Friday, 4 September 2015

Elina Svitolina v Ekaterina Makarova

Backed Makarova when winning 3-6 1*-3 30-15 @ 1.08

Svitolina holds for 2-3*.
Aaargh Deuce from 40-15... GP#3... Deuce... BP... Flippin Break 3*-3
Svitolina follows it up with a hold to love. 4-3*

I really think they should ban timeouts, or at least if a player calls one they should be penailsed on the scoreboard somehow. It's almost like a boxer taking a big blow and then having 5 minutes rest and starting again. I just have to leave my bet and hope now!

And Kate holds to 30! 4*-4

Followed by Svitolina holding to 30 5-4* Scoreboard pressure on Kate to hold here.

0-15... 15-15... Oh dear Kate 15-30. Doesn't look comfortable out there. 30-30... 30-40... Deuce... GP poor dropshot from Svitolina... Deuce... GP... Holds. 5-5*

Why in tennis when one player is so obviously out on their feet does the other player fail to get them moving side to side. I see it everyday and it bugs me.

0-15... 15-15... 15-30... 30-30... Return Ace! 30-40... Break! Svitolina is clueless here. Kate can't run very much yet she isn't having to. Everything played in to the middle.

5-6* 15-0... 15-15... 30-15... 40-15... Finally out for nothing! 40-30... Deuce... Kate holding her leg again. No way should she be allowed the trainer again. WTF trainer on court at Deuce. Cramping? Get the fuck on with it! Give her a time violation! Actually she's had a warning so that should be a point there. SHould be BP IMHO. Now it is BP but should be into a TB now. ... saved it! Deuce... WTF Svit? MP#3... Cheating Bitch! Whay fanny around when I could have won some money if you hadn't messed about. An hour of my life wasted!

Daria Kasatkina v Kristina Mladenovic

After the earlier loss I decided to reload to where I was at midnight and start the 4th September again.
Kristina Mladenovic
£74.74 loaded and dumped on Mladenovic @ 1.11 when the scire is 1-5* 15-30 in the 1st set.

And the break comes. 2*-5.

Break follows break and Kiki takes the 1st set 2-6. Serving first in the second which is always a bit of a worry in WTA.

And there's the first break of the 2nd set 1-3* Get in. And consolidated for a 1*-4 lead.

Stays on serve to 3-5* Kiki serving for the match. GSM

Profit: £7.85
Bank: £82.59

Andrej Martin v Pedro Cachin

Martin won the 1st set 6-2 and it's 0-0* in the 2nd when I get on Martin @ 1.18.

Typical Cachin follows up an easy hold with a break to 30 for a 0-2* lead!

There's the break back though. 1*-2 Back on serve.

Pffft and another break! 1-3*

This time he follows it up with a hold to 30. 1*-4

Wahey a hold! Just! 2-4*

Cachin holds to 30 though. 2*-5 looks like this may be going to a 3rd set.

He holds for 3-5* Got to break now though! 0-15... 0-30 c'mon... 0-40 oi oi...15-40... SAVELOY!!! Double fault to give up the break!

4*-5 And he holds to 30 to level it up at 5-5*.

After deuce it ends in a hold for 5*-6.

FFS 30-40... Deuce... Set Point #2...  Deuce... GP... Holds! 6-6

Tiebreak Time!!!
1-2** FFS!!!
1**-4 Two must holds here.
1*-5 Balls!!!
1-6** Flippin useless!
2-6* A bit late now!
Set Cachin.

Martin to serve first in the decider. Think I'll stick with him for now.

Andrej starts with a hold to love. Where was that serving in the tiebreak you muppet!

Oi! Oi! 15-40... 30-40... SAVELOY!!! 2*-0
And he consolodates it with a hold for a 3-0* lead.

Cachin back in the match with a hold to 15 for 3*-1

Oh Christ! 0-40... 15-40... Break! Back to TB type serving! 3-2*

Followed up by a hold to love! 3*-3 I fear for my bet right now. Switching @2.08

Aargh didn't get it on quick enough still on Martin

0-15 FFS... 0-30 I'll kill this donkey!!! ... 15-30 Fight!... 15-40 ... Break! 4 straight games! I so nearly greened at 3-0* aswell. Gutted by my own muppetry! 3-4*

Need the immediate break back please. Holds to love!

3*-5 serving to stay in the match. From 40-0 to Deuce!!! To Match Point! GSM

Andrej Martin! Another name for my blacklist! (Well if I had one!)

Loss: £109.45

Football: Malaysia U19 v Laos U19

Bit of crappy U19 international football to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

Going for Over 0.5 Goals @ 1.06.

Well not really ticking just yet! 0-0 at HT.

84 Minutes: Finally! 0-1 Get in! It was squeaky bum time!

Profit: £5.93
Bank: £109.46

Petra Cetkovska v Caroline Wozniacki

Money was still tied up in the footy so got 1.15 on Wozniacki at 0-0* 0-15 in the 1st game!

0-30 not a great start... 15-30... 30-30... That was well wide??? Ah yes given out! 40-30... Another very late call Holds for 0*-1

Petra Cetkovska

And a break already to 30. 0-2*

0-3* Woz saved 2 BP's there!

Why is it that Czech and Slovak girls are sooo hot?  I think that must be why they split the country in two. With that many sexy ladies walking around it must be impossible to get any work done!

We have a break back to make it 2*-3

And Woz gets the break again 2-4*
Pffft Broken once more! 3*-4

Uh oh Petra holds to 15 4-4*
0-30 C'mon Woz get a grip!! 15-30... DOUBLE FAULT!!! 15-40... Oh deary me! Broken AGAIN!!!

5*-4 And hold for the set! From 0-3 to 6-4. Terrible Woz. Buck up in the 2nd set please!

Actually gonna go for a chase the break now. Switching to Petra @ 1.75
Cet: -14.27 Woz: -103.76

Break!! 1*-0 And SWITCH
Cet: -103.76 Woz: +71.83

Oh dear a hold to 30 brings up 2-0* That's 6 straight games! Have to stick and pray Woz can claw her way back in here.

Well Woz had game point but is broken again! 3*-0 She is gone!!! And to think I was toying with the idea of backing her to win 2-0. I need some crazy WTA shit to happen now!!!

At 30-0 Petra threw in a DF now we have 30-40. Tennis is funny! And Break! 3-1* 7 game losing streak is ended! If only that break had come on her last service game I would have been green and out!

Well bugger me! Woz broken to love again!! What are you doing to me Woz??? SO nearly a perfect strategy as 4 breaks from 5 games this set. Just needed them to come together and I'd be laughing.

4*-1 You would expect Petra to freeze up getting over the line. But the way Woz is playing I don't think it will matter!

4-2* And we have another break! Can Woz get back in this? Grrrr 5/6 breaks this set!

Hello Woz looks like she may have a second wind! 30-0... Followed by a Double Fault Jeeez! Cetkovska bossing these rallies 30-30... On this peformance how is she around 150 in the world? 30-40... Out? Challenge! It is out! Deuce... BP#2... Deuce... BP#3... ACE!!! Deuce... Useless Woz! BP#4... Oooof just wide Deuce... Woz needs to find some angles and get Petra moving... Good serve GP... Holds!! Yes a Hold!!! After 6 straight breaks on her serve!

4*-3 Will the pressure pile up on Cetkovska now? Both players have traded at 1.10 or below now.

And Break for 4-4*

15-0 I'm outta here!

-0.24 on both. Now that was a lucky escape

Woz holds for 4*5 maybe should have held my nerve!

Woz takes the set 5-7. Really should have stuck to my guns!

Football: Melgar v Leon de Huanuco

A bit of a wind down from the tennis with a bit of Peruvian Footy. Going for Over 0.5 Goals at 1.09

Booom 1-0 Not even time to find an appropriate photo so over to watch Wozniacki

  • Over 0.5 Goals 1.09 £2.69 £0.24
    Ref: 54850879188 Matched: 02:06 04-Sep-15
  • Over 0.5 Goals 1.09 £6.07 £0.55
    Ref: 54850879188 Matched: 02:05 04-Sep-15
  • Over 0.5 Goals 1.09 £86.80 £7.81
    Ref: 54850879188 Matched: 02:05 04-Sep-15
Profit: £8.21

Danka Kovinic v Anna Karolina Schmiedlova

Scmiedlova leading 2-5* 30-15 in the 3rd when I get on at 1.01.

Eyes on the ball

FFS 30-40... Break!!! NEVER BACK 1.01

3*-5 15-40 TAKE IT!!! Grrrrr 30-40... 2nd serve... FFS Deuce... 2nd... GP... 2nd (not that it makes any difference) ... Ooooh Deuce... MP#3... 2nd serve... Looks like a retard and plays like a retard! Deuce... GP#2... Ace!! Dear God!

4-5*0-15... I love laying 1.01's Oh wait, what's that I backed it? N'ah surely not! 15-15... 30-15... 2nd... 30-30... 2nd... Shot! 40-30... Deuce... MP#5... 2nd... Oh my Lordy. In all my years I don't think I've seen a serve go so wide it goes straight in the stand! Double Fault Deuce... MP#6... FFS Schmiedlova punish the mooballs not tee them up for her! Deuce... MP#7 Lucky 7? C'mon mong face TAKE IT!!! Deuce... 2nd... Double Fault! BP... Point! Deuce... That was long! Challenge it No wtf useless! BP#2... Deuce... Shes fallen over but it's in! MP#8...

GSM! Never in doubt! 1.01's are FREE MUNNIES!

Profit: A whopping £0.90

Flavia Pennetta v Monica Nicelescu

Penne Pasta is leading 6-1 3*-2 when I get on at 1.04

Ok I know it's spaghetti!
Pennetta holds from Deuce 4-2*

5*-2 A break to love. Now to serve it out.

2 MP's wasted now BP!!! Women! Deuce... BP#2... Deuce... MP#3 Take it! ... Pffft Deuce... BP#3... FFS Break!

5-3* Holds from Deuce.

5*-4 This time then Flavia. 0-15... 0-30... 15-30... 30-30... 30-40 WTF? Deuce... MP#4... GSM Made me sweat there!

Profit: £3.48

Football: O'Higgins v Univ de Concepcion

Going for Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.23 in this one.

Let's have the goals to make this girl happy!

God I hate goals betting... 30 minutes gone and it's 0-0.

HT and still 0-0 may have picked a lemon here! However 7 shots on target in the 1st half I feel we may yet still have the goals.

Booom!!! Less than a minute in to the 2nd half and it's 0-1. Surprised the away team have taken the lead. Must have been an inspirational team talk!

Boom Boom!!! 51 minutes and it's 0-2.

Profit: £16.42
Bank: £91.16

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Petra Kvitova v Nicole Gibbs

Backing Kvitova @ 1.08 when 2-1* in the 1st set.

Nicole Gibbs

Right back home now. Excuse the brevity of previous bets, I wanted to record them but as on mobile I couldn't go into detail.

Anyway this one is now 6-3 4*-3

Needless to say the earlier ones won or my bank would havebeen bust!

Consecutive holds brings up 5*-4 Petra serving for the match.

Kvitova Wins
Profit £4.68
Bank: £74.74

Nicolas Mahut v Guillermo Garcia Lopez

Backing GGL @ 1.10 when the score is 4-6 2-6 7-6 1-3*

Brengle/Maria v Bouchard/Vesnina

Backing Bouchard/Vesnina 1.10 2-3* in the 2nd set.

Kurumi Nara v Shelby Rogers

2*-4 in 2nd set when I get on at 1.08

Johanna Konta v Garbine Muguruzu

I smell danger with this bet but backing Konta at 1.36. The score is 7-6 6-5* Muguruzu serving to stay in the match.
Johanna Konta

Holds to 30 for 6-6 Tie break again!

1-0** Let's get at this serve then
2**-1 We have the MB but my stream died so not sure what hapenned. FFS MB Back!
2*-2 Good serve
3-2** Get the MB... return long.
3-3* C'mon Konta! Pfft serve too good.
3**-4 Wild 1st serve... Double Flipping Fault!
3*-5 2nd serve... Return long... Challenge... Grrr WTF No way you can't give the point to Mugu she played it!!! Fat slag in the chair! Cheating bitch.
3-6** I am fucking seething here!!! And great point gets the MB back
4-6* But it should be 5-5. No justice!!! 2nd serve... BASTARDS!!! ooh challenge... Call stands.

Set Muguruzu. But Konta properly cheated there. Crowd booing big style.

And the replay:

Konta to Umpire: I had my racquet on the ball why are you giving her the point?
Umpire: Because I felt she would win it.

What the Fuck is that about? You need to get her fucking sacked!

Here we go then 0-0* let's kill the cheating bitch and her lesbiam umpire lover!

0-15... 0-30 ... ACE... Wonderful play Konta 15-40... huge serve 30-40... Grrrr Deuce... BP#3... 2nd serve, YESSS DOUBLE FAULT!!! Nothing less than Konta deserved.

1*-0 Now HOLD!!! Ace to take it... Challenged!! On the line Fuck off Mug.
2-0* Break now please. 30-40... pffft Deuce... BP#2... TAKE IT!!! 2nd serve, Yes!!!!!
Perfect timing as I have to pop out. Greened out @ 1.15ish for £7.60 on both so don't care anymore.

Though would like to see Konta progress. Good luck back later

Sara Errani v Jelean Ostapenko

0-6 6-4 5*-3 A-40 so match point when I get on at 1.02.

Deuce... MP GSM Nice and quick.

Profit: £0.87
Bank: £46.63

Vicky v Wicky

7-5 4-3* love-40 when I back Azarenka @ 1.02

Yanina Wickmayer

15-40... 30-40... Phew Break! 5*-3 Vicky to serve it out.

FFS Victoria! 15-40... 30-40... BREAK :(

Break for the match? Yes please! Azarenka looks a bit like the Incredible Hulk in that outfit. Let's hope she gets angry!
Victoria Azarenka

30-30... 30-40 MP#1 GSM

Azarenka Wins 7-5 6-4

Profit: £0.86
Bank: £45.75

Lesia Tsurenko v Varvara Lepchenko

6-7 2-5* When I get on Lepchenko @ 1.03

And Boom Holds for the match

Lepchenko Wins 7-6 6-2

Profit: £0.84
Bank: £44.89

3rd September 2015

Hello sports fans! Thought I'd have another dabble for the US Open.

Only got around £40 in my account so we will see where we'll get!

Andrea Petkovic v Elena Vesnina
Andrea Petkovic

Petkovic won the 1st set 6-3 but was broken in the 1st game of the 2nd set. She broke straight back for 1*-1 when I get on at a slightly skinny 1.08.
  • Andrea Petkovic 1.08 £40.48 £3.24
    Ref: 54831641916 Matched: 16:50 03-Sep-15
And Petkovic broken again for 1-2*. Not a single BP against her 1st set and now loses her 1st two service games of the 2nd set.

Vesnina saves a BP to hold for 1*-3.

FFS Broken to 30 again!!! 1-4* Vesnina with the double break. Looks like we're going to a 3rd set.

Petkovic gets a break back. Still trailing 2*-4.

Andrea has remembered how to serve! Holds to love. 3-4* Bit of pressure on the Vesnina serve now.
Nope instead it's a love hold for 3*-5. Petkovic serving to stay in the set.

Ok Petkovic holds for 4-5* Now let's level this set please.

15-30... 15-40 C'mon 2 BP's BREAK!!! 5*-5 Now hold.

Holds to 30. 6-5* Now time to wrap this up Andrea. 15-30 Oi Oi... 30-30... 40-30... Holds!! 6-6

Tiebreak time.
0-1** FFS here we go!
1-1* MB back. Another? Double Fault! Ouch!
2**-1 C'mon hold them both.
3*-1 Grrrr wide!
3-2** 2nd serve get on it! Long Challenge by Vesnina... To be fair Petkovic reacted as though it was in. Plum on the line! Replay the point. 2nd serve again, never really understand why they go back to 1st serve, they should have a successful challenge as a let rather than replay the whole point. Pffft!
3-3* Andrea needs this next point I think.
4**-3 Well done now hold both please... Nice point.
5*-3 Fair play to Vesnina good point too.
5-4** Fantastic Petkovic! WTF Challenge??? How late? Call Stands!!


Petkovic Wins 6-3 7-6
Profit: £3.09

Bank: £44.05

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wednesday 4th March

Another quick one tonight and still haven't updated from the weekend as I've just had so much on. A few long odds punts tonight!

Liverpool v Burnley: Back Over 3.5 Goals @ 2.76 for £100 (Potential Profit: £168.08)

QPR v Arsenal: Back QPR @ 7.4 for £25 (Potential Profit: £152.80)

Newcastle v Man Utd: Lay Man Utd @ 1.91 for £100 (Potential Profit: £104.94)

Good Luck and Happy Punting!!!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Saturday 28th February

Going to be dipping in and out as I can today. Pronise I will give a proper update either later tonight or tomorrow, I've just been too busy!

So first bet today is:

West Ham v Crystal Palace: Back Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.42 for £200 (Potential Profit: £80.22)

Good Luck & Happy Punting!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wolfsburg to end the woes???

Lost the last bet and still out watching the footy in the pub. Having a punt on Wolfsburg for £100 @ 2.88 after 23 minutes.

Good luck and happy punting!!!

Disaster yesterday!! Dreamland Today??

Well yesterday was a shocker! £250 down the swanny.

Not going to be home in time to update the blogg before tonights bets so a quick bet posted while out and about and will update properly later.

Besiktas v Liverpool: Back Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.39 for £300 (Potential Profit: £111.73)

Good Luck and Happy Punting!!!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wednesday 25th February 2015

Eugenie Bouchard - 21 Today
Tonights fixtures sees Arsenal host Monaco and Leverkeusen host Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.

Atletico got to give their strikers an early rest at the weekend during a comfortable win. This should mean they are sharp tonight. I fancy an away win here and odds of 2.72 is enough to tempt me in.

I also fancy some goals here and think the price for over 1.5 is huge.

Back Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.47 for £100 (Potential Profit: £44.88)

Back Atletico Madrid @ 2.72 for £50 (Potential Profit: £82.13)

In the Arsenal match I think the home team should have too much for Monaco. The thing with Arsenal though is that on their day they are capable of blowing Monaco away by 3 or 4 goals. However they are equally as likely to sneak a 1-0 win.

Back Arsenal @ 1.64 for £100 (Potential Profit: £61.12)

Good Luck and Happy Punting!!!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Nice little earner while out enjoying myself!

Alvaro Morato scored the winner - Also scored a winner with Maria Pombo
With one eye on the football and the other on the pool table a smile of smug satisfaction was on my face ven if I did lose a tenner at pool.

Two nice wins for my bets tonight without too much drama.

Juventus v Dortmund

Back Juventus @ 2.0 for £100 - £95.50 PROFIT

Man City v Barcelona

Back Over 2.5 Goals for £100 - £71.63 PROFIT



Chuesday Champions Choices

Gabriella Fox
Back into Europe again as the football calendar is relentless at this time of year and you don't get much bigger than the offering at The Etihad tonight!

Sorry for the brevity of the post tonight but I'm off out to watch the footy with some mates and play some pool.

Juventus v Dortmund

Back Juventus @ 2.0 for £100 (Potential Profit: £95.50)

Man City v Barcelona

Back Over 2.5 Goals for £100 (Potential Profit: £71.63)

Good luck all and Happy Punting!

Saturday's Results

Well I'm not sure what happened to my last post but it seems to have vanished. I was out all day Sunday so haven't checked the blog until tonight for the today's tips.

So here is Saturdays's results:

Back Chelsea To Win @ 1.21 for £200 - £0.00 PROFIT

Back QPR To Win @ 4.5 for £25 - £25.00 LOSS

Back Palace To Win @ 5.1 for £25 - £25.00 LOSS

Man City To Win @ 1.29 for £300 - £83.08 PROFIT

Over 4.5 Goals @ 4.6 for £25 - £85.95 PROFIT



Saturday, 21 February 2015

Manchester City v Newcastle United

Yaya is back!
Well this game has even more incentive for City after Chelsea dropping two points at home to Burnley.

Can't see beyond a home win here, especially with Yay Toure back. he may not be the player he was last season but some players just make those around them tick. He is one of those players.

Fancy a few goals here too.

Man City to Win @ 1.29 for £300 (Potential Profit: £83.08)

Over 4.5 Goals @ 4.60 for £25 (Potential Profit: £85.95)

Saturday's Action As It Happens

Well we're off in the 3pm fixtures...

3:07 Oh dear! Danny Welbeck has been brought down in the box! It's a penalty to Arsenal...

0-1 Santi Cazorla scores from the spot.

3:13 Well bugger me! It's that man Branislav Ivanovic with another goal. 1-0 to Chelsea.

Ivanovic scores again!

3:16 Not going well for my long shot punts! 1-0 to Hull. Nikica Jelavic scoring an important goal.

3.20 Scott Sinclair scores again! New manager working wonders?

3.29 I see Man Utd have gone 0-1 up at Swansea through Ander herrera. Looks like their run may continue.

3.30 Or maybe not!!! Swansea straight back in it with a goal from Ki Sung-yeung 1-1.

3.32 Well my QPR bet may dead and buried! Joey Barton has been given a straight red! 1-0 down away from home with 10 men for the best part of an hour... Hmmm.

3.40 Welcome back Charlie Austin! Grabs an equaliser for QPR. Maybe there is a chance.

Autin Allegro

3.45 With half time approaching Stoke have pulled level through Mame Diouf 1-1.

3.48 Looks like my Palace bet is dead and buried. Olivier Giroud makes it 0-2.

Half time in all the matches and my bets are mixed at the moment. Chelsea still only have the 1-0 lead against Burnley but should bring it home. As for the two outsiders well Palace are 0-2 down at home to Arsenal so that's probably £25 gone. I believe there are questions about if it should have been a penalty for the first and a suspicion of offside for the second. Have Palace been hard done by? Either way my bet is done!

Interesting match between Hull and QPR though. QPR levelling the game after going down to 10 men. Backing a draw in that at 3.2 looks appealing, but hopefully I can still get a win on this.

Elsewhere around Europe I see Barcelona are losing 0-1 at home to Malaga!! That is going to be a major coupon buster if they don't turn it around! They should be able to with a strike force of Neymar, Suarez and Messi. Probably end 4-1.

Bayern are back to scoring ways after hurting my bank balance in the week. Winning 0-4 against Paderborn.

The second half is under way...

4:05 Bayern 0-5 now! Whay couldn't they have scored some of these on Tuesday? Grrrr.

4.13 It's all quiet in the Premier League, but Bayern Munich are rubbing salt into my wounds! 0-6.

4.25 Has there been an alien invasion and everyone has been abducted? It's eerily quiet. I see PSG haven't had a single shot at home to Toulouse after 25 minutes in what is a must win for them.

4.27 Hahaha PSG 1-0 with their 1st shot of the match. Adrien Rabiot with the goal.

OMG Matic has been sent off for Chelsea! 20 minutes to hang on to this 1-0 lead? With penalty appeals being turned down and now this? It may not be their day! I'm going to protect my stake here. Laying at 1.14 but leaving £13.37 potential profit on Chelsea.

4.31 Is this the start of a late flurry of action? It's Jonjo Shelvey who has put Swansea into a 2-1 lead.
Daisy Evans - Jojo Shelvey's fiancee

4.40 Wow! Ben Mee has equalised for Burnley. Man City must be getting excited as they prepare for their evening clash with Newcastle.

4.48 QPR unable to hold out. Hull have taken the lead through Dame N'Doye 2-1.

4.51 It's full time in Spain... Barcelona 0-1 Malaga!!! Wow and ouch will have to have a look what price Malaga were before kick off!

4.52 Stoke have got a late winner! Ron Vlaar red carded for his challenge on Diouf and Victor Moses converts the penaly 1-2.

4.53 Glenn Murray with a late consolation for Palace. With two dubious goals for Arsenal, will Palace feel agrieved here?

4.55 All the games have finished

Back Chelsea to Win @ 1.21 for £200 - PROFIT £0.00

Back QPR to win @ 4.5 for £25 - LOSS: £25.00

Back Palace to win @ 5.1 for £25 - LOSS: £25.00

Saturday 21st February

Ashley Greene
Some nice fixtures in this afternoons Premier League. New managers and managers under pressure always adds a different dimension to things so that offers a slightly different edge on things.

Aston Villa v Stoke City

Tim Sherwood arrives at Villa Park for his first game properly in charge. It seems the Villa fans I've been chatting to almost think he's as good as he thinks he is himself! I'm sorry but I just have a nagging doubt about his abilities. I hope he does well and keeps Villa up though as they are a big club that really should be copmeting. There is no denying that the feel good factor of the appointment should have the home fans in full voice but Stoke are a canny bunch. I think this will probably be a score draw but could go either way. It's a no bet for me I'm afraid.

Chelsea v Burnley

What can I say about this one? Well Nick Griffin should probably attend to canvas support if all the media hype is to be believed! Apart from that I can only see aq home win here. Is 1.21 a fair price? I think it is actually a few points generous so I'm on it!

MY BET: Chelsea to win @ 1.21 for £200 (Potential Profit: £40.11)

Crystal Palace v Arsenal

There is something about this fixture that just makes we want to back Palace. I know Arsenal on paper are the better side and Selhurst Park offers no intimidation to them as they are unbeaten on the ground in 35 years! But sometimes you just get the feeling. Maybe Arsenal will have their minds drifting towards the Champions League tie in a few day? Who knows. I was tempted to just lay Arsenal at 1.83 but I'm going to have a dabble on Palace for the win.

MY BET: Crystal Palace to win @ 5.10 for £25 (Potential Profit: £97.89)

Hull City v Queens Park Rangers

Last time out QPR picked up their first away win (which I backed here Yay!) without Charlie Austin. He's back today so can they overcome Hull? I fancy them to get something from this game. Is it the new manager factor playing a part again? Maybe. Maybe I'm just a sucker for it? I think both teams have some decent players and have probably underachieved so far. Both will be desperate to add points to keep clear of the drop zone. I'm having a little dabble on QPR again in this.

MY BET: QPR to win @ 4.5 for £25 (Potential Profit: £83.56)

Sunderland v West Bromich Albion

Another match where the influence of the managers is possibly greater than the teams! But what a contrast we have. West Brom have Tony Pulis working his magic at another club whilst Gus Poyet is having all sorts of bother at the Stadium of Light. Oddly for Poyet, he may have preferred an away match today to get some respite from the home crowd. Unfortunately he's at home and I just think this is only going in one direction for him. I fancy a West Brom win here but don't like the odds so it's a no bet from me.

Swansea City v Manchester United

It's been said by pretty much everyone who isn't a Man Utd supporter for a couple of months now that United are going to come unstuck at some stage as they aren't a good side. But they just keep getting results, deservedly or not they are 3rd in the league and the form team at the moment. Swansea are not going to recover from the loss of Bony this season in my opinion but have doen enough to be safe. The question here is, are Utd good enough to keep winning? Personally I don't think they are but today might not be the day they get beaten. I fancy a draw but I'm not having a bet on this one.

Good luck and Happy Punting!

Late update from Thursday's bets.

Sorry for the delay. I watched the 2nd half of the Liverpool match in the pub and had a few afterwards. Also was busy and then out for a dinner party last night so it's hangover Saturday today!

Anyway I didn't do that well on Thursday as I talked myself out of backing my original selections of wins for Liverpool and Villareal and instead opted for the "safe" option of Over 1.5 Goals!!!

Well of course Liverpool and Villareal both won and Over 1.5 Goals lost! The betting Gods were against me I tells ye!

The earlier match saw a win though with Wolfsburg coming through with a 2-0 victory.

Back Wolfsburg to Win @ 1.66 for £200 - PROFIT: £126.06

Liverpool v Besiktas: Back Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.35 for £200 - LOSS: £200.00



Thursday, 19 February 2015

Europa League (Part 2)

Red Bull Salzburg
I've been having a long hard look at the late kick offs over the last hour or so and they mostly make me nervous. There just seem to be too many unknowns around.

The two teams I fancied are Villareal and Liverpool to notch up home wins. However both have domestic issues with a real need to get maximum points to get into those Champions League spots.

They both seem to have adopted the same approach putting full strength teams out in the 1st leg but where will the minds of those players be?

I'm going to avoid the Villareal v Red Bull Salzburg game completely. As for Liverpool, well Besiktas can be dangerous and the price for Liverpool is lower than I would have it. I fancy them for the win but not at that price. I doubt it'll be a repeat of the 8-0 in 2007 but I do fancy goals and the odds on Over 1.5 look very generous to me. Both teams can score tonight I feel.

Liverpool v Besiktas: Back Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.35 for £200 (Potential Profit: £66.85)

Good Luck and Happy Punting!!!

Europa League is back!!

Wolfsburg - The home of the VW Beetle
The second tier of European football is back with the addition of the Champions League dropouts. For many this is when the competition starts properly. Some teams are already left with this as their only chance of glory or entry into next year's Champions League. Others are torn between the lure of a successful cup run and the domestic battle ahead.

It usually makes for some interesting line ups and results.

In the 6pm kick offs there is one stand out bet for me and that is Wolfsburg to beat Sporting Lisbon at home. The german team are comfortable in second place in the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich probably too far ahead of them and a gap below to 3rd. So for them Champions League next year looks secure yet the title is gone. That means they have all to play for in this. Sporting are in 3rd and whilst the title may be beyond them they will be wanting to finish second but also have Braga in 4th place just over their shoulder.

Back Wolfsburg to Win @ 1.66 for £200 (Potential Profit: £126.06)

That's my only bet in the earlier kick offs. Will post selections for layer matches shortly.

Good luck and Happy Punting!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

18/02/2015 As it happens

We're off in the Champions League... fingers crossed folks.

11 minutes: Derlis Gonzalez has give Basel the lead 1-0 there's a long way to go in this match though.
Montserrat Gonzalez - Paraguayan Number 2

27 minutes: Boom! That man Christiano Ronaldo! One chance and one goal

Christiano Ronaldo to score anytime @ 1.76 for £100 - PROFIT: £72.58

Half time and the scores remain the same. I could green out on the Basel  match for £47.50 on all outcomes and Porto are the team on top. Can Basel hold on?

48 minutes: Porto have levelled it 1-1. Hang on no they haven't it's been disallowed! C'mon! The brown envelope will be in the post tonight ref :-)

74 minutes: Can't keep on with the Basel bet here so I'm greening out at 1.48 for £76.46 on all outcomes.

78 minutes: Well that is timing!!! Porto have a penalty within a few minutes of greening out! Thank God for time stamped Betfair forum or everyone would think I'm seriously Billy Bullsh1tting!!! hahaha!

It's all going on! Real Madrid have score a second! 0-2 Marcelo the scorer. Ronaldo the provider this time.

Back Basel to win @ 3.85 for £50 - PROFIT £76.46 (Greened on all outcomes at 1.48)

It's all over! and finishes 1-1 in Basel and 0-2 in Gelsenkirchen.

Back Ronaldo to score a hattrick @ 18.0 for £5 - LOSS £5.00

Back Real Madrid to Win @ 1.51 for £200 - PROFIT: £99.32



Wednesday's Winners

Happy Birthday to wrestlers Hannah & Holly Blossom
Night two of Champions League footy tonight with another two games. Hopefully make up for last night losses on the disappointing Bayern match and should blossom into fruitful wins for the bank!

FC Basel v FC Porto

Whilst not always convinced of the outcome of the match sometimes odds just scream out at me. This is one of those. I predict a tight affair tonight and my gut instinct is a 1-0 home win. So odds of 3.85 on Basel seem far to tempting to ignore and I'm on it.

Back FC Basel @ 3.85 for £50 (Potential Profit: £133.70)

FC Schalke 04 v Real Madrid

Schalke are not exactly free scoring of late and aren't conceding many either so a reapeat of last year's 1-6 may not be on the cards. Real too have had a funny couple of weeks and the 4-0 away loss at rivals Atletico must still hurt. Strangely Christiano Ronaldo has lost his scoring touch and people talk of perhaps a crisis! It's been 3 whole games folks, get over it. The smug git will probably bag a hattrick tonight just to prove his doubters wrong! But I'm going to have a dabble on him scoring at least 1.

Christiano Ronaldo to score anytime @ 1.76 for £100 (Potential Profit: £72.58)

Ronaldo hattrick @ 18.0 for £5 (Potential Profit: £81.17)

I am torn about whether to back Real for the win... I've been mulling it over all afternoon. The odds of 1.52 are probably about right but have been gradually rising as I've been deciding. Another few points nearer 1.60 and I would have been on without doubt.

Ah sod it!!

Back Real Madrid To Win @ 1.51 for £200 (Potential Profit: £99.32)

Good Luck all and Happy Punting!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

As it happens 17/02/15

The odds have dropped to 2.50 on Thomas Muller to score. Obviously everyone piling in to my tip hahaha! Not taking it at that price. Not to worry wasn't a big one anyway.

Fabregas does start for Chelsea and Luis in midfield for PSG.

30 minutes gone and it's 0-0 in both matches. Need some more goalmouth action please.

36 minutes: Branislav Ivanovic opens the scoring 0-1 The only problem now is can PSG break down the inevitable Chelsea bus!
Ana Ivanovic - Scores whenever she likes!

Half time: Still 0-1 in Paris. More annoyingly it's 0-0 in the Shaktar v Bayern match. Not been watching it but stats suggest Bayern on top but only 1 shot on goal is a worry.

54 minutes: Edinson Cavani heads it in! 1-1

Back Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.55 for £100 - PROFIT: £52.52

Now I need Bayern to up their game and sort my other bets out with £200 still at risk!

65 minutes: OMG Xabi Alonso has picked up two yellows and got his marching orders for Bayern. Not looking clever now!

It's all over in Paris. Final score 1-1

And it's all over in Lviv. Ends 0-0, a shocker for me! :-(

Shakhtar v Bayern - Back Over 2.5 Goals: LOSS £100

Shakhtar v Bayern - Back Bayern: LOSS £100



Tuesday night Champions League

Paris Hilton - 34 today

Paris Saint Germain v Chelsea

Perhaps the biggest impact on this match is the return of Diego Costa from suspension. He will be chomping at the bit to get back playing and fancy him to bag a goal against what I think is a fairly shaky PSG defence. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has the ability to score goals against anyone and so it's likely PSG will score too.

I'm not sure if Fabregas is playing tonight as apparently he's not well. If not playing then Chelsea will miss him. Maybe it's going to be a Paris night? PSG to win on Paris Hilton's birthday! ;-)

I'm going to go for Over 1.5 Goals in this one.

Back Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.55 for £100 (Potential Profit: £52.52)

Shakhtar Donetsk v Bayern Munich

To have any chance of getting through to the next round I feel Shakhtar need a win from this match as even holding out for a draw in the return leg will be a tough ask. As such they are going to have to play some form of attacking football and not just park the bus. The fact they can't play in Donetsk due to the fighting means they are playing on a neutral ground in Lviv. This just adds more advantage to Bayern.

I fancy goals and maybe even Adriano to bag one for Shaktar but probably a 1-3 win for Bayern. As such I think my bets will be Over 2.5, Bayern win and Muller to score anytime.

Back Over 2.5 Goals @ 1.78 for £100 (Potential Profit: £74.49)

Back Bayern Munich to Win @ 1.40 for £100 (Potential Profit: £38.20)

Back Muller to score anytime @ 2.7 for £50 (Potential Profit: £80.75)
(Will have to wait until nearer kick off for this I think as no liquidity yet)

Good luck everyone and Happy Punting!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday 16th February Result

Chanel Preston
Well at half time I wondered if I had picked the wrong bet and should have chosen Under 3.5 rather than back Man Utd as it was 0-0.

The game was shaken up when Preston took a 1-0 lead after 47 minutes and I thought United may even go 2-0 down soon after.

However van Gaal changed things and United were soon level through Herrera on 65 minutes. Fellaini gave United the lead on 72 minutes with Rooney bagging a penalty to wrap it up on 88 minutes.

Back Manchester Utd for £100 @ 1.46 - PROFIT: £43.70

Yearly Total: PROFIT: £348.92

FA Cup - Preston v Man Utd

Carina Witthoft (German No 7) - 20 today.
Not much to go at tonight but we do have the FA Cup tie with Preston hosting Manchester United at Deepdale.

This is a tournament that United will have an eye on, with the league looking beyond their grasp it is their only chance of silverware this year. They were rubbish in the draw away at Cambridge but should be more focused tonight and it looks like it's a pretty full strength side they're putting out.

So I think United should be strong enough to get the win, I'll have a dabble on that. As for goals I was thinking that it may be a low scoring game and Under 3.5 was tempting at 1.44 but I think I'll just have the one bet on a United win.

Preston North End v Manchester United

Back Manchester Utd for £100 @ 1.46 (Potential Profit: £43.70)

Good luck and Happy Punting!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

As it happens...

Well early on I thought the Scotland victory was on. But early in the 2nd half I was beginning to wonder if all three bets were going to lose!

A finishing rally from Scotland made it very close but it ended 23-26,

Back Scotland for £50 @ 2.91 - LOSS £50.00

Back Scotland +15.5 Points for £300 @ 1.20 - PROFIT: £57.00

Back over 3.5 Tries for £50 @ 2.14 - PROFIT: £54.15

It's looking good so far in the Arsenal match with them 2-0 up at half time. And Barcelona have got half the goals needed with a 2-0 lead at half time too.

Barcelona make it 3-0 after 59 minutes and it's Messi's 2nd of the game. A hattrick would be nice!

65 minutes and it's a penalty... Messi to take... Booooom! 4-0
Antonella Rocuzzo - Lionel Messi's girlfriend

Barcelona v Levante Over 3.5 Goals £100 @ 1.51 - PROFIT: £48.45

Arsenal win 2-0.

Back Arsenal for £100 @ 1.46 - PROFIT: £43.93

Daily Total: PROFIT £153.53

Yearly Total: PROFIT £305.22

Sunday 15th February 2015

Johanna Hyoty - Finnish tennis player 23 today

After yesterday's failings I hope to get back to winning ways today.

I'll start with a bit of rugby. It's Scotland v Wales and I was torn on this. I really fancy Scotland to get the win here but do I risk cold hard cash on it? They are a very juicy 2.92. Amazingly Scotland +15.5 points is at 1.20. The other bet I'm interested in is Over 3.5 match tries at 2.14.

So I'll have a nibble of all three bets  think.

Scotland v Wales: Back Scotland for £50 @ 2.92 (Potential Profit: £91.20)

Scotland v Wales: Back Scotland + 15.5 Points for £300 @ 1.20 (Potential Profit: £57.00)

Scotland v Wales: Back Over 3.5 Tries for £50 @ 2.14 (Potential Profit: £54.15)

On to some football and we have the FA Cup match between Arsenal and Middleborough. Arsenal will want ensure passage to the next round at the 1st attempt here so I'm backing them for the win.

Arsenal v Middleborough: Back Arsenal for £100 @ 1.46 (Potential Profit: £43.93)

In Spain Barcelona need to keep up the pressure on Real Madrid at the top of the league and have what should be a straight forward match against Levante today. However 1.06 is a bit skinny! There should be plenty of goals and the odds reflect this, but that is where my money is going.

Barcelona v Levante: Over 3.5 Goals for £100 @ 1.51 (Potential Profit: £48.45)

Good luck all and hopefully a profitable day today.

Happy Punting!

Valentine's Day Massacre!

Well that wasn't a great day yesterday!

A bit of misfortune with Mike Brown going off injured early in the first half in the rugby. Then I don't know what hapenned to PSG. 2-0 up and cruising at half time. Caen got what probably seemed like a consolation goal on 89 minutes only to get the equaliser in the 2nd minute of stoppage time. It did trade at 1.01 so hopefully if anyone got on they traded out? I didn't unfortunately :-(

Then on to the main event and Liverpool came from behind to win 1-2 with goals from daniel Sturridge and Adam Lallana, and in the process land my Over 1.5 Goals bet.
Emily Jubb - Mrs Adam Lallana

The other two bets I mentioned, Bayern & Real Madrid, both won. I didn't get on myself.

Mike Brown to score anytime: LOSS £100

PSG v Caen: LOSS £100

Crystal Palace v Liverpool Over 1.5 Goals: PROFIT £99.75

Daily Total: LOSS £100.25

Yearly Profit: + £151.69

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines Day 2015 - Mixed Bag

Mike Brown's mrs - Eliza Woodcock

Have to be fairly quick today so will give a brief summary and then list my bets as I'm running around like a blue arsed fly today!

I see Bayern Munich are at home to Hamburg and that is a banker bet until I checked the odds! 1.10? I know it's almost buying money but not for me thanks.

Instead I'm going for the slightly higher priced banker bet PSG v Caen for the home win at 1.25.

If you want another 1.10 then Real Madrid to win is up there as another way of buying money. Again not for me.

Now the Crystal Palace v Liverpool match is interesting. Liverpool will be forced in to a number of changes due to injuries. Over 1.5goals @ 1.35 for me here.

As for the rugby well England at home are a massive 1.01 lol. I am struggling to find a bet I like in this but Mike Brown to score anytime at 2.12 looks a reasonable bet to me.

Paris Saint Germain v Caen: PSG to win £200 @ 1.25 (Potential Profit: £47.75)

England v Italy: Mike Brown to score £100 @ 2.14 (Potential Profit: £108.87)

Crystal Palace v Liverpool: Over 1.5 Goals £300 @ (Potential Profit: £99.75)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Metz v Brest

Laury Thilleman - Born in Brest (How apt!)

Straight back on the horse here. Taking Over 1.5 Goals at 1.82. Reducing my silly stakes a little! Don't want to do too much damage! 7 minutes gone.

  • Over 1.5 Goals1.82 £100.00 £82.00
    Ref: 46247586713Matched: 18:54 12-Feb-15

Well at least i can cosole myself to the fact I only staked £100

It ended 0-0 what a terrible match!

Loss £100.00

Galatasaray v Torku Konyaspor

Ipek Soylu - Turkish No 3

The score was 4-1 at half time and I get on after 55 minutes @ 1.36

  • Over 5.5 Goals1.36 £500.00 £180.00
    Ref: 46246661376Matched: 18:16 12-Feb-15

Let's hope there's another goal in this game!

70 minutes gone. Could red out for -£111.

82 minutes: How was that not a penalty? Flippin referee!
83 minutes: Up the other end and Toru rattle the crossbar! Might not be my night!
90 minutes: We're only going to have 2 minutes added! :-(

Full Time 4-1

Loss: £500.00 (Ouch!)

Barbora Zahlavova Strycova v Alize Cornet

Barbora Zahlavova Strycova

The score is 6-4 3*-2 30-40 when I get on hoping for it not to be a break.

Barbora Zahlavova Stryc1.27£500.00
Ref: 57257413925 Matched: 17:39 12-Feb-15

Back to Deuce... GP... Holds Get in

4-2* 30-30... 30-40 Take It!!! ... Pfft Deuce.... BP#2.... Yes BREAK!!!

5*-2 Now hold for GSM!

15-0... 15-15... 30-15... 40-15... GSM

Zahlavova Strycova Wins
Profit: £128.92

Roma U19 v Atalanta U19

Roma Downey

This has already started and they have played around 7 minutes when I back 1.5 Goals @ 1.23. Roma have already had 4 shots on target in this one.

Not all matched yet so will post bet when all taken

  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £0.70 £0.16
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:50 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £185.71 £42.71
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:50 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £2.00 £0.46
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:50 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £6.38 £1.46
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:48 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £2.00 £0.46
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:48 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £17.02 £3.91
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:48 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £7.40 £1.70
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:48 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £2.00 £0.46
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:47 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £2.00 £0.46
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:45 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £15.27 £3.51
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:45 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £52.17 £11.99
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:43 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £6.26 £1.43
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:43 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £52.17 £11.99
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:43 12-Feb-15
  • Over 1.5 Goals1.23 £48.92 £11.25
    Ref: 46243951122Matched: 16:43 12-Feb-15

32 minutes: Finally we have broken the deadlock! 1-0

I could green out for around £25 but I'll let this one ride. Hoping for a 2nd goal before half time.

Half Time still 1-0. Could still green for £9.50

Blimey 30 seconds in to the 2nd half and it's 1-1

Over 1.5 goals Wins
Profit: £87.40

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