Friday, 4 December 2009

Fortuna Dusseldorf v Arminia Bielefeld

No time to do a write up just yet But Over 1.5 was the bet and landed after 23 mins!!

Right back now sorry about that! The bet was at 1.44 which I always say is cracking value whoever is playing for Over 1.5 Goals.

And the goals soon started flying in and it was 2-0 after just 23minutes.

As for Christmas well the link here is obvious! Dusseldorf has a player called CLAUS Costa. So That would be SANTA CLAUS done then.

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £84.43

Pat Cash v Pat Rafter

Not had a bet on these OAP masters yet so thought I'd have a dabble. Rafter took the 1st set 6-2 but was trailing 0-2* in the second but had deuce on the Cash serve so I got on at 1.15 and some at 1.12. Rafter duly got the break back for 1*-2. Hoping that is the end for Cash.

Out at 1.07 for £11.33 on both

As for the link to Christmas... Well funnily enough this competition is being played in The Royal Albert Hall which was scheduled to open on Christmas Day 1870. However as per usual it over ran and was opened by Queen Victoria on 29th March 1871. The QUEEN'S SPEECH was most notable for the fact she didn't do one as she was too overcome with emotion.

Cash Wins 2-6 6-2 10-6
Profit: £11.34

14:35 Sandown

Nomad gave me a tip so I thought I'd stick a tenner on it!!

The horse was Or Jaune. Apparently it performs well on the soft so he tells me!! LOL

Not today it bloomin didn't!

4th out of...... FOUR!

Oh well at least I have managed to find a link to the Advent Challenge List.
Or Jaune translates as Yellow Gold.
India has lots of links with gold and indeed Lucknow is called the Golden City of the East.
Arguably Lucknow's most famous son was born on 14th October 1940.
Christened Harry Rodger Webb
We all know and love him as.....

Loss: £10.00

Edmonton Oilers @ Detroit Red Wings

Looking to get straight back on the horse after the huge loss in the Fulham game I've gone all in on Detroit Red Wings here.

Now I just have to find a link to Christmas.

1-0 Edmonton :-(

2-0 Edmonton!!!! Uh oh!!

2-1 right at the end of the 1st period. C'mon!!

And I've found a Christmas link! Apparently there is a road in Edmonton called CANDY CANE Lane by the locals. It's on Wikipedia here:,_Edmonton

What a day! Edmonton Oilers now 4-1 up at the end of the 2nd Period!

And it finished 4-1 if Red Wings had been able to convert a tenth of their chances it could have been so different. Oh well onwards and upwards. Happy Punting!

Loss: £109.19

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