Monday, 8 February 2010

Superbowl Baby

Really fancied the Colts tonight but I held back from an initial punt.

Finally got on when Colts were within FG range on their 1sr drive after Saints had done nothing with theirs. Odds were 1.39.

Unfortunately Saints defence held firm and Colts only got a FG for a 3-0 lead.

Saints only got one 1st down on there next drive and Colts then went for a Touchdown with the extra point added for a 10-0 lead.

Greened at 1.26 for just over £100 on each.

May look to get back in if Saints can start scoring.

Got to switch to my old laptop to get fairbot up and do a screeenshot. Up soon!!

Wow!! 4th and Goal on Colts 1 yard line with the score 10-3 and 2 mins remaining in the 1st half. They try for the TD but fail!!

I have made the decision to lump back on Colts here. Two reasons. firtsly they may have a quick drive and score but not very likely. Secondly they should be able to run the clock down without conceding and they will have the football first in the second half.

Oh dear turnover with time enough on the clock for Saints to get a score! Bugger!! FG Saints!

10-6 at halftime!! Odds now 1.38. Still Colts get the football first so let's hope for a scoring drive to start the second half. Time to sit back and watch The Who!

FFS Saints recover an on side kick to get the football!

Hmmm Brees has got his arm going now!!

OMG Touchdown Saints!! There must have been 6 missed tackles on that play!! Saints lead 13-10!!!

Will Colts actually get the ball this time?

Great drive! Manning in the groove too! 1st and goal on the 4 yd line! TOUCHDOWN!!!

Colts lead 17-13. Need a shutout here please Colts.

FG Saints makes it 17-16 Need a Touchdown from the Colts now please.

Going for it on 4th and 2!! Yes 1st down c'mon! Just about in FG range at least now.

Ah nuts going to have to go for the FG. 51 yard attempt and miss!! :-(

Saints start at their 41 yard line.

Switching at 1.88 Damn not all matched!!

Flip Flop!!

Got the rest on Saints at 1.80

Book now: Colts -£1027 Saints +559

1st and goal Saints c'mon!!!

TOUCHDOWN!!!!!  5.42 left on the clock!

Going for 2 pts! Nope!!! 22-17 Saints. Hang on they're going to challenge the call!

2 points are good!!!! Get in!!! 24-17

Uh oh!!! Manning picking up 1st downs like they are going out of fashion!!

Now then 3rd and 5 SHUT OUT please!!!!

I'm chickening out here at 1.50! £0,00 on Colts 67 on Saints!

FFS no sooner than I do that and it's interception and TD Saints!!!

Terrible timing 10 secs and I would have been nearly £500 better off!!

I have no idea why but Fairbot doesn't seem to be working!! Anyone know what "The procedure entry point Stm could not be located in the dynamic link library ole32.dll" means?

Saints Win
Profit: £67.27

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