Monday, 1 March 2010

FAO the Anonymous Keyboard Warrior!

Now that I am home and can actually do a screen shot for you (though why I have bothered I really don't know!) here it is ..... PROOF as you call it.

This is by no means proof of any sort and as with any blog there has to be an element of trust between blogger and reader.

As you insist in your messages (or as I suspect there are a few anons doing it) that I have an agenda and want to sell a system or con people out of money with some scam or syndicate then that element of trust has evidentally eroded.

I did the blog for fun, nothing more. Perhaps the odd few pence from google ads as an experiment to see what you could earn, but no more.

The bombardment of messages I get every time I post now is certainly not fun!

I will keep the blog running and post up my thoughts on matches and my ups and downs as I trade on them. But I will not update my figures any more. It is obvious that some people out there in the blogosphere either just can't stand to see others winning or that they are so poor at gambling themselves that they don't believe it can be done.

I have no system I'm just a mug punter like everyone else. I've just learnt the hard way (hence my nickname) to read markets a little more than most.

For those that have bothered to name themselves and are on the whole a good bunch I will still be around as often as possible to chat as there are some great characters on here.

For those who wish to snipe and remain anonymous ...... JOG ON!!!     :-)

Good Luck and Happy Punting!

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