Thursday, 28 January 2010

No Punting Tonight

Thinks are obviously looking up in the property industry with a potentially lucrative contract coming my way after Monday's presentation. I have a follow up meeting Thursday morning so no punting for me tonight I need my sleep to be on top form.

Good Luck and Happy Punting.

Serena, Zheng and Murray would be my picks! :-)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Serena Williams v Victoria Azarenka

I have been asleep and couldn't believe what I saw as I awoke! The score is 6-2 2-0* Deuce with Serena serving! Yet I can get odds of 1.23!!

Without a second thought I pile into that!!!

Azarenka breaks for a 3*-0 lead in the 2nd set!!

4-0* and yet 1.07 still available!!

Serena just about holds on for 4*-1

uh oh 0-30!! go out nicely please Serena!! .. 0-40!!! FFS .. 15-40 .. BREAK!!

Hmmm should have been 5-0 and within a couple of minutes it's 4-2!! That's tennis I guess!!

I'm feeling incredibly dumb right now for not greening out at 1.05/06 :-(

30-0 .. 30-15 c'mon fight Vicky!!! .. 40-15 .. Holds!!

4*-3 Strong hold please then Vicky!! .. 0-15 .. 0-30 .. Will someone please throw big momma from the train!! .. 15-30 .. 15-40 .. 30-40 .. DF for Break!!!! FFS

4-4* Break please Vicky??? .. Flip Flop!!! OMG 15-0 .. DF 15-15 .. 30-15 .. 40-15 .. Holds!!

4*-5 And now Vicky is serving to stay in the set!!! I'm not that confident!!! A hold to love would be very good timing right about now!!! .. 0-15 .. 15-15 That could be a momentum point!! Serena should have won it!! .. 30-15 .. 40-15 .. HOLDS!!!

5-5* I really do hope it was a momentum point now!! .. 0-15 C'mon!! .. 15-15 .. 30-15 (Challenge) Stands .. 40-15 Ace!! .. Momentum shift over I guess!! .. Holds!

5*-6 Free game for Serena here! C'mon Vicky get to the TB please!! 15-0 .. 30-0 .. Brave people laying Azarenka at 1.98 here!! .. 40-0 .. 40-15 .. Holds!

Tiebreak Serena to serve 1st!! MB please Vicky!
0**-1 OK 2 holds required Evens the pair!!
1*-1 And another!!
2-1** Give us a MB!!!
3-1* Get in great point Vicky!! Another?
3**-2 OK need two holds to back up that MB now!!
3*-3 FFS terrible 1st serve!
3-4** Pffft!!! That's all I have to say!!! C'mon Vicky 2 MB's back then!!
4-4* There's one now another!!
4**-5 Flippin Ace!!! Should be banned in the women's game imho!! LOL
4*-6 Ah Nuts!!
4-7 Set Williams!!

Now I've got some work to do!! Full switch to Serena @ 1.45.

Oh great Aza hold to 15!! And Serena hobbling around now!! 1-0*

0-30!! Why did Serena up her game so much when I went on Aza if she is going to produce this in the 3rd?? .. 15-30 .. 30-30 .. 40-30 Ace at least she still has her serve! .. Holds! Now BREAK PLEASE!!

1*-1 If Williams can nick a break here I may be able to trade out of this match yet! 0-15 .. 0-30 .. 0-40!!! .. BREAK

1-2* Switched back to Vicky @ 1.23 Book is now: +631 VA -450 SW. I need 1.72 to get out. 15-0 .. 30-0 .. FFS Vicky at least try!! .. 40-0 .. 40-15 (challenge) Overuled Holds!

1*-3 Now would have been a much better time for that switch!! 0-15 Is Vicky stupid? Williams struggling to move and just has her hard hitting yet Vicky keeps hitting it straight to her! 15-15 .. 15-30 .. 15-40 .. BREAK!!! Awful from Azarenka!!

1-4* Need a gargantuan momentum shift here now as Vicky is GONE!!! 15-0 .. 30-0 .. 30-15 .. 40-15 .. HOLD

1*-5 40-0 .. 40-15 .. Holds but too little too late? Probably! But it is WTA so believe the unbelievable!!

2-5* Serena choke please :-) 15-0 15-15 Serena fell! Amazing how quickly they get up when they're winning isn't it? 30-15 .. 40-15


Loss: £450.79

And that is bedtime for me! Expect a Davy and a djok win when I wake up :-)

Na Li v Venus Williams

I went through the trials and tribulations of this match on the chat tonight but suffice to say I started on Li.

After backing Li from the off she does indeed go on to win!!Oh how the victory could have been so much sweeter!

Profit: £59.91

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Jie Zheng v Maria Kirilenko

Zheng won the first set with some ease 6-1 and at the end of the set Kirilenko called for the trainer. I missed the 1.18 I wanted but once I got it into my mind that I wanted to get on I lumped on at 1.13 instead.

Unfortunately Kirilenko went off court for her rub down which was obviously a disappointment!!

Zheng breaks first game of the second set for a 1*-0 lead.

Kirilenko had 15-30 but Zheng wins the next 3 points to hold for 2-0*

Wow hold to love from Maria and the trainer is back out!

Hmmm 15-30 again! .. Deuce .. but holds for 3-1*

Maria holds and seems to be having her buttocks massaged!! I think that when the Australian tourist board advertised the best job in the world last year the guy who won should have complained about being paid £100,000 to live in a tropical paradise under the trade descriptions act!

Hello 0-40!!! ... 15-40 why is Maria suddenly cured? Ridiculous sport at times! ... 30-40 moving from side to side with consumate ease for a girl who could barely wal a few minutes ago! .. Deuce .. and now we will probably see the hobble re-appear! LOL .. BP #4 .. Deuce ... Hilarious this when she wins a point she bounces to the other side to receive if she loses she moves worse than Heather Mills(McCartney) .. Zheng Holds.

4-2* Let's end this now please. LOL Maria hold and decides to jog back to her chair!

I'm starting to fade now so I do hope this ends soon so I can miss the Roddick Cilic match and get some kip before Murray v Nadal.

Wow great point Zheng tireless running. Hold to 15 for 5-3*

Break for GSM coming then? What? terrible call challenge it!! LOL yes 0-15 .. 0-30 .. 0-40 ... 15-40 .. DF for GSM.

Zheng Wins 6-1 6-3
Profit: £44.03

Justine Henin v Nadia Petrova

Henin has just won the 1st set in a tiebreaker and will serve first in the second. I have gone for a sneaky lay at 1.18 hoping that Petrova can get an early break here.

15-40 Tried to get out at 1.28 there but missed it! Now deuce damn it!! BP #3 TAKE IT!!! BREAK!!!!

WTF??? 1.29???? AH crap still not out and 0-15!! Those odds were shocking c'mon Nadia Hold please! 15-15 c'mon... 30-15 .. 40-15 .. Had a tiny bit matched trying to green at 1.33 now 40-30 .. FFS Deuce! BP!!! Deuce ... GP #3 ... Holds!

£147.42 on both!

Perhaps could have stayed in longer but more than happy with the return.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Just for Murrayfield

Hopefully for a bit of fun Murrayfield has asked for my tips for the quarter finals!

Please don't follow them as they are purely my opinion and I am notoriously bad at backing from the off but here goes:



There we go not sure of the odds but I'm sure someone will work it out for me :-)

Good luck and Happy Punting!!

Just a quick update Bet365 have this at 391.80/1 I will try and put a tenner on for some fun just as soon as I remember my login details!

Bet placed.!!!

Friday, 22 January 2010

This weekend

Unfortunately I'm not going to be around much this weekend for the tennis. I am heading out this evening and will need my sleep when I get in as I am playing rugby tomorrow. As for Sunday I have to prepare a presentation for the proper job on Monday which means no late night Sunday either!

All being well I'll be back Monday night!

Good luck and Happy Punting!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Gabon v Zambia

I seem to be suffering from a very bad sleep pattern now! I fell asleep for about 30 mins during the Sprem Dellacqua match this morning and then went to bed a bit later. Unfortunately I have only managed about an hour.

So I have rooted around and found some Footy to bet on! African Cup of Nations final group matches.
oth matches are on at the same time and both have a team that needs a win and one that needs a draw.

I have chosen this match because the odds are better and Zambia need to win to progress. Gabon only need a draw but if Zambia go 1-0 up then Gabon will have to throw men forward and leave themselves exposed. Equally if it stays 0-0 for long Zambia will also have to go all out attack. Even if it gets to 1-1 Zambia will have to desperately try for the goal at the end. Thus I feel that the Over 2.5 goals market offers tremendous value @ 2.50.

I have reduced my stake to £1,000 for the footy and see where I get with it before the tennis starts again tonight or I fall asleep again.

Normally when I back goals they turn out to be borefests so this could be the perfect tonic to insomnia!

Good Luck if you're on and Happy Punting!!

Looks like I may have chosen the wrong match a goal in the 1st minute in the other!!

GOOOOOAAAALLLLL 0-1 Zambia take the lead in the 29th minute! Just as I hoped! Now Gabon have to attack and they have looked shaky at the back already! Make it 1-1 before half time please!

Half Time and it remains 0-1. Gabon will have to come out all guns blazing in the second half or they are out!! I could trade out for  just a £6 red now but I feel the goals will come. I'll get Bowie warmed up just in case!

The other match has had another goal right at the start of the half! 1-1 now!

60 minutes gone and still 0-1 However it's been end to end stuf this!! More goals have to come still plenty of time! 1-1 fairly soon woul be good though!


0-2 in the 62nd minute! Not sure if that is the goal I wanted though! Let's hope Gabon send their keeper forward :-) Could green out now for £460 ish but I think there's more goals here! May look to get out for zero if the odds come back down that far!!

Wow 2-2 in the other match now I see!!

15 minutes to go and Unders is back as favourite! And dropping fast C'mon the 3rd goal!! Dance Dance Dance! Gabon have to throw everything forward for the last 10 at the very least!

Wow evens to 1.70 in less than 3 mins!! And 1.50 in another 2 mins!! 80 mins gone!

It's Bowie Time!!!

Bowie does it again!!! GOOOOAAAALLLLL 1-2

Over 2.5 Wins
Profit: £1,438.50

Karolina Sprem v Casey Dellacqua

Dellacqua leads 7-6 4-4* hoping thta she might get a quick break here I lump on at 1.47. However only a small amount taken.

Green out at 0-30 for £53 on KS and £58 on CD.

Sprem holds to get 4*-5 Casey serving to stay in the set now! She Holds! £57 .14 on both now!

5*-5 Break Dellacqua for 5-6*

Limped on at 1.11 I hope she can serve this out!! 0-15 .. ALways the security of a TB if she does get broken here! .. 15-15 .. 30-15 c'mon! .. 30-30 Get a Match Point! .. 40-30 Take IT!!!!! ... Pfft Deuce poor shot long from Casey! .. BP! Poor shot into the net this time! .. Deuce .. MP #2! Take IT!!! .. DF!!! FFS Deuce .. BP #2 poor shot into the net .. Deuce .. No wait challenge .. Deuce it is! .. BP #3 .. Deuce .. LOL no challenges remaining at that looked good! .. FFS DF again!! Gives BP #4 ! And a bloomin BREAK!!

Tiebreak it is c'mon Casey MB please!!
1-0** need two holds then!
1-1* And another!
2**-1 Pffft MB!! Now we need it straight back please!
2*-2 Good girl and another?
3-2** Nope OK two holds then please!
3-3* And another please!
3**-4 Good stuff now for two MB please!
3*-5 Oh Challenge again! Ooof in!!
4*-4 Get this one then!
4-5**Yes8 MB!! Two holds for GSM then!!!
5-5* FFS MB Back! A least get to MP!!
5**-6 Sprem serving to stay in Match!! TAKE IT!!!!
2nd Serve!!! Pffft !!
6*-6 Have this one then!
Hurry up Sprem!!
2nd serve DOUBLE FAULT
6-7** ACE PLEASE!!!
GSM ???? YES!!!

Dellacqua Wins 7-6 7-6
Profit: £364.99

Stephane Robert v Albert Montanes

You can tell that there is not enough tennis on now as I am getting involved in matches at stages I would normally not get in at!!

Discipline is not my strong point!!

Robert leads 6-4 3*-2 when I get on at 1.33. However he is immediately broken for 3-3*.

Hopefully Robert can take this set or I may not see such low odds again!

3*-4 And to think I was just about to go to bed for a couple of hours and wait for the Sprem v Dellacqua match!!

4-4* A break now would be sweet please Stephane! 0-15 .. 15-15 .. 15-30 C'mon!! .. 30-30 not far off a winner .. 40-30 .. Holds! Let him off then.

4*-5 0-15 Uh Oh don't hand him the set!! 15-15 .. 15-30 poor shot into the net! .. 30-30 .. 40-30 .. Deuce .. GP #2 and flip flop? Must have been a mistake from someone there!! .. Holds

5-5* Now let's get at this service game then Robert. old to 15 was not what I wanted!

5*-6 Free game for Montanes now! Hold it together here Stephane! Montanes trading at 2.22 a set down when sp only 1.78!! Burn those fat fingers Steph!! Uh oh!!! 15-30 ..  30-30 .. FFS 30-40 .. Deuce .. BP #2 Lucky git Montanes !! ... Deuce great running .. Stay down Montanes!! ;-) .. GP Shot! .. TAKE IT! .. Pffft tired looking shot should have won it!! Deuce .. GP .. Holds!!

Tiebreak! Montanes to serve 1st MB please!
0**-1 Two holds needed!
1*-1 Another point like that please!
2 -1** MB please!
3-1* Yes and another?
4**-1 Get in now two holds please!
4*-2 Arrgh MB back! Hold this one at least!
4-3** FFS what a plonker! MB's needed then please!
5-3* Yes and another?
6**-3 LOL TAKE IT!!!
Yess Set Robert!

Bloomin heck odds quite high still!
Trying to get out at 1.16 but there's a bit of a queue may have to accept the 1.19 on offer! OOPs too late 0-15 Bugger!! 0-30 .. 15-30 Hold ffs!! 15-40 WTF?? .. 30-40 Fight!! .. Deuce .. GP .. Hmm 0-0 1.19 on offer GP for 1-0 and 1.24!??? Deuce (1.32) .. FFS BP #3 .. Deuce .. GP #2 This time? .. Holds and 1.22!

1-0* OK odds are forcing me to stay in so let's have a nice early break please! Holds !

1*-1 WTF is going on here? 1-1 2-0 up in sets and now 1.32??? Burn those fat fingers Stephane how dare they lay a player of your ability at these crazy prices!! Ah nuts 0-15 .. 0-30 .. 0-40 .. Break!! Brain Fart moment? The market knew more than I did obviously!

1-2* Need to get a break back quickly and then Monatanes spirit may be broken. 1.59 again !! Ridiculous it's 1 break very early in the 3rd set while he's 2 sets down! 0-15 .. c'mon .. 15-15 .. 30-15 .. 30-30 .. 40-30 .. Holds.

1*-3 Stay with him then with a good hold. FFS from 30-0 to 30-30 with two weak shots! 30-40 Don't give up this set already! Break!!

1-4* Robert looking very jaded here I'm switching @ 1.75 as Montanes may quickly level this match !! FFS typical Montanes takes his foot off the gas and we have 0-30 .. 15-30 .. I need Montanes to get back to 1.77 to get out of this now!! 30-30 .. 40-30 .. Holds

1*-5 This service game will be telling from Robert imo. He may rally here in which case he will have to serve 1st in the 4th but if he continues to struggle then I don't hold much hope for him! 30-40 .. Deuce .. GP .. Holds

2-5* That hold may not have been wise as he is struggling and should now have to come out and serve 1st next set! As long as Montanes serves this out that is! Hold to Love!

Set Montanes right Robert to serve first and hopefully Montanes will pile on the pressure here. Break coming I feel! (Well I hope anyway!)

Here we go!! 0-15 .. FLip Flop!!! 0-30 He is gone serve is so slow now!! .. 15-30 and yet Montanes still loses a point! ..  30-30 Jeez Albert keep it in play you muppet! .. 40-30 what a let off. Net , wide, wide from Montanes! .. Deuce c'mon get the BP! .. BP!! TAKE IT!!! Only 1.94 Montanes??? BREAK!!!

0-1* Now hold and we may well soon run away with this! From what I am seeing 1.68 is massive on Montanes right now!! Only one player on court and he ain't French! Hold to 15

0*-2 Big game this! Robert is out on his feet it would seem but a hold could rally him! Need a break! 15-0 wide return from a poor 2nd serve! .. 30-0 FFS Long on easy shot. .. 40-0 Wide when court was open!! 40-15 .. 40-30 he's dead out there take advantage!! Holds. What a wasted opportunity Albert!

1-2* Only a mug like Montanes could now lose this match against an poor journeyman who is absolutely knackered and can not get any power into his shots or serve! Please seal the deal Albert! FFS from 30-0 to 30-30 .. 40-30 .. Double Fault!! Deuce what a spanner!! Opponent on the ropes so throw some DF's in to help him?? ARe you trying to give him a second wind?? .. GP .. Yep those easy points have given Robert some belief and energy .. Deuce!! Such a head game this tennis!!  GP #3 .. Deuce .. Montanes not working hard enough now dropped his level to match rather than push on! .. GP #4 Now take it and pile the pressure on Robert's serve as he's starting to get some fight back! Holds!!

1*-3 Need a break here to stop any thoughts of a comeback firmly in their tracks! Otherwise I may have to dump this bet! 30-0 pecker def up for Robert now! 30-15 .. 40-15 .. 40-30 that's better make him run!! .. Deuce great return! .. GP a wasted opportunity sent well wide!! .. Holds

2-3* Need a strong hold here! Much better hold to love!

2*-4 Now pressure on please! 0-15 .. 15-15 .. 30-15 .. 40-15 ACE!! .. 40-30 .. Holds!! This set should really be over by now if Montanes had an ounce of killer instinct!

3-4* WTF trainer Montanes???? Don't you effin dare!!! What is he trying to do? Give Robert as many psychological boosters a s possible???  Holds to 30

3*-5 Now a break and serve first in the 5th might be nice! 0-15 .. 0-30 .. 15-30 .. 15-40 .. Break!

Set Montanes. 2-2. That break will hopefully set the tone for the 5th!! If Robert's head drops again and he remembers how tired he is then it could be 6-1!! Trainer for Monty again!! If it works like last time then crack on son!!

0-15 what a start!! 15-15 .. Market starting to drop here folk trying to get on Monty! 30-15 and it's 1.40 when it was 1.52 at 0-0!! Not that I'm complaining! 40-15(1.34) .. 40-30(1.37) .. Holds (1.35)

0*-1 Give us a Kit Kat!!!! I want a bumper pay day please!! I could green for £500 right now! 0-15 .. C'mon .. 15-15 .. 30-15 .. 40-15 ... 40-30 side to side and you win the point Albert! .. Deuce yes just like that! .. FFS up the middle you lose! GP #3 .. Holds.

1-1* Albert really should have done better there. Needs another quick strong hold and get the pressure right back on! Oops someone miss clicked took Monty out to 1.64 there!! FFS from 30-0 to 30-30 to not mess this up!! 40-30 .. Deuce!! .. Holy Shit BP!!! ..  BREAK WTF !!! Monty should be pissing this!!

2*-1 I have to stick with Montanes and take the consequences here. Robert is so poor that Monty should easily get that break back. He just need to focus!! Mind you that £500 even green I turned down is looking very appealing right now! Monty just needs to go side to side and he will win nearly every point! 30-40 TAKE IT!!!  BREAK!!!

2-2* Now that should be enough to break Robert's fight and wake Monty up sufficiently! 15-0 .. FFS DF 15-15 ... Sort it out Albert! .. 30-15 ACE LOL .. 30-30 FFS Monty .. GP TAKE IT!! .. Holds!

2*-3 Now for a break then!! Let's finish him right here right now!! Tempted to green again for £450 but I've come so far and I think I will green at the end of this game no matter the outcome! 0-15 .. 0-30 Let's be having it!!! .. 15-30 don't let him back in this game! .. 15-40 TAKE IT!!! .. 30-40 This time then?? Break!!!

2-4* That enough for me out at 1.12 for £1,029.12 on both.

Montanes wins 4-6 6-7 6-2 6-3 6-2
Profit: £1,029.12

Sabine Lisicki v Alberta Brianti

Brianti leads 2-6 6-4 5-3* Lumped on at 1.32

15-0 .. 15-15 .. 15-30 C'mon!! ..  30-30 Get the MP!!! ... 1.48??? WTF?? 40-30 Damn !! ... Fight Alberta! .. Deuce c'mon!! .. 2 points and 1.40???? .. GP :-( ... Deuce! This time Alberta? .. Nope GP #3 .. Holds :-(

5*-4 I now have to rely on the underdog to serve it out!! Not the nicest position to be in but oh well as they say on Miracle on 34th street.... "I believe" :-)

15-0 ...  30-0 C'mon my little beauty!! 40-0 TAKE THE FIRST!! n fact I'm getting out here!
All green at 1.04

GSM but happy I greened just in case!!

Brianti Wins 2-6 6-4 6-4
Profit: £377.48

Julie Coin v Francesca Schiavone

Schiavone leads 6-3 4*-3 when I try getting on at 1.06. However on £518 matched as Fran goes on to hold for 5-3*.

I would perhaps  like a hold here so I can get some better odds. In fact I'm greening out at 1.02 in hope of that very thing! £19.49 on both for now!

Oh well there's the hold but the odds haven't moved! In that case I'm going to use my green to lay!! LOL
C'mon the break!!
SB has stuck but I assume Schiavone Won!

Profit: £0.31

Marcos Baghdatis v David Ferrer

Ferrer leads 6-4 6-3 as we start the third set with Baggy to serve. I had a feeling the prices were the wrong way round at the start (such an aftertimer) but now 2 sets up I will gladly take the 1.19 on offer here.

I just hope Ferrer does it nice and easy and wins it this set!

Hmmm Baggy leading 2-1* and Ferrer has just gone from 40-0 to Deuce!! Faced a BP but held eventually!

3*-3 30-40!!! And Break!!

3-4* Now nice and easy finish please David!

0-30 Oh Ferrer what are you doing? 0-40 FFS!! 15-40 .. Break!! pfft

4*-4 Can he get it back then? Nope!

5-4* FFS BP Baggy!! Saved ! GP .. Holds! Phew!

6-5* Free game for Baggy! C'mon Ferrer let's get to the TB please.

Oh dear 0-30!! .. 15-30 .. 30-30 .. 30-40 FFS!! Deuce! C'mon David sort it out! .. GP .. Holds!

Tiebreak c'mon Ferrer end it here!
2-0* MB Lucky Baggy
3**-0 this is dire Ferrer!
4*-0 Has Ferrer left the court?
4-1** Finally he gets one back!
5-1* Awful into the net when had open court!
5**-2 Needs two MB's here then!
6*-2 At least one then?
6-3** Too little too late? 2 holds and put the pressure on!
6-4* And another please.
FFS SET Baggy!! Ferrer won 2 out of 6 service points in that TB!!

Ferrer to serve 1st in this set so I'm hoping his poor serving continues and thus I have switched at 1.50. I need Ferrer to hit 1.70 to get out for zero!

C'mon the break!!

BP and I'm out for even green.

He takes it anyway but just happy to have escaped!
£149.35 on both

Back in at 1.10 when Baggy 5*-1 up but with Deuce in the 5th set ... Match Point Take IT!!!

Baghdatis Wins 4-6 3-6 7-6 6-3 6-1
Profit: £277.85

Gisela Dulko v Ana Ivanovic

Ivanovic was 1.38 SP and even though she only won the 1st set in a tiebreak 1.19 is way too high at the start of the 2nd so I backed it.

Dulko to serve first and Ivanovic breaks so I have greened out but switched all my green to Dulko so my book is +900 GD 0 AI.

Ivanovic holds to love for a 2-0* lead!

Dulko needs to get a hold here or this could be over very quickly. She does hold.

1-2* Ivanovic to serve. Dulko need to get back here with a break. Although 1.14 on Ana is huge so I'm taking that for now! Even green £106 on both.

Dulko does break so maybe I was a bit hasty with the greening but the odds were wrong imho.

However Ivanovic is now 1.23 so I'm lumping back on her. Hope the break fest continues

Oh well Dulko held for 3-2* Still feel Ana is massively overpriced for this stage of the match. 1.31 now. I will certainly hold my bet here.

Need Ana to hold though! WOW 1.35 at 15-15 that's nearly SP!! OK we're over SP at 15-30!! LOL 1.50 at 15-40!!! Madness!! And back to deuce at 1.37!! Fingers gonna get burnt if she hold here!! GP an still 1.27???? Back to Deuce ... AH FFS BP #2 and 1.52!!! Break!! And now the odds drop to 1.50 LOL

4*-2 C'mon then Ana let's have a break back Dulko is nothing but a moonballer! A very nice looking moonballer but a moonballer none the less :-) from 30-0 to 30-40 take it Ana! Break!!

4-3* Need a hold now please Ana! I can't believe I am cheering for this spoilt brat!! It's amazing how cheaply I can be bought!!

In an ideal world I would like a hold then a break from Ivanovic so I can green out then Dulko fight back and win!

Here we go! Now Ana is blowing a 40-0 lead! 40-30 .. Holds!

4*-4 A break now would be nice. 0-15 and I'm out!

£184.66 on both is fine for me!

Now Dulko can win!!

And She Does!!! LOL

Dulko Wins 6-7 7-5 6-4
Profit: £184.66

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Viktor Toicki v Florian Mayer

Mayer leads 4-6 6-4 7-6 2*-1 when I get on at 1.22. I just hope he can consolidate this break with the hold!

30-40!! ... Deuce ... GP Take it!! ... Holds!

3-1* Another break please Florian! 0-15 ... 0-30 ... c'mon ... 0-40 ... got to take one?? Yes Break!

Looks like Troicki's heading home but I'm sure he'll be the moral Viktor when he gets home to his girlfriend judging by the picture!

4*-1 Now that is nice! Another hold please! Yes!

5-1* Ok let's put him out of his misery now! MP!! ... Deuce ... MP#2! .... Deuce ... MP #3 ... Deuce ... MP #4 ... GSM

Mayer Wins 4-6 6-4 7-6 6-1

Profit: £543.13

James Blake v Juan Martin Del Potro

I layed Del Potro when the score was 4-6 2-1* as I heard he was going to call the trainer. (Thanks Rev)

The trainer didn't really affect the odds, but the following break did!!

Blake then held for a 4-1* lead in the 2nd. Trainer for Blake spooked me so I greened up for £571.30 on both.

Sorana Cirstea v Alisa Kleybanova

Kleybanova leads 6-4 4*-2 when I get on at 1.07

Crazy I know but I need a hold here. Uh Oh!!! 30-40!! ... Breaks!! Great!

4-3* OK Alisa break right back please. 15-30! ... 30-30 ... 30-40 Take It!! ... Break!

5*-3 Now serve it out please Alisa
15-0 ...  15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 ... 40-30 Finish It!!! ... Deuce ... BP FFS! ... Deuce ... C'mon I need to go to the loo so hurry up please!  BP #2 ! :-( ... Deuce ... MP#2 This time? ... YES GSM

Kleybanova Wins 6-4 6-3
Profit: £161.95

John Isner v Louk Sorensen

Isner Leads 6-3 7-6 5*-5 and yet he is roughly pre match odds. Lumping on hoping for a quick win  here.

Uh oh 0-30!! 15-30 ... 30-30 .. 30-40!! WTF Isner don't you be injured or something now I'm on!! Hold damn it!! ... Deuce ... Trying to get off now if I can! ... FFS none matched and now BP #2! ... Deuce. Some layed off but not all ... GP ... Holds!

6-5* And I'm All out of this for £27.18 on both. In fact Just in case Isner has a problem I've switched all my green to Sorensen.

Book is: JI £0.00 LS £298.96

LOL Isner breaks for GSM straight after I get out!
Profit: £0.00

Ekaterina Makarova v Sara Errani

Errani leads 6-2 5*-3 when I try to get on at 1.05 unfortunately only £400 or so matched! :-(

Errani Wins 6-2 6-3
Profit: £20.80

Tomas Berduch v Evgeny Korolev

Korolev leads the match 6-4 6-4. Odds arount the 1.40 mark look too tempting to resist.

FFS should have resisted though! Korolev serving first in the 3rd and it's 15-40!! ... 30-40 ... And Break! Great timing!!

1*-0 Berdych leads.

Pffft Korolev had 0-30 but Berdy holds for 2-0*

2*-1 A break now would be nice please! 0-30 again!! Can he convert this time? 15-30 ... don't let him off again! ... 30-30 FFS .... Get a BP!! ... 40-30 Same pattern as before! Holds!

3-1* If he can keep holding he must surely get the break back this set! FFS from 30-15 to 30-40! ... Deuce ... GP ... Holds!

I'm getting the feeling that I should withdraw some funds asap as I'm playing with too much again. I think if I get out of this I will withdraw back down to £1k. If I get out of this first though! :-( 

3*-2 Now get that break back please I want this in 3 sets !! 0-15 here we go ... 0-30 for the 3rd game running got to break sooner or later!! ... 15-30  ... Not again? ... 30-30 FFS Korolev!! ... Jeez 40-30 this is a joke! ... Holds!!

4-2* Can he keep holding? I hope so! Berdy got to be broken some time!! Holds to 30.

4*-3 Now then this time Evgeny? C'mon you can do it!! 0-15 ... 15-15 well at least it's a bit different! 15-30 ... 2 more come ON!!! ... 15-40!! TAKE ONE!!! ... BREAK!!! Yessss!!!

4-4* Now a hold please! trying to lay off at 1.36 ... bugger 0-15 ... 0-30 FFS Korolev!! ...0-40 What is this crap?? ... 15-40 ... Fight damn you!! ... 30-40 c'mon another!! ... BREAK! Jeez!! What a crock of poo!!

5*-4 Will Berdy Choke? I bloomin well hope so! He's not had a comfortable service game all set! 0-15 ... 15-15 ... Wow someone just layed Korolev @ 2.0!!!! ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... get the BP please! ... 30-40 TAKE IT!!!! ... BREAK YESSS!!!

5-5* Now hold this time you muppet!! No liquidity at all!! :-( 15-0 ... 30-0 ... 40-0 ... 40-15 ... Holds!!

5*-6 Berdy serving to stay in the match!! C'mon the break!!! Great market you can back at 1.22 or lay at 1.93!!  :-(  0-15 ... 0-30 C'mon!!! ... 0-40!!! 15-40 Take this one!! ... 30-40 TAKE IT FFS!!!! Deuce II don't believe I didn't green there but I thought I was throwing money away!! GP Unbelievable :-( ... Deuce ... C'mon Evgeny!! MP #4 TAKE IT THIS TIME!!!!

Korolev Wins 6-4 6-4 7-5
Profit: £ 646.22

Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez v Jie Zheng

Zheng leads 2-6 6-2 5-2* just need the break for GSM now please Odds of 1.05 are very small I know!!!

15-0 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 40-15 oh well at least she'll get at least one more chance to break for the match regardless of the outcome of her own service game! Holds

5*-3 Would be nice if she could serve this out here though! 15-0 ... 30-0 ... 40-0 ... 40-15 ... 40-30 Take IT!!! ... Deuce FFS!! I had already got the screen print at 1.01!!! LOL ... BP!! WTF!!! ... Deuce ... MP #4!! This time??? Loooong Delay??? ... Deuce ... MP #5!! I'm sure she said 5 was her lucky number ;-) ... Deuce!!! This is starting to look ominous as one of those matches!! FFS BP #2!!! If Zheng loses this I'll got to Aus and give her a stern telling off myself!! ... Deuce ... And MP #6!!! ... Duece! ...  I give up!!! ... BP #3 FFS Zheng :-( ... Deuce ... MP #7 I'm pretty sure 7 is lucky for the Chinese or it could be 8 or 9!! Yep must be 7 GSM!!!

Zheng Wins 2-6 6-2 6-3

Profit: £79.90

Stefanie Voegele v Melinda Czink

Czink leads 5-7 7-6 7*-6 no TB in the 3rd here. Need to serve it out pray God!!

0-15 ... 0-30 ... 15-30 c'mon hold ffs!!! 15-40 ... Break!!

7-7* Break back perhaps? Switch at 1.85 so need a hold now!! 15-0 c'mon!! 30-0 ... 30-15 ... 40-15 Take it! ... Holds!!

7*-8 Now Czink serving to stay in the match !! Kit Kat anyone?? 15-0 ... C'mon put some pressure on!!! 30-0 pffft! ... 30-15 c'mon ... 40-15 lousy stuff when such a crucial time!! Could have returned like this at 7*-6 couldn't you but Oh no!! LOL .. 30-40 .. Market gone mad botha available to lay at 1.81 then!! ... DEUCE!! Give us a MP!!! ... MP!! TAKE IT!!! ... Yessss

Voegele Wins 7-5 6-7 9-7

Profit : £437.18

Kimiko Date Krumm v Yaroslava Shvedova

Quite early for me to get involved in this one but the score is 6-4 1-0* to Shvedova. I feel she should have too much for thhe veteran here so I'm in at 1.27

Here's to the break for 2-0 please!!

30-40 C'mon!!  ... Deuce ... Gp ... Holds

1*-1 Hold please Shvedova!
2-1* A hold to love. Break please! 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 15-30 ... 15-40!!! ... 30-40 Take it!! ... Break!!

3*-1 Now consolidate it please!

4-1* holds to love! Another break?

4*-2 Keep holding serve then
5-2* break for GSM then please!

Shvedova Wins 6-4 6-2
Profit: £251.93

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Varvara Lepchenko v Alberta Brianti

Score is 6-0 3-6 4*-1 when I got on at 1.10 for a bit and then 1.08 for the rest.

Hoping Brianti can hold for 5-1 here.

And she does!!

Break for GSM then please Alberta!!

0-15 .. 15-15 .. 15-30 .. 15-40 .. 30-40 .. Pfft Deuce .. MP #3 ... GSM

Brianti Wins 6-0 3-6 6-1
Profit: £74.07

Melanie Oudin v Alla Kudryavtseva

Kudryavtseva leads 2-6 7-5 4-1* when I get on board @ 1.22

1.01 is badly in danger for the third time tonight along with Cibulkova and Soderling going down earlier!!

Let's hope this is the 3rd!! Mind you there's a bit of a race on with Ferrero at 1.01 also trailing 3-0 in the 5th!! What a night the layers are having tonight!

Oudin holds to 30 which is disappointing!

4*-2 Please don't throw this one away Alla! Otherwise I may regret getting in this one rather than backing Dodig at similar price!! FFS DF gives 15-30 ... 30-30 ... 30-40 :-( ... BREAK!! Jeez :-(

4-3* Meanwhile Dodig is 4-1 up!! C'mon Alla get the break here please! oof close but just long 15-0 ... 15-15 ... Ooof just long again!! 30-15 could have been 0-40!! ... 30-30 c'mon Alla 2 more points! ... 1.91???? Very high odds! ... 40-30 ... Lucky Oudin that just landed in! Holds but Alla could have won that game.

4*-4 Really needs a strong hold now!! 0-15 FFS ... 15-15 ... AH what that was on the line!!! 15-30 Flippin line judges!! If Alla loses this it will be on 3 points where the point has been lost by millimetres! 30-30 ... 40-30 Take it!! Let's punish this market that took Oudin back below 1.5! Pffft Deuce! ... GP #2 c'mon Alla!! ... Deuce!!! Oudin's shots are just catching the lines the lucky mare! Lovely point Alla GP #3 ... 3rd time lucky? Yes!!

5-4* Break for GSM anyone? Yes please :-) Match Point for Dodig by the way! 15-0 ... 30-0 c'mon Alla got to put more pressure on than this! 40-0 :-( ... 40-15 ...  a break from 40-0 would be a sweet ending! ... 40-30 c'mon Alla get to deuce! ... Pfft Holds

5*-5 I'm tempted to just red out here for a £300 loss on both. Ah FFS even the net chords are going Oudin's way now! 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... And Oudin still fav??? 40-15 ... Nice Hold!

6-5* Free game for Alla. Oudin serving to stay in the match got to be a break now surely? C'mon Alla 1 point at a time for 4 points please :-) 0-15 ... 0-30 ... Dare I believe?? ... Market doesn't!! Alla still backable at 1.38!! ... 0-40 .... Lucky catching the line again 15-40 ... Jeez and again!! 30-40 TAKE IT!!!!!

Kudryavtseva Wins 2-6 7-5 7-5
Profit: £156.59

Anabel Medina Garrigues v Karolina Sprem

Sprem leads 6-3 5*-2 hoping she can serve this out for a quick few quid!!

Sprem Wins 6-3 6-2
Profit: £27.44

Anna lena Groenfeld v Roberta Vinci

Got on Vinci when leading 7-5 5*-4

I know it's very risky backing in WTA when serving for the match, especially when both players have been struggling on serve but I have faith in Vinci to deliver.

Veni Vidi Vinci!!!

Vinci Wins 7-5 6-4

Profit: £56.82

Marcel Granollers v Robin Soderling

Granollers leads 5-7 2-6 6-4 6-4 4*-1 when I get on board at 1.08

I have been saying since the start of this year that Soderling is a one trick ball basher who will come crashing back down to earth with a bump this season!!! And here it is!!

He has his A game which is to hit the ball as hard as he can and if that doesn't work he can switch to his B game.... HIT IT HARDER!!!

5-1* Break for GSM would be nice :-)

5-2 Going to have to serve it out then!! 4 aces please!


Granollers Wins 5-7 2-6 6-4 6-4 6-2
Profit: £46.90

Santiago Giraldo v Tommy Robredo

Finally decided to get in at  6-4 6-2 4-2* Hopefully Giraldo can hold on to win in 3 sets!

30-40 Take It!!! ... Deuce ...

Hmm No Idea!! My computer decided to turn itself off!!

I assume that Giraldo has won though from my increased balance. I still haven't got round to getting a new laptop!! I think a trip to PC world is in order very soon.

Any pointers on what spec I should go for are welcomed as I don't have a clue!!

Oh well this screen shot will have to do!

Profit: £58.38

Ayumi Morita v Carla Suarrez Navarro

CSN leads 7-5 5-4* 15-30 when I get on.

30-30 ... 40-30 ... Deuce ... MP GSM

Suarrez Navarro Wins 7-5 6-4
Profit: £32.27

Vania King v Dominika Cibulkova

Got involved with the score at 6-3 5*-4 30-15 Odds were 1.14

King only needs 2 points for the match c'mon.

30-30 ... 40-30 Take it!!! ... Deuce ... BP!!! FFS Typical Break!!

5-5* Dear oh dear!! First chance I get to get involved in the Australian OPen and it's going pear shaped already!! LOL

Could really do with another break from Vania here otherwise it could be 1 set all in double quick time!! Cib hold to love!!!

5*-6 Free game for Cib now as she is guaranteed at least a TB this set. Hopefully Vania will hold and then take the Tiebreak! Otherwise I'll have some work to do in the 3rd!!

LOL Of course she holds easily this time!! Tiebreak it is then!

1**-0 MB straight away!! Now two holds please!!
1*-1 D'oh!! MB back :-( 1 hold may be enough though!
1-2** Can't even hold one! 2 MB's wanted then!!
1-3* pfft one please!!
2**-3 MB back! Can she hold?
2*-4 Apparently not! C'mon 1 hold?
3-4** She held one!! Still needs MB's though!!
3-5** C'mon KIng Fight!
4**-5 I know it's probably asking too much but 2 holds Vania?
4*-6 How silly of me!! 1 hold?
5-6** 2 MB's then please King!!
5-7 Set Dominika!! Spectacular Tiebreak that from Vania!! LOL

Right Vania to serve 1st in the 3rd so I'm just going to lay the server. Switch to Cib @ 1.37
Book: VK: -200 DC: -115

Need a break fest now please!

0-1* There's a break!! Now switching at 1.16! VK: +331 DC -200

Jeez Vania from 0-30 to 30-30! :-( 30-40 !! Take IT!!! .. Deuce ... BP #2 This time? ... Pffft Deuce! ... GP ...  Holds!

0*-2 Not switching this time as 1.09 is way too low at this stage in my opinion. Need a Vania hold here and she will get the chance to break again!

1-2* Hold to Love!! Thank you Vania now for a break? That 1.09 looks very skinny now!
30-40!! Can she do it this time?? .. Nope Deuce!! C'mon Vania need to take these opportunities!! BP #2! ... FFS Deuce! ... GP ... Cib holds again!!

1*-3 Holding position again here c'mon Vania let'a have a hold you deserve to be level here!
0-40!! That's tennis for you!! Probably should be 3-1 up this set instead is facing being 1-4 down!! Saved 2 BP's but ends in a Break!!

1-4* Curtains I feel but it is WTA so believe in the impossible! LOL
1*-5 Hmmm :-(
From 15-40 to Deuce!! C'mon Vania let's smash that 1.01!! GP ... Holds!
2-5* Let's have a break now!!! 0-40 C'mon!!! 15-40 ... Break!!!
3*-5 Now don't hand the match right to her!! I want to see 1.01 smashed!!
FFS WTA!!! 15-40! ... 30-40 Fight damn it!! Deuce!!! C'mon Vania!! ... GP!!! ... Holds!! GAME ON!!!

4-5* Now then Cib! Choke please!! 15-0 .. 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 c'mon get the BP!!! ... Yes BP TAKE IT!!!!! ... BREAK!!! Get in!! LOL

5*-5 Should probably jump on Cib now but I'll see. Bugger 0-15 c'mon Vania hold please! ... 15-15 ... Shocking odds!! 1.48??? 30-15 c'mon!! ... 40-15 Flip flop!!! Holds!

6-5* Now then I could green for £106 here but a break and it's GSM!! All the momentum with Vania!!
15-0 ... 30-0 ... Looks like it's going to be another TB! :-( ... £106 green looks appealing now!! Bloomin greed!! ... 30-15 ... 30-30 hello!!! 2 more Vania! ... Long point or sb stuck?? WTF is going on here???  MP TAKE IT!!!! ....


King Wins 6-3 6-7 7-5
Profit: £320.76

Friday, 15 January 2010

Philipp Kohlschreiber v Arnaud Clement

I fancied Kohly in this one pre match but thought I would see how it develops first.
Got on in the first game tough with Clement serving and the score at 30-30. Kohly looks up for it though I know it's very early!!

Clement holds to 30 for 0*-1

FFS 0-15! ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 Not what I wanted!! 40-30 Lucky boy Kohly! Clement hit that long but could easily have been a winner! ... Deuce! ... OK perhaps Kohlschreiber not quite as up for this as I first thought! ... BP!!! ... Deuce ... GP much better! ... Holds! Phew!

1-1* Now let's put some pressure on so I can green out of this one please! WTF 15-30 and I still can't get out??? ... 30-30 ... 40-30 ... Letting him off again! ... Holds!

1*-2 Need a stronger hold than last time please Philipp. I've lost confidence in this match and just want to get out unscathed now I think. FFS 0-15 ... 0-30 ... Kohly being owned!!! ... 15-30 ... 15-40!! ... ACE 30-40 another please! ... Deuce ... C'mon Kohly lets hold and send Clement and his silly sunglasses packing!! ... BP #3!!! Wow 11 clean winners already from Clement to 4 from Kohly! And Break!! FFS

Why is Clement wearing those shades?? The brightest thing out there is his ridiculous shirt!!

1-3* Now then Philipp show a bit of fight please! hmm Kohly now looks decidedly disinterested! Hold to love!

1*-4 Switching to Clement here at 1.75 ish

Just got that tanking feeling! Though why he would want to I'm not sure! It's not like he's going to win the Aus Open!! And typically just as I switch he throws his 1st decent service game in! Holds to 15!

2-4* Just need Clement to serve out the set though and then we'll see what we get in the 2nd!
LOL Kohly trying Hot dogs!! Me thinks he's definitely not interested! Hold to 30

2*-5 Now a break to serve first in the second would be nice. By the way my terrible book stands at -£2,604 PK +£55 AC!! So not a lot of room to manoeuvre! 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 ... 40-30 ... Some dodgy calls here Holds!

3-5* Going to have to serve it out then!! DO NOT CHOKE!!! OMG 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 hmmm ... 40-30 lucky that went wide from Kohly but it's Set point anyway!! ... FFS His 1st DF for Deuce!! .. Better SP #2 ... ACE for the SET!!! 3-6

Weighing up my options here and I think I'll just stick on Clement for the time being. Kohly has to serve first and his 4 sevice games so far have faced BP, Broken, 15, 30 so a good chance of a break I think.

Starts with a DF which is nice! 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 Clement got to do more with these 2nd serves! .. 40-15 ... 40-30 Note to the broadcaster!! Please don't use that camera angle it's rubbish! Holds

1-0* Thought about the switch here at 1.65 but holding my nerve for now! These are the times when I miss smoking. Just need something to distract from the tension and take the edge off! Mind you a hold to Love helps!!

1*-1 A break would be good! 15-30!!! C'mon!!! 30-30 ... 30-40 TAKE IT!!!! ... Pffft Ace saves it Deuce! ... GP ... Holds.

2-1* Trying to switch at 1.61 here but my lumps are hard to move around! It seems everyone else is switching too! Ah nuts not all matched and now its 15-30!!!  Hold to 40!

2*-2 Ok my book is now +1734 PK -2602 AC Hoping Kohly can win this set so I can get the heck out of this!! Holds to 15

3-2* Now is the time to put some pressure on then please Philipp!! 1.69 for Kohly and I can escappe the mess!! Hmm Holds to Love!!! May have got this switch very wrong!!

3*-3 Need a big hold please Kohly!! Hold to Love will do nicely!

4-3* Getting towards the business end of the set!! Break and a hold an we'll be level in a flash!! Get on with it Clement!! Why so long between points? I do hope he's getting tired! 30-0 ... 40-0 Perhaps not! LOL Holds to Love.

4*-4 Kohly making me very nervous here!!! FFS DF for 0-15 ... 15-15 ... heart racing now!! Means I've got too much money on!! Withdrawal time if I get out of this!! 15-30 ... wild shot! ... LOL Clement misses an easy put away!! Maybe the betting Gods are smiling on me tonight?? 30-30 still though!! ACE 40-30 that may be the momentum shift Kohly needs!! .... Or perhaps not Deuce! ... GP Take it please!! Holds!!

5-4* Now break for the set while Clement is still thinking about that miss!! Oooh nearly ... 15-0 ... ooof again 30-0 but only just missing! ... Shot! 30-15 Looks like Clement is holding his leg in pain??? ... 40-15 ... ACE for the Hold!

5*-5 Love hold too much to ask? 15-0 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 Clement is holding his leg!! Injury??? 40-15 Market not seen Clement injury just me then!! LOL Maybe wishful thinking! Holds!

6-5* Definitely something up with Clement!! He move gingerly again at the end of that game!!! Market still not seen it!! Break for the set and he may need the physio which the market most certainly will see!! FFS Kohly that was there for the taking! 15-0 ... 30-0 ... 40-0 ... could have been so different if he'd got 0-15!! ... 40-15 still a chance though! I don't like tiebreaks but that's where we're going!

Kohly to serve 1st Ace please!!
0-1** No bloomin sign of ANY injury there!! My eyes must be playing tricks on me. MB back please!!
1-1* Yes!! Now another please!!
1**-2 Got to do better when you're in the point Philipp! 2 holds please!
2*-2 And another please!
2-3** FFS useless 2nd serve that!! Get it back please.
2-4* Ace pffft! Changeover let's hope this end brings the MB!!
2**-5 What a mess but only 1 MB down I believe!!
2*-6 Not now though another easy put away into the net!!!

Loss -£2,602.49

Ah well it's only the markets money!! The run had to end eventually!! The anon poster got their wish LOL

Thursday, 14 January 2010

John Isner v Albert Montanes

It's not very often that I like to get on pre match but on this occasion I'll make an exception!

I see there's lots of bleating on the Betfair forum that Montanes has a good chance here and that Isner is a lay!!

Well I'm sorry to disappoint them all, but Isner is going to blow Montanes away on a hardcourt! Montanes is only this deep into the tournament because he hasn't actually played anyone!! Isner has beaten Robredo (World No. 16), Monaco(30) and Garcia Lopez(43) whereas Montanes has beaten Lammer(209), Statham(332) and Lemke(456). I know rankings can hide the facts but not ranking differences like these! I would have had Isner in the high 1.20's or 1.30 as an absolute maximum.

Isner to serve first!!

Here we go it's 3-2* and Isner has 0-30!! ... pffft 15-30 ... 14-40 C'mon John!! LOL Break!

4*-2 Big Bad John!! And that will do me happy with my green.

£321.67 on Both

It's 6-5* in the 2nd set so free game for Isner so I've lumped back on at 1.12 hoping for a break or at least a tiebreak win.
15-0 ... 15-15 ... c'mon John apply a bit of pressure ... 30-15 ... 30-30 Now then can we have a MP? ... ACE!! Looked wide to me though! 40-30 ... Holds.

Tiebreak it is then! Isner to serve 1st!
No silly errors now John!!
1-0** Ace!! Now for 2 x MB's please.
1-1* Just the one then?
1**-2 OK gotta be holds then!!
2*-2 And another please
2-3** FFS Double Fault!!
3-3* MB back! Another please John.
4**-3 Yess!!! Now 2 holds please!!
5*-2 And I'm out of this for £501.27 on Both.

Isner Wins 6-2 7-6(5)
Profit: £501.27

Mark Williams v Shaun Murphy

Williams lead 5-2 in a race to 6!!

I have a terrible record in snooker owing mainly to a loss of more than £2,000 when backing a player at short odds when they had a decent lead! Let's hope lightening doesn't strike twice!!

I just hope I can get those snooker losses wiped out eventually. Williams just needs 1 of the next 4 frames! Surely that is not too much to ask!!

Williams got in 1st and made a break of 30 but Murphy at the table now. Oooh missed a red for a break of 20. Nothing on for Williams though.

Murphy fouls. And again!! 38-20 Period of safety play now. Murphy in!
Still got some work to do though! Break of 16.

38-36 Safety play again. Loose shot from Williams gives Murphy half a chance! And he gets it! Murphy in again. Murphy wins the frame at that visit 93-38 with a break of 57!!

Not looking good this!! Lightening may strike twice!!! 

5-3 C'mon then Mark let's have this one please! Jeez Murphy in on his 1st shot!! Unlucky there he left nothing on! Break of 6.

Murphy missed a long pot but the cue ball ends up safe Luck evening itself out I guess. Murphy with another long pot chance!! Gets it! Such a frustrating sport when all you can do is sit in your chair and watch!!

Murphy takes the frame for 5-4 I'm all red
- £584.03 on both!!

Bloomin snooker!!! LOL

FFS Williams straight in here!!

Williams 30-0 up and I'm having a cheeky lay here! Williams 63 up but may be break over here!
Murphy in with a chance!! Nope stuffed it up !!

Another cheeky lay at 1.05 this time! Murphy in!! Need 1.60 to get out alive!! 1.53 now!! Murphy looked like he had an awkward shot so I redded out for a 2nd time this match!! This time for -£65.35

Murphy fluffed it!!

Still fighting though but trailing 69-32 Game Over!!!

I think I should justy leave the snooker alone!! LOL

Loss £65.35

Marcos Baghdatis v Lleyton Hewitt

To save myself from.... well myself I guess!! LOL  I have withdrawn back down to £2,000 by taking out £2,484.41.

Baggy leads 4-6 6-2 5*-3 when I get on at 1.10

Hoping for a nice easy hold for GSM!!

Baghdatis Wins 4-6 6-2 6-3
Profit: £191.40

Anabel Medina Garrigues v Gisela Dulko

AMG won the first set 6-1 and I'm hoping for more of the same! Dulko has to serve first in the second so I'm lumping on at 1.20 Break please!!

30-30 Get the BP c'mon!! ... 30-40 Take it!! ... YES!!! Break!!

1*-0 Now a hold to consolidate please! Nice holds to 15.
2-0* Another break? 30-40 ... Break!!!
3*-0 Hold please let's get this over with asap!! Certainly not laying off at 1.04!!! LOL 15-40!!! And DF for a Break!!
3-1* OK I want that break back again please Anabel! Holds to 30.

AMG taken her foot off the gas here! Suddenly that 1.04 looks very appealing!! Oh the fickle world of tennis punting!!

3*-2 Hmmm 1.20 at the start of the set 1nd now 1.18 a break up?? Needs to hold please!! C'mon Anabel make her move you're just dollying it back to her at the moment!! DF for 15-30!! ... 30-30 ... 40-30 Take it!!! ... Deuce ... UE's creeping up for AMG c'mon bring it home!! FFS what a weak smash! returned easily for BP!! That's more like how she was playing great shot for Deuce ... GP ... Pfffft Deuce ... God Tennis can be so frustrating!! UE = BP! ... LOL ACE!!! Deuce ... UE = BP!!! ... LOL Another ACE for Deuce!! ... GP Take it FFS!!! ... and easy put away into the net for Deuce!!

I really wouldn't mind if Dulko had upped her game but all she is doing is moonballing it back and Anabel is beating herself!!! UE = BP!!!! ... Deuce ... AMG has had control of about 90% of these points yet we are now on Deuce # 7!!! ... GP TAKE IT!!! ... OK I'll give Dulko that point! Deuce! ... My eyes will start bleeding if this goes on much longer I think!! DF for BP!! And Break!!!

It's games like that that make you lose the will to live!! Dulko scored 12 points in that game yet only "won" 2 of them!! That is why people lambast WTA I guess because players can just capitulate from such domination when their opponent doesn't even offer any opposition!

3-3* Probably a break back now!! 15-30 ... 15-40 ... And Break!! At least Dulko keeps the games short when she gets broken!! LOL

4*-3 Now a hold and we should be about there!! Market expecting a break though as it's at 1.19!! 1 tick lower than at 0-0 this set! Not that I'm bitter!! LOL ...  FFS Broken to Love!!

4-4* Really need a break now or AMG will have to serve to stay in the match!! 15-0 ... 15-15 .. 30-15 ... 40-15 ... Holds!! Dulko actually starting to play some shots now!! I guess that Anabel has let her grow her confidence.

4*-5 AMG serving to stay in the set now!! This should have been over long ago!! Hold Please! 15-0 c'mon ... FFS another easy put away messed up!! 30-15 ... 40-15 Dulko back to moonballing!! 40-30 hit long from AMG ... Holds!!!

5-5* Give us a break then please!! Even on Dulko's own serve she doesn't actually win the points! Wide from AMG for 15-0 ... 15-15 ... Wide from AMG for 30-15! ... Wide from AMG 40-15 ... 40-30 ... Ooh Dulko won a point!! Holds!

5*-6 Are you starting to get a feeling of frustration from me here? Turned down 1.04 because it was way too high the way both players were playing!! Now Medina Garrigues has to serve to stay in the set for a second time!! AMG long for 0-15 I really wouldn't be so frustrated if Dulko won more than 1 point per game!! Into the net from AMG 0-30!! ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... Please get to the Tiebreaker!!! DF for SET Point and BREAK!! Dulko didn't even win a point that game and still broke for the set!!!

Right Dulko to serve first in the final set! I think I may just lay the server after that last set! Though redding out is looking like an option at the moment! C'mon Anabel switch it back on against the moonball Queen!!

FFS here we go again 3 chances to win the point at 30-30 and knocks them all straight to Dulko who gets lucky with the 3rd as it bounces off her racquet and lands in!! ... Deuce .. AMG long for GP!!! A bit of a pattern developing here!!! And Dulko wins 1 point for a hold!! Ridiculous!! I am being robbed before my very eyes!!

0*-1 Holds to 15! Guess what! Dulko's point came from an AMG UE!! LOL
1-1* Now let's get the break I have had enough of this eye candy now!! Here we go again! 30-30 and AMG UE error long brings GP!! LOL but Dulko is crap so Deuce!! ... DF for BP Is the tide turning??? ACE ??? WTF???? Deuce ... BP can she take one? Nope it's an UE long!! Deuce! ... UE wide for GP ... Deuce ... To be fair I think AMG's number of winners is falling too now! It's a proper error fest now!! ... That's better though BP!!! .... BREAK!!!! About bloomin time!!

2*-1 I should probably take a red here of £600ish but I feel that AMG is so much better here that I'm going to stick with it!! Don't make me regret this Anabel!!! FFS stop with the UNFORCED ERRORS!!! 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 she manged not to put that one long (just!!) ... Lovely shot 40-15 ... HOLDS!!

3-1* Now then AMG let's get another break! Just keep it in play and you'll walk this all Dulko has is her moon ball!! 0-15 c'mon!!! ... 0-30 ... UE wide 15-30 stop it AMG you don't need to play that hard just into the court will do!! 30-30 Wow Dulko won a point! ... Don't let her off the hook here Anabel!! ... DF for BP Take it!! Break Get in!!!

4*-1 Amazing that Dulko was ever in this match let alone the market drive her down to 1.70 at the beginning of this set! She was not in this match at any point!! It was all on Anabel's racquet and there was no way she could have continued that badly!! Hold please! Ooh a winner from Dulko for 15-15! C'mon Anabel bring it home baby!! FFS smashed it wide with an open court for 30-30! FFS being dive bombed by seagulls now!! They can see crap from miles away I suppose!! 30-40 ... Deuce ... GP ... There's that 1.04 again!! Only about an hour and a half after it was last there!! Holds

5-1* Break for GSM please!! So glad I didn't red out!! I would have been doing my nut right about now!!

Medina Garrigues Wins 6-1 5-7 6-1
Profit: £720.43

Jurgen Melzer v Arnaud Clement

Clement leads 6-2 6-5* Can he break for GSM???

0-15 ... 0-30 ... 0-40 .... Take IT!!!! ... 15-40 ... c'mon this one? YESSS

GSM a very nice couple of minutes!!

Clement Wins 6-2 7-5
Profit: £707.28

Kirsten Flipkens v Sara Errani

Errani is leading 6-3 5*-3 but 15-30 serving for the match when I get on hoping for a hold or at leasta break for GSM next game!!

15-40 ... 30-40 ... Break!!

5-4* OK Sara let's have the break for GSM please!!

0-15 c'mon!! ... 0-30 ... Two More!! .. 0-40! Take one please!! 15-40 This one? ... 30-40! FFS TAKE IT!!!! ... 2nd serve ... GSM!!

Errani Wins 6-3 6-4
Profit: £173.33

Serena Williams v Aravane Rezai

Ordinarily I would be looking to lump on Rezai at 6-3 4-1* up but at 1.12 that has to be a lay!! It's only 1 break!!

Only risking £100 though as apparently Serena has been shocking but here goes!

Holds to 15!

2-48 Let's have a break back now then! I just wish I'd layed more now!

Rezai Holds for 2*-5 And I've had another nibble!! @ 1.06!!

30-30 C'mon Serena you've got to make the Frenchie serve it out at least!! Holds!!

3-5* C'mon the Choke please :-)

0-15! C'mon!! 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 Get the BP!!!! ... BP!!! Take IT!!!! BREAK!!

LOL All green BABY!!

£494.57 on Both for only an initial risk of £150 I love this laying lark!!!

Serena holds for 5-5 perhaps I should have waited!!

Williams won the set 7-5 and is now trading in the 1.20's!! I really should have waited!! ANd used more of my bank I could have been a gazzillionaire!! LOL

Green is Good! Bigger green is better though! ;-)

Williams Wins 3-6 7-5 6-4

Profit: £494.57

Novak Djokovic v Fernando Verdasco

Verdasco won the first set 6-1 and went 1*-0 up in the 2nd when I tried to get on! Didn't get much matched and decided to get straight out again as liquidity so poor.

£23.00 on Both

Potito Starace v Richard Gasquet

Really don't know why I placed this bet!! I seem to almost be waiting for the inevitable loss after 24 wins in a row and am trying my hardest to screw things up.

Gasquet won the 1st set 6-3 and leads 3-2* in the 2nd when I get on at 1.06!! Gulp!!!

Starace holds to Love!!

3*-3 Gasquet holds to 15.

4-3* Any chance of a break Richard? Guess not! Holds to 15.

4*-4 30-0 to 30-30!! 40-30 ... Holds! Phew!

5-4* Break for GSM anyone? 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 c'mon!!! ... 40-30 ... Holds!

5*-5 OK nice comfy hold required and put the pressure back on!

6-5* Hold to 15! Now for the break please Gasman!! 15-0 ... 15-15 ... Put some pressure on him Gasquet ... 15-30 c'mon 2 more!!! ... 30-30 .. Don't let him off! ... 40-30 ... Deuce!!! Get the MP!!! ... MP!!! Odds still 1.05???? ... Deuce ... GP grrrrr! ... Holds!

It so easily could have been over but now we have a Tiebreak Gasquet to serve 1st!!
1**-0 FFS!!! MB back please!
2*-0 This time then?
2-1** Well Done! Now two aces would be nice!
3-1* FFS Gasquet!!
4**-1 Jeez what has happened to his serve in the TB? 0/3???
4*-2 There's one MB back still one down though! Mind you only 1 pt won on serve out of 6 so far!
4-3** LOL make that 1 out of 7!! Hold pleaseRichard!
4-4* Finally now another?
4**-5 Yes he has the lead!  2 MB's for GSM?
5*-5 OK this one for a MP on serve?
6-5** Do not stuff up Richard!!!
6-6* An ace would be nice :-)
6**-7 TAKE IT!!!!! MP #2 ....
7*-7 Pfffft This one?
7-8** MB TAKE IT!!!!!! Yeeesssss GSM

Gasquet Wins 6-3 7-6
Profit: £128.45

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