Sunday, 18 October 2009

The 5 day Challenge!!

Well it all started on the Thursday before August bank holiday this year. I had just over £66 in my account and decided to set myself a ludicrous target of £10,000 by the Monday night!

Technically it failed as I had to reload another £100 when I got wiped out. However from around £100 on Sunday afternoon I reached the £10,000 target on the Thursday night.

For those that didn't catch it here is the link:

The 10k Challenge

I am withdrawing all my money from Betfair apart from a small, yet significant, amount. More on that later!! I have made more than my £5,000 monthly target so far in October so am happy to use my time on some fun stuff :)

Now to the rules of the challenge:
All in every bet... obviously ;)
Anything goes :)
I have the right to change the rules at any given time :)

So what is my starting bank and target I hear you cry?????

Well as you may have noticed I have some google adsense ads on this blog (please click generously!!!). Well Google does a nice thing by paying me a few pennies for every click and so far I have amassed the princely some of £22.14!!

However many people knock Google adsense and say you can't make money from them. Therefore my challenge previously on the forum was to prove the doubters wrong and here it is to prove bloggers wrong :)

I will aim to turn my £22.14 Google Adsense revenue into £5,000 by Friday night!!

Thus proving that you can indeed earn £5,000 a week from your blog courtesy of google adsense (with a little help from Betfair)

With an average of 10% per market I need 57 wins to achieve so 12 per day
Monday Target: £69.48
Tuesday Target: £218.07
Wednesday Target: £684.40
Thursday Target: £2147.96
Friday Target: £5,000.00 :) Easy as that!!! LOL

Please comment under each bet as well as in the chat section as then a record of it will be kept and I can answer questions about my sanity etc rather than miss them on the chat.

I am also going to try and change the settings so others can post blogs about my progress. :)

This may be a short challenge or it may succeed who knows?? But one thing is for sure it should be fun.

Please do not copy my style of punting as it can cause your bank balance to go down(fast) as well as up!

Happy Punting :)

Day 1 Summary 
Day 2 Summary

Change of Blog Layout

Always liking to change things up so I thought I'd have a play tell me what you think in the comments below. :)

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers (American football)

This should be a walk in the park for Pittsburgh! On home ground against a poor Browns team. Pittsburgh have been fairly free scoring whereas Browns, quite frankly, have not!!

Sometimes there are match ups that you just can't believe people are still willing to lay! This is one of those in my humble opinion and as such I am piling in to the 1.10 available.

The Pittsburgh -13.5 pts was just too much of a risk to take on but fairly happy with my banker bet.

Good Luck all and Happy punting :)

Traded out of this deep into the 1st qtr. I have no working stream and do not like what I am seeing on the game centre. Hopefully Brown can get ahead and then I'll look to load up again.

£0.00 Browns
£10.76 Steelers

Odds crazy low for 0-0 in 2nd qtr. no risk punt here all my green laying Steelers at 1.05.

186.11 Browns
1.46 Steelers

Oh well it was worth a go at 0-0 but booooom there's a TD Steelers!

Steelers Win 27-14
Profit £0.45 LOL
The 13.5 didn't come in though I see!

Wigan v Man City (Football)

Switching to the football now while I wait for this evenings American Football.

Man City for the win is very tempting at 1.98 however I will avoid this just in case of the draw as I really can't see Wigan winning despite being at home.

None of this matters for my bet and I would actually love it if Wigan do win :)

I'm going for my stock football bet of Over 1.5 goals @ 1.31.
Very tempted by the 1.94 on over 2.5 but I'll play safe. I can see this having 4 goals today with it finishing 1-3 or 2-2. Not going for it but the over 3.5 is available at 3.35!!

Good Luck and happy punting :)

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £124.25

Yanina Wickmayer v Petra Kvitova

Here is the final that I guess nobody expected! I for one was convinced it was going to be Radwanska v Pennetta today!

Both these girls have had some fairly decent scalps in recent times which will bolster their confidence.

For me though I can not separate the two as I really feel it is a coin toss. That takes me on to the odds. Yes Wickmayer won 2-1 last time they met at the US Open, but again it was tight. 1.62 on Wickmayer is far too short for this match and as such I would recommend a lay of her to start with if that is how you want to play it.

My bet here is a little lay of Wickmayer 2-0 in set betting @ 2.54.

Probably get involved in match odds as it develops.

Good Luck

Wickmayer won 6-3 6-4
Loss £25.32

Rafael Nadal v Nikolay Davydenko

Despite backing Davydenko to beat Djokovic yesterday I actually feel that Djokovic would have been a better bet to beat Nadal in the final. However I still think that Davydenko can nick this one.

Davydenko can crumble when the pressure is on but the way he has been building up his performances of late seems to suggest he is finally getting his act together.

Nadal leads the head to head 5-2 but most of those wins came on his favourite clay surface.

I'm afraid it's no bet from the off for me as I want to watch and see before getting involved.

If I was forced to take a pre match bet it would probably be to have a nibble at Davydenko2-1 in set betting @ 5.8. That does seem a stand out price to me. Also the way players have been retiring this week it would cover you in case of that.

Good Luck with your selections.

Ok I've decided to get involved now. Davydenko took the 1st set on a tb and now it's 1*-2 Davydenko in the 2nd set. Got odds of 1.40

Back Nikolay Davydenko 1.4 £383.46 £153.38
Ref: 9213379477 Bet placed: 11:14 18-Oct-09

Just got a feeling that Davy may nick a break soon. He may get broken straight back but just after a few quid here.

2-2 Davy had 30-30 and a good opportunity to get a break point but Nadal holds
2*-3 Rafa had the break point but great stuff from Davy brings the hold. 0-30 would do me now please :)

There it is :) And I'm out £34.48 on both

Lay Nikolay Davydenko 1.28 £419.41 £536.84 £117.43
Ref: 9213490328 Bet matched: 11:30 18-Oct-09

Davydenko goes on to break but I'm happy with my return in this match though a few minutes more and I could have doubled it :(

Davydenko Wins 7-6(3) 6-3
Profit: £34.48

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