Saturday, 1 January 2011

Darts: Phil Taylor v Mark Webster

The Power losing 2-4 and 2-2* when I got on at 1.28
Come on Mark!!!

126 finish for Webster...


82 for Taylor.... Missed!!!

Take it 61!!!!


Webster Wins 5-2
Profit: £61.39

Darts: Gary Robson v Steve Douglas

Robson leads 1-0 in sets and has a 2-1 lead against the throw in the 2nd.

Got on at 1.14. Douglas with achance of 2-2... blown it!

Robson takes his for the 2nd set!

Oh Douglas takes the 1st leg of the 3rd against the throw!
Robbo has the chance to break back ... 2 goes at double top fluffed and Douglas takes a 0-2 lead.

Robson holds for 1-2. Can douglas hold his nerve? Hope not! Come on Robbo let's have the pressure!

180!!! Nice
121 checkout required... Nope!
Douglas fluffed it and Robbo nips in! 2*-2

Steady as she blows Robbo! Advantage swung to Douglas here 141 needed to nick it. Nope

Robson needs 110 ... Yes!!!!

Robson Wins 3-0
Profit: £27.08

Darts: Martin Adams v Tony West

As we are on Quarter final day of the PDC darts it is also round 1 of the BDO darts.

Defending champion Martin Adams is up against Tony Watson. I think 1.16 is very generous but I maybe completely wrong as I know little about darts so we shall see.

If you need an online link. (UK viewers only though I think)

Not a great start! West takes the 1st leg against the darts!
0-2 Wolfie had a chance but West takes his.

Adams not throwing well Switch to West at 2.66

0-1 Adams fluffs a chance again!
0-2 My Oh My!!!

And I'm out!!

Adams fighting back from 0-2* to take the second set!

Luck not with West now knocks 2 out of the treble 20 and ends up with a 1.

Adams takes the 3rd set for a 2-1 lead.

Adams wins 3-1 (Never in doubt!)
Profit: £9.16

Liverpool v Bolton

Well I'm off to watch the mighty Lincoln City this afternoon so going to leave a bet on while I'm out.

I have layed No Goal in the Liverpool match at 12.0. Not matched yet but shoul be by kick off.

See you all later when I (hopefully) collect my winnings!

Happy Punting.

Liverpool won 2-1 (Hope that doesn't mean Ray stays though!)
Profit: £15.45

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a prosperous new year and here is the stream for the 1st match of the season. year!

Gone with Soderling at 1.18 myself 1-1 in the 2nd Soderling having won the 1st 6-4.

4-4* Berdych to serve. Now would be a good time for a break please Robin!

0-15 hello! 15 all ah well that would have been too good to get to do the Oi Oi at 1st attempt of the year! :-)

Uh oh Set point Berdy at 4*-5! Saved! GP Soderling... And holds with an ace!

Break Point Soderling! at 5-5* ... Deuce! ... BP#2!!! Take it Robin you sexy beast! Saved good 1st serve from Berdy! GP Berdy ... Holds for 5*-6.

Tie break
1-0** Berdych
1-1* Another ace please Robin
1**-2 that'll do now for a mb?
1*-3 Yessss and another?
2-3** ooooh nearly crept in!
2-4** keep it up Robin.
2**-5 Ace!!! Now for another MB to make it safe?
2*-6 Yesss! MP#1
2nd serve...
3-6** Robin to ace it out? MP#2

Soderling Wins 6-4 7-6(3)
Profit: £26.12

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