Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Roger Federer v Andy Murray

Well seeing as I've been stuck in the over 13 corners market I haven't been able to get involved in this as yet. As I write Murray is 5-3 up and about to serve for the first set.

I am a Murray fan as long as he doesn't do his silly injured grimace when I have money on him so I would love for him to win the title here and hopefully reclaim 3rd spot in the rankings.

Some call Federer the Greatest of All Time but my vote would have to stay with Borg on that one!

I guess this match could be billed as The GOAT v The Dunblane KID :-)

Well no surprises here I guess. Murray took the first 6-3, Federer the second 6-3. I can't pick a winner but my heart says Murray. The Betfair market favours Fed but not by a lot at 1.89.

It seems the Market was right as Fed cruised to a 6-1 final set win. I didn't manage to get involved in thhis match myself.

Debrecen v Liverpool

Ok chasing mode on now after the dismal 0-0 wiped most of my bank out earlier. I've never bet on corners before but here goes. 13 or more at 3.45 is the bet.

Good luck if you're on this match unless you're on less corners! ;-)

Happy Punting!

Halftime and Liverpool are leading 0-1 through an early Ngog goal. As far as my corners bet is concerned it is looking fairly good with 6 corners in the 1st half so nearly half way there. Some periods of pressure in the second half should get us there hopefully!

11 Corners after 60 mins!!! It's looking good so far 30 mins for 2 corners!

12 now!! Just need 1 with 13 mins + stoppage time remaining!

There it is Lucky number 13!!

13 or More Corners Wins
Profit: £206.50

15 Corners in the end

Rubin Kazan v Dinamo Kiev

The way the group lies at the moment they could both do with a win here tonight so that should indicate a willingness to attack. On the other hand a defeat would end their campaign son they may go defensive. I hope it's the first as I've gone for over 1.5 Goals here at a massive 1.46!!

Apparently it's snowing so I have no idea how that will impact but hopefully the Keepers will suffer from snow blindness :-)

20 Mins gone and still 0-0
I guess not many folk fancy goals as Over 1.5 is already in the mid 1.70's :-(

40 mins played and not only is it still 0-0 but there hasn't even been a shot on goal :o !!!! Bowie may be needed early in the 2nd at this rate!

0-0 at half time. Almost a great goal right at the end but a fine save from the Kiev keeper and the follow up header which was to an open goal ended up on the roof of the net. What was quite worrying was the fact that only 12 secs of injury time were added when there was well over a minute of stoppage time by my watch.

Not looking good. I brought Bowie on and even he couldn't score. I put my green onto unders so now my book stands at:
-£739.87 Under 1.5
£0.00 Over 1.5

0-0 Final score
Loss: £739.87

Juan Martin Del Potro v Fernando Verdasco

Thanks to GVL for the information regarding Verdasco. I was nearly tempted to get in from the off, however discipline is what is needed as I am much happier getting in later on in play.

If you missed what GVL said then basically Verdasco has apparently said he wants to save himself for the Davis Cup final so probably isn't that bothered here. That is perfectly understandable I suppose, as he realistically has no chance of winning here, so wouldn't want to pick up and niggles prior to a Davis Cup final.

The only thing stopping me is that fear that Del Potro may still be injured and after a three set match against Murray the other day he may have aggravated it. I don't know though, purely speculating. These things have to be taken into consideration when trading on Betfair because of the retirement rules obviously.

Perhaps backing Del Potro at a bookie that voids on retirement is the way forward here.

Anyway I'll wait and see how the match unfolds before getting involved.

Right it's 1-1 and I've seen enough to get involved at least for the short term. All in Del Potro at 1.58

15-40 Take one!! 30-40 Take IT!!!!  And break!! I love it when my timing is right :-)

Green and out

£138.30 on Both

Del Potro Takes the 1st Set 6-4.
Verdasco takes the 2nd 6-3. Verdasco may take this as Del Potro's body language looks like a defeated man. He'll need a momentum shift to win now.

Del Potro :-D gets the break then holds for a 5-2* lead in the 3rd. That's enough for me to get back in at 1.06. C'mon the break!!! Back out at 1.04!

£153.30 on both
Well I wish I'd layed some more of that 1.04 as Verdasco has broken back for 5-4* Game On!!

Del Potro Wins 6-4 3-6 7-6(1)
Profit: £153.30

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans

Well I've done my standard lump on the home team favourites. Yes it is random but that is my mainstay in NFL.
My actual bet is to Lay the Titans at 2.8 and I see they've come in slightly already :-(
The texans will surely win with top draw totty like this to cheer them on so I'm confident in my bet ;-) And they even wear Cowboy boots.... Yeee Haw it can't fail!!!

Texans get the 1st score to lead 7-0.
It's still 1st QTR still 7-0 an I'm outta here. £122.02 on both.

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