Thursday, 3 September 2015

Johanna Konta v Garbine Muguruzu

I smell danger with this bet but backing Konta at 1.36. The score is 7-6 6-5* Muguruzu serving to stay in the match.
Johanna Konta

Holds to 30 for 6-6 Tie break again!

1-0** Let's get at this serve then
2**-1 We have the MB but my stream died so not sure what hapenned. FFS MB Back!
2*-2 Good serve
3-2** Get the MB... return long.
3-3* C'mon Konta! Pfft serve too good.
3**-4 Wild 1st serve... Double Flipping Fault!
3*-5 2nd serve... Return long... Challenge... Grrr WTF No way you can't give the point to Mugu she played it!!! Fat slag in the chair! Cheating bitch.
3-6** I am fucking seething here!!! And great point gets the MB back
4-6* But it should be 5-5. No justice!!! 2nd serve... BASTARDS!!! ooh challenge... Call stands.

Set Muguruzu. But Konta properly cheated there. Crowd booing big style.

And the replay:

Konta to Umpire: I had my racquet on the ball why are you giving her the point?
Umpire: Because I felt she would win it.

What the Fuck is that about? You need to get her fucking sacked!

Here we go then 0-0* let's kill the cheating bitch and her lesbiam umpire lover!

0-15... 0-30 ... ACE... Wonderful play Konta 15-40... huge serve 30-40... Grrrr Deuce... BP#3... 2nd serve, YESSS DOUBLE FAULT!!! Nothing less than Konta deserved.

1*-0 Now HOLD!!! Ace to take it... Challenged!! On the line Fuck off Mug.
2-0* Break now please. 30-40... pffft Deuce... BP#2... TAKE IT!!! 2nd serve, Yes!!!!!
Perfect timing as I have to pop out. Greened out @ 1.15ish for £7.60 on both so don't care anymore.

Though would like to see Konta progress. Good luck back later

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