thought 2-0 to QPR would be a comfortable score line, if Bristol score first then all the better as QPR will probably win 2-1.

All the best if you're on and let's hope we don't need Bowie!! Happy Punting.

Hmmm Halftime and still 0-0. However 2 seasons ago in the same fixture 0-0 at halftime ended 2-1. Ou at evens now so the switch is out of the question. Come on the goals.. sending Bowie to warm up in the interval!

Just checked the 1st half stats and QPR have had 13 shots to Bristols 2. You would have expected at least a goal from that lot. Perhaps it would help if they got more on target as only 3 of those have been!

0-1 after 50 mins get in my little beauties from Bristol! Now for the equaliser please! Feel for the QPR backers at 1.56 though. Their season on verge of derailing???

Goal!! 1-1 Get in!!! 53 mins

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £76.45

Tennis: Kei Nishikori v Marin Cilic

The score is 4-6 6-5* 30-30 when I get on Cilic hoping he can get into the TB and close out the match. On at 1.16.

Typical from 40-30 to BP!!!! ,,, Deuce ... GP ... Deuce ... GP ... Holds.

Tie break time!!
1-0** Time for some aces Cilic!
2-0* FFS !!
3**-0 Cilic you muppet!! Don't do a Sela on me!
4*-0 Get a MB ffs!
6-0* Idiot!!
7-0 LOL great stuff Cilic!

OK switcherooney here to Nishikori at 3.00! I just hope Cilic carries on serving like that!!
Mind you seeing as I stuck with Sela after he lost 2nd set TB yesterday and he lost you're pretty much guaranteed the opposite will happen today!

0-15 c'mon Nishi!!! 0-30!!!! ... 0-40! ... 15-40 ... Break

And out at 1.48 £105 on both

Kei consolodates the break for 2-0*
Love service game from Cilic 2*-1

Sorry just realise above figure are before commission as had wrong setting up for my switch. Should be £100 (and a few pennies) on both.

No probs for Nishikori on serve 3-1* Still fancy Cilic to have a chance in this set though!
3*-2 Will Cilic get his chance here? Doesn't really matter to me though I'm not messing with my green.
4-2* 30-30 ... trouble for Cilic? ... There is now! 30-40! ... Break!
5*-2 Nishi should serve this out comfortably! Cilic must have been on a winter training camp with Dudi Sela!

Holds to love for GSM

Kei Nishikori Wins 4-6 7-6(0) 6-2
Profit: £100.67

Tennis: Maria Sharapova v Alberta Brianti

Well it's a no contest on the catwalk but is it so on the court? The odds suggest it will be but I am laying Sharapova at 1.07 here. Not massively as only 4k matched on market!! LOL

Maria will serve 1st so come on the early break!!

WOW just got matched for more at 1.05 when deuce in 1st game!
BP and still 1.05???? Deuce and 1.04??? WTF is going on??? GP now 1.05 lol!! Deuce c'mon Alberta let's punish this market!!! ... GP ... damn a hold.

Hope there for Brianti, her biggest worry will be holding her own serve though!

1*-1 Relatively easy hold there from Brianti.. now for a break???
2-1* Hold to 30 for Maria. Not looking like a 1.05 shot out there just yet. I'll hold my lay for now. Ideally I want her to drift then I can green for some to bring my 2011 balance back towards the green!

Well I guess the difference really showing here one shot with a bit too much pace for Brianti to handle and her confidence goes... it's followed by a double shot a missed winner and a break to love!

3*-1 Shame really as Brianti looked like she could give her a bit of trouble. Amazing the mental effect 1 shot can have on a lower ranked player she's not won a point since now 4-1*

5*-1 now and only won 1 point since her confidence went!

Maybe not over just yet... BP!!! Yesss!! LOL there's a break back!

5-2* C'mon lets have a Maria melt down please :-)

Maybe not Alberta gone from 30-0 to SP Sharapova! ... Saved ... SP#2 ... Set Sharapova. 6-2

Sharapova serving 1st ... 0-15 ... 0-30 ... ooooh that drop would have won the point if it had just been over the net!! .. 15-30 ... 30-30 losing confidence again! ... 40-30 No need for that she has the match of Sharapova in these rallies if she was to relax. Hold for 1-0*

1*-1 saved a BP there let's hope it gives her some momentum :-)

0-15 c'mon!! 15-15 ... DF for 15-30 ... 30-30 ... 40-30 looked long to me :-( ... Deuce ... Great serve GP ... Deuce ... GP#3 ... Great point for Deuce ... GP#4 ... Holds for 2-1*

3*-1 As often happens a hard fought but unseccussful return game is followed by a break. Game over probably and £17 thrown away but hey nothing ventured and all that! :-)

Hang about, 0-30! ... 15-30 ... 15-40 ... 30-40 Take It! ... ah too good, Deuce! ... GP ... and an ace wraps it up for 4-1*.

Followed closely by another break for 5*-1
2 MP's saved for Deuce ... BP!!! ... Break!!! 5-2* Why couldn't she have done that earlier?

0-15... 0-30 that's the points that have let her down. Put away at the net put into the net... 0-40 ... 15-40 ... 30-40 lol lucky net chord ... Deuce M-O-M-E-N-T-U-M lol ... MP#6 maybe not! ... Deuce ... GP ... Deuce ... well played GP ... Holds Hahahaha

5*-3 Will Maria bottle it? :-) 0-15! ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 40-15 MP#7 ... will she be in 7th heaven? Yes she will.


Maria Sharapova Wins 6-2 6-3
Loss: £17.00

Tennis: Lourdes Dominguez Lino v Renata Voracova

Voracova has come back from a set down to lead 6-4 6-7 0*-4 0-15 when I get on at 1.03. I can only assume LDL is seriously struggling...

And there's the break for 0-5*

MP for Voracova!
GSM I think it's fair to say she wins inthe hotty stakes too!

Renata Voracova Wins 4-6 7-6(8)6-0
Profit: £2.86

Tennis: Michael Berrer v Dudi Sela

Sela won the first set 1-6 and Berrer leads 1-0* in the second it's 30-15 on Sela's serve when I get on at 1.26. C'mon Dudi let's have it then bring home the (kosher substitute) bacon!

Grr still can't add imagess!! Come on Google what is the matter with you!! Aha the old method works!

Sela hold to 30 for 1*-1

30-40 Take it!!! ... Deuce ... GP ... Hold. 2-1*
2*-2 Sela held to 30. Now for a break?
Nope 3-2*
Hold to love from Dudi for 3*-3

Oi Oi... 0-30 ... Oi Oi Oi ... 0-40 ... 15-40 ... 30-40 TAKE IT!!! ... Aaaarrrgh Ace for Deuce! ... GP ... Hold. 4-3*

Sela holds to 15 for 4*-4 seems comfortable but need to get the break!

5-4* Hold your nerve now Dudi 4 aces would be good!
5*-5 Was a bit nervous there at 30-30 2nd serve but well done Sela. Now for a nice break please

40-15 to Deuce c'mon Dudi!!! ... pfffttt GP ... Deuce ... BP TAKE IT!!!!! ... Nope it's Deuce... GP ... Hold

6-5* Berrer you little weasel! C'mon Dudi nice and easy into the TB and then batter him!

Uh Oh 40-15 to Deuce on the Sela serve now!!! GP ... Holds!!

Tiebreak Time
1-0** Ace for Berrer!
2-0* FFS Sela!!!
3**-0 Would you Adam and Eve it??? WTF is happenning here? Berrer you slimey mofo lol
4*-0 Really need one back here Dudi!!!
4-1* Well done now two aces would be good!!!
5-1* Ah pile of poo!
5**-2 Right take them both Dudi!
5*-3 Nice and the next!
6-3** Still a chance with two holds?
Grrrr Set Berrer!

67% holds for the set then 20% in TB!! you have to wonder sometimes. Also 5 BP's missed and none faced! Such a cruel sport.

Do him in the 3rd now Dudi!!!

What the Feck??? Break to love!!!

1*-0 Berrer!! Sela either head gone or arm gone???
2-0* Hold to love now!
2*-1 Sela fights for a hold to 30. Is his brain switched back on? Judging by the 1st two sets he could easily come back and win still. Forever the optimist!!!
3-1* Still hope Berrer held to 30
3*-2 Now is the time for the break back Dudi.
4-2* running out of time now Dudi.
0-30 ... fight you berk! 15-30 ... 15-40 ... Break!
5*-2 To use a Betfair forum term Cabbages Idiot!

30-40 Take It!!!!! ... saved with an ace! ... MP #1 ... Saved! ... BP#2 ... I guess it's worth remebering that Berrer is a German choker ;-) ... d'oh deuce! ... BP #3 ... 2nd serve ... Deuce ... MP#2 ...


Michael Berrer Wins 1-6 7-6(3) 6-2
Loss: £112.39

I make that 2/2 BP's taken by Berrer in final 2 sets and 0/8 by Sela = muppetry lol

Tennis: Katie O'Brien v Noppawan Lertcheewakarn

Great start to the new year from the plucky Brit!! Going down 6-0 in the 1st set. 1.13 is enough for me to back the young Thai. I think you'll agree she definitely wins in the hotty stakes too. So a guaranteed winner!

Wow Katie's won a game... you go girl!! 1-0*
1*-1 can she win 2? I doubt it !!!
30-40 ... and break :-) 1-2*
Break consolidated  for 1*-3. Double break coming?
And 1-4* Good lass Katie :-)
Blimey break to love from O'Brien!!! 2*-4
BP Take it Noppy!!! Yes!!! 2-5*
To serve it out or not to serve it out? That is always the question! And in WTA there is usually only one answer... However I have every faith in Noplert here!
Uh oh 30-40 ... Break LOL 3*-5
No way Katie will hold to stay in the match though... is there?
DF = 0-15 ... 0-30 ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... 30-40 MP#1 ... Deuce ... MP#2 ...

Noppawan Lertcheewakarn wins 6-0 6-3
Profit: £12.39

For some reason it won't let me upload the screenshot :-( will try again shortly.

Here it is realised that the old way still works :-)

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