Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Shahar Peer v Magdalena Rybarikova

Back to the tennis now for the rest of the night. I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to sleep?

Anyway Peer has opened up a 5-0* lead in the first set so I'll take the 1.20 on offer. Crazy bet I hear you scream as the set isn't done yet and we have set won odds. But I feel that the price may drop a few more ticks with a break here.

15-40 Impressive stuff from Peer according to the Scoreboard anyway as I have no stream for this LOL 30-40 ... Deuce Perhaps I spoke too soon. Holds though the SB froze. Odds lower already and Rybarikova held????

Peer to serve it out then! Which She does. Set Peer 6-1

Now Rybarikova to serve 1st this set so an early break would be nice. By the way the odds did drop 3 ticks or so like I thought. Now 1.17. 1.16 Now. Mind you she's 1.08 on Bet365.

Hmm what is going on now? Long delay and Bet365 have suspended betting! Well it isn't rain cos the stream for the Pennetta match has bright sunshine!

Back on Rybarikova serving 0-15 ... 0-30 ...  15-40 ... and Break
1-0* Peer leads. Consolidation is the key in WTA though! And what a way to do it with a hold to love.
2-0* Another Break? Yes
3*-0 Great stuff from Peer! Just checked she was 1.70's before the start!
4-0 Holds to 30. Give us a Bagel Shahar!!
5*-0 It's on!! GSM B-A-G-E-L!!!!

Peer Wins 6-1 6-0
Profit: £81.80

Tony West v Dave Chisnall

PDO World Darts Championship again. Need to get back on track after losing over half my bank in the last match!!


Chisnall is 2-0 up in the first leg and looks on form so I'm on at 1.12. Set Chisnall against the throw!
1-0 Chisnall and throwing first this set.

He takes the 1st leg. He's in here... 2-0!! Nice. And a 180 to start the next leg! 3-0 and the set!!

Chisnall leads 2 Sets to 0!! Can he take another against the throw? I don't think West has won a leg yet! He has now!! 1-0 West. 1-1. Can he get the break now? 2-1 West. Oooh West gets a break for the set.

2-1 Chisnall with the throw this set! OMG suddenly he's not hitting the doubles!! West with a chance. Nope Chisnall 1-0.  Break opportunity for Chisnall. 2-0. Nice and easy then!  3-0 and the set!

3-1 Chisnall. A nice early break on order then please as the tennis is on soon. 180 West!! 1-0 West. C'mon Chisnall. Break West for 2-0. Looks like he's going to have to seal the deal in the next set on his own throw! 3-0 and the set!!

3-2 Chisanll with the throw this time! No messing about now please! Chisnall 146 Checkout ? Nope Chisnall 52 then? Nope. West still not on a finish. D10 ... Chisnall leads 1-0 Now for a break please. Chisnall 121 Checkout? Yes!! Breaks for 2-0. Poor start though here. Chisnall 164 Checkout? Nope West not on a finish yet though. Chisnall 64? Yess

Chisnall Wins 4-1
Profit: £47.26

Brian Woods v Robert Wagner

BDO World Darts 2 nd Round again.

Woods leads 2-0 in sets so I've got on at 1.12/1.13 hoping he can break here for a 3-0 lead as up to now he has been the better player by far.

He had the chance to beak the throw but fluffed it 1-0 Wagner. Hope it doesn't cost him!

1-1 Can he nick the break now then? Hmm suddenly his darts are starting to stray!
2-1 Wagner. Need to take this leg to keep the pressure on. Oof missed the checkout and Wagner takes advantage for the set! Woods still has the set lead against the throw though so a hold he and the odds will come tumbling back down... I hope!

Jeez Woods not hitting his doubles now!! Got away with it there!
1-0 Woods a break here would settle my nerves a little! 180 Wagner he is throwing very well now! :-( 180 back for Woods gives him a small chance! Double 14 for the break... Missed! Wagner doesn't!
1-1 C;mon Woods don't make me regret all your missed chances. Not a good start 180 Wagner! Wagner in here! Missed the D18. C'mon Woods!! D12 ....  Nope! Wagner D8 Misses!!! OMG D12 for Woods D6...  Yess! Now break for the set please!

2-1 Woods. Nice start 180 Woods! Pffft 180 Wagner! D!8 Wagner.. Takes it!
2-2 Now then Woods close this set out please!!!! Wagner got his nose in front with a 140 and another! 13 from Woods WTF??? Wagner well in :-(  D12 Wagner.. Missed Woods still not on a checkout even! Set Wagner!!

2-2 in sets Wagner with the throw! Woods needs to refind his earlier form and quickly!!
Woods with a chance here!! D20 for the break! D10 D5 missed!!! FFS!!
Wagner misses his 3 attempts too D2 Woods Nope!! D9 Wagner D4 Nope! D1 Woods .... 3 misses! D4 Wagner !!! Leg Wagner :-(

1-0 Wagner. Need a Woods hold here! Oh yeah hits the double at the 1st attempt this time!!

1-1 Come on the break! 180 Wagner! Woods is in !!! D8... D4 Yesss!!!!
2-1 Woods against the throw! Now finish it!! Woods with checkout Nope! Wagner in D18 Nope!
Woods need D20 for the set! D10 Yes!!!!

Woods leads 3-2 in sets and has the throw here needs to get off to a good start!! 59 was not what I wanted! 180 Wagner :-(  Woods just not hitting enough trebles! Wagner on a Checkout! Woods checkout D12 missed! Wagner D20 Missed Woods needs D12  D^ Ooof missed Wagner on D20  D10 Takes it FFS

1-0 Wagner against the throw! Wagner on a finish .. Nope Woods on a finish  D16 Nope FFS Woods!!
2-0 Wagner! Woods on a finish. Nope. Woods in again... D20 Missed again!! FFS Wagner on a finish Nope. Woods D20 ... Yess finally!
2-1 Wagner to throw c'mon the break!! agner on a finish ... Nope. Woods In . D18  D9 Nope!! Wagner .. Nope. Woods  D2 Nope what a flippin muppet!! Wagner D16 and the Set!! Woods should have walked this!!

I've switched with Wagner odds on at  1.80!! C'mon on Wagner!

1-0 Wagner he is hitting them Doubles!! Woods on a finish! D20 Misses. Wagner still not on a finish though! D20 for Woods and he takes it!!
1-1 C'mon Wagner nice hold please! Wagner on a finish!  D8 Yes first time of asking!!
2-1 Wagner now for the break then!! 180 start from Woods!  Wagner needs a big score! Woods on a finish ... Nope Wagner still not on a finish though! Woods back in D20 Takes it 1st time the tosser!! Where was that last set???

2-2 Wagner with the throw 140 good start! Good lead from Wagner! Wagner on a finish ... D18 D9  Nope!! What is it with the players I back!! Wagner D4 D2 Yess!!

3-2 Wagner let's have the break now then!! Back on Woods at 2.2
3-3 C'mon Woods!! Wagner on a finish. ... D20 Misses. Woods 147 checkout? Nope Wagner D20 D10 Nope!! Woods D20!!! D10 Yess the break!! Now finish the deal FFS!!!

4-3 Woods! 180 Wagner!! :-(  Woods need 161... Nope Wagner in here Bull ... Gets it FFS!!!

4-4 C'mon Woods!! I'm seriously needing a fag here!!

All Red for -£415.90 here I can't bear it!! Though to be fair a loss that only takes half my bank is a step in the right direction!! LOL

Bloomin Typical Woods get the break! 5-4.

Wagner 161 Checkout!!  Nope. Woods on a finish Bull needed for the match!! Misses!! Wagner on 21. D8 Takes it!!!

5-5!!  Wagner Wins!!! 

Loss: £415.90

Willy van de Wiel v Ted Hankey

2nd Round BDO World Championship Darts again.

Got on Hankyt at 1.07 just as van de Wiel pulls a set back for 1-2. Hankey has the throw this set though so 1.07 seems fair enough!!

1-0 Hankey now for a break to make this set nice and easy please! Hankey has a chance!!
2-0 Nice now seal the deal! Oof 3 x Double tops missed!! But takes the set!

1-3 in sets to Hankey. van de Wiel has the throw this set but I fancy Hankey to take it for the match!
Hankey in with a shout!! But neither can finish!  Hankey gets the break! leads 1-0 in this set!

2-0 Hankey!!
2-1 Willy pulls one back

Hankey Wins 4-1
Profit: £49.82

Stephen Bunting v Tony O'Shea

A bit of darts now!! From the BDO World Championship! (Pub tournament)

Got on at 1.4/1.15 when O'Shea was 2-0 up in Sets hoping he can bring this home!

He has the break in the 3rd set so lets have 3-0 please! Ooh  he let Bunting in there but he gets the set 3-0!

Has the throw this set so let's bring it home Tony! Hmmm Looks like Bunting will break the throw 1 st leg! And he does!

Break back would be good please Tony. Some of these BBC Camera angle are terrible!
O'Shea with a chance! Yess!! 1-1 I'll take the 1.05 and green out I think. £61.60 on Both

O'Shea Wins 4-0
Profit: £61.60

Dinamo Moscow v Trentino

Champions League Volleyball here as a little variation from the tennis!

Dinamo lead 2-1 in sets and are 13-9 up in the 4th when I get on at 1.10.

I do hope that moving away from the tennis will not be my downfall!!

At 14-11 I'm taking the guaranteed green at 1.06 thankyou. £23.38 on both!

Dinamo Win 3-1
Profit: £23.38

Louk Sorensen v Stephane Robert

If I'm honest I don't believe I've even heard of either of these players so ordinarily I suppose it should be one to avoid!!

But I'll get on anyway!! LOL Robert leads 6-2 4*-1 so I think it's as safe as it can be to take a 1.02.

5-1* Break for GSM would be nice! MP! ... Deuce ... MP #2 ... GSM

Robert Wins 6-2 6-1
Profit: £11.96

Denis Istomin v Dudi Sela

The score is 6-1 5-2* to Sela and I'm on at odds of 1.03/1.04. Hoping for a nice quick 3% return.

I have run a nice bath so it better not go on any longer as I need to try and soak away my man flu like symptoms. God this giving up smoking is painful!! But apparently that is a good sign as it means my body is aggressively healing itself and clearing out all the crap from 18 years of smoking! I just wish it would either hurry up or do it a tad more gently!!!

Any way Sela has Won

Sela Wins 6-1 6-2
Profit: £22.25

Ryler Deheart v Younes El Aynaoui

El Aynaoui won the 1st set TB and now we have a 2nd set TB.

With the score at 3-3 I decide to take a gamble on the hometown boy winning at odds of 1.52.

And out at 1.23 when 3-4 for £91.08 on Both.

Al Aynaoui Wins 7-6 7-6
Profit: £91.08

Florent Serra v Julian Reister

I was gobsmacked by this market when I saw it! 1.45 for Serra!

I know of know injury problems so I've piled in at that. I do hope it isn't one of those matches.

Odds down to 1.33 pre match!

Hmmm Serra serving first and it's 30-40!!!! Deuce ... GP ... Holds!!

1-0* Hopefully that is the end of the German's challenge and Serra will walk it now!! LOL
Deuce on Reister's 1st service game! C'mon the break!!! ... GP ... Deuce ... BP Take It!!! ... Break!!!

2*-0 Lovely Jubbly!! 0-15 ... Oh don't get broken back!! 30-15 ... 30-30 ... 40-30 ... Holds!
3-0* Another break would see me get out I think as I've got a green out up at 1.09 :-)
3*-1 Reister holds to 30! Odds on Betfair 1.14 odds on Bet365 1.18 !!!!
4-1* Hold to love from Serra!
4*-2 Hold to 15 from Reister. Serra going to have to serve this set out by the looks of it!
5-2* Another love hold from Serra!

0-15 ... 0-30 ... Still not matched :-( ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... 40-30 ... Deuce ... BP ... Deuce ... GP ... Holds
5*-3 Had some of my 1.09 nibbled there but still have £311 liability. C'mon the Hold!!

Uh oh 15-30!! ... 30-30 ... BP!!! WTF Serra!! Hold!!! ... BREAK"!!!!

5-4* Well that will teach me to be greedy could have easily greened up there!

Break for the set please! 0-15 c'mon! ... 0-30 ... 15-30 Don't let him off the hook again! ... 2BP's (SP's) ... 30-40 TAKE IT!!!! ... Pffft Deuce! ... GP ... Holds! Jeez Serra!! Could have won this set so many times!!

5*-5 Need to hold Now!
6-5* Hold to 15 this time of course!!! Now break him!!!

Tiebreak. I'm topping up at 1.45 again!! Come On Serra!!
0-1** Great :-(
1-1* MB back! And another?
1**-2 Two hold please Serra!
1*-3 FFS man what are you doing?
1-4** What is this rubbish!! Flip Flop!!
2-4* MB back still need another
2**-5 Hold these Serra!!
2*-6 Another bloomin MB!!
3-6** C'mon still hope!!

3-7 Set Reister!!! FFS Serra that should have been wrapped up easily!! 1.61 Reister????

Serra went from 23/33 service points won in the set to 1/5 in the TB!!!

Reister to serve 1st in the 2nd set break him please Serra! From 30-0 to 30-40 Take It!!! Saved of course! Deuce :-( ... GP ... Deuce ... GP ... Holds.

0*-1 Serra better not give up or I will cry I think after being sat 1 tick from £150 on both for most of the 1st set!

1-1* Holds to 15 c'mon the break!!
1*-2 Hold to 15 from Reister I may have to consider a switch here!

OMG 0-15!!! 15-15 Serra pull your finger out mate!! 15-30 This doesn't look good!! 30-30 Fight Serra!! ... 40-30 ... Take It!!! ... Holds Phew!!

2-2* This is enough to make me want a fag big time!!! C'mon Serra get the break now this guy is a mug!! (like me I guess!)

0-15 C'mon ... 15-15 ... 15-30 C'mon Serra!! Odds reacting so slowly here! 30-30 ... 40-30 ... Hold!

2*-3 Tried for a switch at 1.70 but my weight of monety scared some an the price crashed!! Please Hold now then!! Holds to 15.

3-3* Come on break him NOW!!! WTF 40-15 and odds sub 1.5??? 40-30 and 1.38!!! wtf is this? C'mon Serra punish this market for doubting you!! Deuce C'mon!!! ... Still in the 1.50's! ... Pffft GP ... Deuce! C'mon Serra!!! Argh GP ... Deuce Give us a break Florent!!! ... GP :-( ... Holds !!!

3*-4 C'mon Serra I don't want to end this post with Que Serra serra!!
4-4* A hold to Love now break him this time!!! 30-30 c'mon the Serra! Nope GP ... Game
4*-5 Serra got to serve to stay in the match now then !!! 0-15 Oh dear God!! 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 40-15 ... Holds!

5-5* Last chance to try and win the set without a TB then Florent! C'mon Vive La France!!
5*-6 Hold to love
What a time for AVG to play up! I see it's a TB

0**-1 C'mon 2 holds please!!!
1*-1 And another please!
2-1** Now for the MB (or 2)
2-2* This one then?
2**-3 Darn come on the holds Serra 2 aces would be nice!
3*-3 And another c'mon Serra I need this set!
4-3** Now for the MB!!
4-4* This one then PLEASE!!!!
4**-5 Uh Oh!! Two holds again???
5*-5 One More Florent for a SP!!!
6-5** Take IT!!!!!!
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Set Serra!!!!

Now I could get out for about £12 on both but Serra to serve first let's hope he can hold!

1-0* Holds to 15. Now for a break and a nice easy 6-1 set like the 1st set should have been please Florent!!
1*-1 Hold to love from Reister. Come on Serra nice easy hold please.

I tell you what this is a flippin conspiracy!! AVG is in cahoots with someone to mess me about just shut me down!! I see I've missed 2 breaks!!

3-2* Serra hold to love! Now for the break?
0-15 c'mon Serra!! 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 2 more points!!!  Darn didn't realise I had a bet up still at 1.37 I thought I'd cancelled it and now it's BP!!

Still £65.48 on both!!

Serra Wins 6(3)-7 7-6(5) 7-5
Profit: £65.48

Melinda Czink v Barbora Zahlavova Strycova

Score was 6-3 2-6 5-1* when I got on at 1.02. Crazy odds to back I know especially in final set in WTA but I'm confident enough.

Czink wins 6-2 2-6 6-1
Profit: £8.83

Matthew Ebden v Jurgen Melzer

Ebden leads 7-5 5*-1 when I get on at 1.02. Just trying to nick a few quid here hope it doesn't screw me!!

15-30!!! ... 15-40!! LOL Typical! 30-40 Could have had 1.05+ now :-( ... Deuce ... BP #3 ... Deuce ... MP ... GSM! Clutch serving!!

Ebden Wins 7-5 6-1
Profit: £8.65

Alberta Brianti v Elena Vesnina

Vesnina leads 6-1 5-4* Hoping for a break for GSM here so on at 1.08

0-15 ... 15-15 ... 15-30 Two more c'mon!! ... 30-30 ... MP Take It!!! Or is it 2 scoreboards up and one says GP other has MP!! Deuce now anyway! Gp?? Deuce again. Definitely MP now!!! ... Deuce! Odds say MP protennis says MP now!! Pfft Deuce! MP #(who knows!!) Take it!!! GSM

Vesnina Wins 6-1 6-4
Profit: £32.18

Elena Baltacha v Ioana Raluca Olaru

Olaru is leading 6-2 3-0* when I get on but the liquidity is very poor so not all matched at 1.09 yet.

All matched as Baltacha goes to 30-0 in her service game.
3*-1 Don't stuff it up now Olaru! Nice easy hold is desired please. Thankyou!
4-1* Now for the break please.
4*-2 Baltacha held to 15. Another easy hold from Olaru required.

Hmm this is not a good time for the scoreboard to start sticking! 40-15 ... 40-30 ... Game
5-2* Break for the match then? 0-15 ... 0-30 ... 0-40 ... GSM

Olaru Wins 6-2 6-2
Profit: £33.35

Kaia Kanepi v Na Li

Kanepi bossed the opening set taking it 6-1. However Na Li got the early break in the second and went back to odds on.

Kanepi levelled at 3-3 when I decided to back her to serve for a lead!! Yes I am aware of the folly of backing the WTA serve! But with odds of 1.63 and 1.68 it was not to be sniffed at!!

And there's the hold for 4-3* a break now would be nice!

Bit of luck off the net chord gives 0-15 but every little helps :-) 15-15 darn missed the green up there. 15-30 ... c'mon!! Odds too high imho so not greening just yet! 30-30 Greed getting the better of me! BP! Take It!!!

5*-3 Kanepi serving for the match c'mon!!! 15-0 ... 30-0 ... And I'm getting out!!! 40-0
£135.55 on Both 40-15 ... GSM

Kanepi Wins 6-1 6-3
Profit: £135.55

Virginie Razzano v Monica Niculescu

Fancied Razzano from the off at around 1.4 but chose to do other things. But I certainly fancy her to break for the match here at odds of 1.10.

Score is 7-5 5-4* C'mon the break!! Get in!!

Razzano Wins 7-5 6-4
Profit: £22.06

Bernard Tomic v Oleksandr Dolgopolov Jr

Quick one this! Got on with Dolgopolov leading 6-4 5*-4 30-15 and there were odds of 1.04 available!! I'll have some of that please!!

He duly takes the next 2 points for GSM.

Dolgopolov Wins 6-4 6-4
Profit: £8.50

Alice Cornet v Marina Erakovic

I quite fancied an upset here but I'm going against my initial instinct when the score is 5-4* in the 1st set Erakovic to serve. I just hope Cornet can get a break here and take the 1st set.

My thinking is that even if Erakovic takes the first set from here the market should be high enough to trade out in the 2nd set but a break would give me some lovely green.

And we have a 30-40 from 30-0!! Take It!!! Took the green out at 1.29 on BP rather than wait. But Cornet Broke for the first set. Never mind Green is Good!

£20.33 on Both

Hmmm can't really understand why odds of 1.03 are still available when Cornet is 5-2* up in the 2nd so I'll nick a few extra quid and hope I don't get my fingers burnt!

Erakovic holds for 5*-3 Cornet got to serve it out now then! No French choking please!
Uh oh!! DF brings up 15-30! 30-30 ... MP ... Deuce! ... MP #2 ... GSM

Cornet Wins 6-4 6-3
Profit: £26.52

New Years Resolution!!

Hoping to get a bet on pretty soon with Razzano appealing and the chance of Erakovic with a possible upset but will obviously wait and try and get involved at the business end. However I thought I would share my latest milestone!!

It have now been a non smoker for 96 hours and 24 minutes!!! To be honest though technically I've also been tea total for about 94 hours!! :-)

I forget to mention the suffering I'm going through as a side affect though! Not cravings as such as they go pretty quickly, but the coughing as my lungs clean out the crap and my nose is just streaming which is apparently another sign that my body is repairing itself after over 18 years of abuse!

Perhaps I should use the fags like the guy in the picture to stop the flow from my nose.

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