Sunday, 1 November 2009

San Francisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts

Was tempted by the Colts -11.5pts bet in the 1.70's, but decided to play it safe and get a nice 14% interest added to the bank while I watch some Sunday night tv.

Layed San Francisco @ 8.0 as slightly better than the 1.14 back.

Back San Francisco 49ers
£108.56 £94.99
Ref: 9340436800 Bet matched: 17:49 01-Nov-09

Link to watch the match click here

Just had a look to see how the match was getting on and it's not great! Colts losing 7-3 with 3.16 left in the 1st Quarter. Plenty of time yet though so no need to fret.

Hmm not what I was expecting. 14-9 to San Francisco at half time. Glad I didn't go with the handicap I guess!! Mind you this could be turned on it's head very quickly and that is exactly what I expect to happen.

To top it all my stream has been shut down :(

That's better Colts finally score a touchdown! Colts lead 18-14 with 14.53 left in the 4th Quarter. Shut out this drive and score on the next and I will start to feel more comfortable.

There's the shut out now go and score!! A touchdown would be nice :) Nope :(

Out at 1.04 you just never know what might happen in the last 2 minutes when there is only 4 points separating the teams.

Colts Win 18-14
Profit: £8.94

Who voted Dodgy???? Never in doubt!! ;)

Venus Williams v Serena Williams

2-6 6-5* 15-15 when I got on at 1.39. Hoping for a hold here from Serena and then a TB win.

Back Serena Williams 1.39 £69.29 £27.02
Ref: 9339760998 Bet matched:16:33 01-Nov-09

There's the hold now we need the Tiebreak.

0-1** MB straight off. Now for two holds?
0-2* There's the first
0**-3 Nicely done now another MB please!
1*-3 Nick a MB here then Serena.
1-4** Double fault from Venus! Now two holds for 5 MP's?
1-5* C'mon one more hold!
2**-5 MB back for Venus. Two MB for the match then Serena!!
3*-5 Need a MB now Serena!
4-5** Going to have to serve it out then!
4-6* MP Take it!!!
4-7 GSM Serena :)

Serena Williams Wins 6-2 7-6(4)
Profit: £25.70


November is here, the nights are long and the weather getting bleak. It must mean we are drawing towards the end of the tennis season. A few more weeks yet and maybe betfair will put some challenger tournaments in play like they did last year. I think it ended up only having two weeks with no tennis to punt on.

Anyway October was a good month for me, exceeding my £5,000 target for the month by some distance achieving £7,440.22. I did do some messing around for the last couple of weeks as I had already won enough but still won some more so it's all good.

November's target is £5,000 again. I'm withdrawing £2,000 from Betfair and starting with £69.29. Softly softly catch a monkey as they say, I only need a 16% increase of bank per day to get there.

Good luck everyone and Happy Punting!!

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