Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Simone Bolelli v Gilles Simon

2nd set Tiebreak about to start get on Simon here.

Back Gilles Simon 1.11 £352.25 £38.75
Ref: 9306304120 Bet placed: 20:16 28-Oct-09

0**-1 Now MB please Gilles!
1*-1 This time then?
2-1** Give us two holds Simon
2-2* Ace!!
3**-2 Pffft MB Bolelli :(
3*-3 MB back! Let's have another Simon!
4-3** No room for error now Simon.
4-4* And another!
4**-5 Pressure on Bolelli now. Make the most of it Gilles please!
5*-5 Nick this and it's MP c'mon!
5-6** Nice one now TAKE IT!!!!!!

Simon Wins 7-6(5) 7-6(5)
Profit: £37.12

Marat Safin v Richard Gasquet

The score is 7-6 4-3* Gasquet about to serve when I get on. C'mon the break!!

Back Marat Safin 1.38 £258.24 £98.13
Ref: 9305419013 Bet matched:19:09 28-Oct-09

30-40 Take IT!!!!! Saved.
4*-4 :( Hold now then Safin and make Gasquet have to serve to stay in the match!!
5-4* Nice hold from 0-15! Now for a break for GSM then!!
3 Match Points!!! 1 Saved. GSM!!

Safin Wins 7-6(5) 6-4
Profit: £94.01

Daniel Koellerer v Jarkko Nieminen

Score is 6-1 1*-2 40-30 when I get on. C'mon the hold!!

Back Daniel Koellerer 1.4 £186.70 £74.68
Ref: 9305037795 Bet matched:18:35 28-Oct-09

2-2* Now for the break please Koellerer!!
3*-2 Get in now consolidate it and then hopefully Nieminen will be Finnish ;) LOL
4-2* Holds from 15-30 Clutch serving :) Another break?
5*-2 Break it is!!

Peppu I hope you're not on your man!!! He's getting spanked!! :o

Break Point Nieminen!! Saved. And another!!! Saved.
Match Point!!! Saved. And Another!!! GSM!

Koellerer Wins 6-1 6-2
Profit: £71.54

Caroline Wozniacki v Victoria Azarenka

Score is 1-6 3*-4 Wozniacki to serve! Hoping for a quick break then hold from Azarenka for GSM :)

Back Victoria Azarenka 1.17 £142.48 £24.22
Ref: 9303264014 Bet matched:15:43 28-Oct-09

15-40 C'mon Vicky!! 30-40 TAKE IT!!! Pffft Deuce :(
4-4* Hold now Vicky!!
15-40 Fffffiddlesticks!! 1 saved c'mon Vicky!! Break :(
5*-4 Rubbish!! :( Now need the rebreak here. Odd are crazy imho!! 1.73 LOL I hope they get their fingers burnt at those prices she was 1.46ish SP ffs!
30-15 but looked like Wozniacki just had to stretch her thigh off then!!
30-40 TAKE IT!!!
Deuce - Wozniacki is finished think people missed that pull up before!! Even if she serves this out she can not keep it up in a 3rd!
Set Wozniacki and nearly evens the pair??? Absolute madness!!! Wozniacki is finished!! Azarenka just has to stay on court.

WTF is is this 10 mins break??? Heat??

Reading the forums it seems I have in the minority thinking Azarenka is stronger here!! That's messed my head up somewhat!

OK time to think now. Vicky serving 1st in final set so I'm going to lay the server to get out of this so:

Lay Victoria Azarenka 1.88 £188.64 £354.64 £166.00
Ref: 9303627648 Bet matched: 16:10 28-Oct-09

£44.22 Wozniacki
-£141.78 Azarenka

0*-1 Hmmm 35 tick drop for a hold :( Have to stay on Woz! Don't punish me!! I can't follow that market as a hold again and I'll be in even more of a mess :(

0-2* If only they hadn't had that break!! I wouldn't have read the forums and held my position!! :( C'mon Wozniacki fight back please :)

1*-2 And Wozniacki breaks back!! Should have just kept laying the server would have been out now! Hold please Wozniacki!
1-3* Break to love!! :( Wozniacki you muppet!! Now break back please!
2*-3 YEEESSSS!!! Can she back it up with a hold this time? A point would be a start!
Tempted to switch for the break but surely not 5 in a row :o
0-40 What is this crap?? Deuce!! Now hold!!! Another BP saved! GP Take it!!! How many times in WTA do players fight back from 0-40 only to get broken still!! :(
2-4* FFS this is shocking!! Break again? Yes please :)

On a lighter note.... Wozniacki really should sack her stylist!! Those outfits she's been wearing of late are awful!! Did she get them from a charity shop?

3*-4 Double fault gives the Break!! Woeful from both players here. I wish I had stayed out probably missing loads of opportunities in other matches :(
A hold here and Wozniacki should be odds on!! Not giving away 0-40 would be a bonus!
0-40 AGAIN!!! FFS Azarenka though seems to have injured her knee or ankle!
3-5* Broken to love!!!

4*-5 Now then will the injury concern for Azarenka eat in to her? Will Wozniacki win a point on serve? Does WOzniacki have more than one shot? LOL C'mon Caroline let's have one incy wincy little hold please :)

0-15 Double fault :( 15-15 some hope!! 30-15!! 30-30 :( Just 2 points Wozniacki please :) MATCH POINT #1 :( Saved!! Now Wozniacki to win :) GP!! Deuce :( GP!!! Take it this time!! YEEEESSSS

5-5* Finally after a run of 8 consecutive breaks we have a hold after saving Match Point. How will Azarenka react now? Bring on the break please!
6*-5 LOL Violation gives the break!!! Vicky trying to be Serena Williams!! :D

Now then Wozniacki to serve it out? I can now green up for £3.00ish if I wanted but I have faith in Wozniacki if not to serve it out then in a Tiebreak. But c'mon the hold!!
15-0 C'mon!!
30-0 Two more please :)
40-0 Yes Yes Yes Take one of these!!
40-15 This one then!!!

Wozniacki Wins 1-6 6-4 7-5
Profit: £44.22

John Isner v Janko Tipsarevic

Again getting in from the start where I probably shouldn't. Backing Tipsy here as he's been on a good run of late. Add to that the fact that Isner doesn't seem able to play outside of North America and it should all stack up to a Tipsy win.

Back Janko Tipsarevic 1.69 £2.62 £1.81
Ref: 9301896603 Bet matched:13:57 28-Oct-09
1.69 £6.49 £4.48
Ref: 9301896603 Bet matched:13:58 28-Oct-09
1.69 £8.02 £5.53
Ref: 9301896603 Bet matched:13:58 28-Oct-09
1.69 £98.48 £67.95
Ref: 9301896603 Bet matched:13:58 28-Oct-09

Isner to serve first and it will probably be a TB in about 20 mins LOL ;)

OK a bit later than expected but after 39 mins here we are in a TB!! Evens the pair suggests my bet was terrible :( C'mon Janko!!!
0-1** MB LOL Only his 3rd return point won!! Will it be enough to win him the set??
0-2* Another hold pt please :)
0**-3 Another MB would be very nice :)
1*-3 C'mon nick this one then!!
2-3** Two aces then Janko!!
3-3* FFS!! C'mon Tipsy!! You can't give away MB's like that against Isner they come along so infrequently :(
3**-4 C'mon give us a MB please Janko :)
4*-4 Ace :(
4-5** Yes!! DF from Isner!! " holds now for the set!!
4-6* Set Point TAKE IT!!!
4-7 Yess!!!

Got very lucky there Isner really should have done better in that TB.

I'm out even green £26.87 on Both

Lay Janko Tipsarevic 1.36 £2.32 £3.16 £0.84
Ref: 9302569939 Bet matched: 14:49 28-Oct-09
1.36 £24.00 £32.64 £8.64
Ref: 9302569939 Bet matched: 14:49 28-Oct-09
1.36 £3.62 £4.92 £1.30
Ref: 9302569939 Bet matched: 14:49 28-Oct-09
1.36 £54.48 £74.09 £19.61
Ref: 9302569939 Bet matched: 14:49 28-Oct-09
1.36 £59.24 £80.57 £21.33
Ref: 9302569939 Bet matched: 14:49 28-Oct-09

Tipsarevic Wins 7-6(4) 6-4
Profit: £26.87

Olivier Rochus v Vincent Millot

Really shouldn't be going in from the off I know with so many matches on today. But this is huge value imho! Unless Rochus has no interest in playing here :o But that's usually his brother's trick ;)

Back Olivier Rochus 1.28 £8.00 £2.24
Ref: 9300451948 Bet matched:11:12 28-Oct-09
1.28 £14.76 £4.13
Ref: 9300453406 Bet matched:11:13 28-Oct-09
1.28 £78.06 £21.86
Ref: 9300453406 Bet matched:11:13 28-Oct-09

And I'm out already. So early in the match I'd be mad not to get out at these odds as there's plenty of other stuff on at the moment.

Lay Olivier Rochus 1.11 £116.26 £129.05 £12.79
Ref: 9300510809 Bet matched: 11:21 28-Oct-09

£14.79 on Both

Tuesday Summary

Following on from Monday's success I started Tuesday needing to get to £100.81.

Bet 1 - Profit: £4.72
Bet 2 - Profit: £3.46
Bet 3 - Profit: £13.24
Bet 4 - Profit: £5.11
Bet 5 - Profit: £9.88
Bet 6 - Profit: £25.93

After these tennis bets I had to go out for the evening, leaving me an agonising £0.57 short of my daily target!!

So when I got in I had a quick bet on the football

Bet 7 - Profit: £0.58

That took me past my target, just.  So for Wednesday I need another 166% increase of bank in order to stay on target. That would take me to £268.18.

There's plenty of tennis today so patience is the name of the game I feel.

Good luck everybody and Happy Punting!!

Juventude v Bahia

Backed under 4.5 goals purely and simply to get the 0.58 I needed to hit my daily target :)

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