Friday, 2 October 2009

Germany U20 v Cameroon U20

Continuing with the unresearched footy punts seems to be fairing much better than when I did analyse them! LOL Another win on the Over 1.5's. I know it was 1-0 to Germany at half time and that Cameroon had a man sent off. I then get the feeling of the morning after the night before as I was busy chatting and didn't even notice my bet had won till after it had been settled :o Neither do I know what the final score was. This is even more fun than drunk betting!!! LOL

Soccer / Germany U20 v Cameroon U20 : Over/Under 1.5 Goals 02-Oct-09 17:45 02-Oct-09 19:02 55.32

Profit: £55.32
Bank: £275.74

Korolev v Simon

Risky strategy I know but backed Korolev at 5*-4 Deuce in the first set. But I figured he had a pretty strong chance of holding from there and the odds were generous as though they were expecting a break.

Back Evgeny Korolev 1.85 £132.07 £112.26
Ref: 9072489090 Bet matched:08:12 02-Oct-09
1.9 £45.76 £41.18
Ref: 9072489090 Bet matched:08:12 02-Oct-09

Set Korolev 6-4. Odds now 1.66ish

3-5* Simon gradually been getting more of a read on Korolevs serve and finally gets the break :(

SET SIMON 1-1 Korolev had 0-30 but Simon came back to 30-30 That point Korolev should have won but missed. and Simon held.

Well don't know what happened there! Was 2*-0 Korolev and 15-15 when I greened up to take my daughter to play school as mentioned in the chat.
I come back and Simon has won!

Lay Evgeny Korolev 1.49 £222.33 £331.27 £108.94
Ref: 9072647058 Bet matched: 08:55 02-Oct-09

Simon wins 4-6 6-3 6-4
Profit: £42.59
Bank: £220.42

Interesting evening of multi sports

After the tennis had finished today I looked around for other stuff to punt on. I guess it was the inevitable "chasing" after such a bad loss in the Azarenka match. People say never chase..... but they say never go all in too!! LOL!

This thread flies in the face of the expert opinions and .... usually fails miserably!! ;)

However an interesting evening it was and managed to finally get to a green challenge :) Though it's now 1am and the tennis starts in 3 hours!

I started with the horses. I've had the odd punt from a tip and the usual £2 e/w on the national in the past but know pretty much nothing about horses. But I was thinking to myself that if that berk John McCririck and his silly hat can make money on it I'd better have a look.

I reduced my stake for this, though in hindsight wish I hadn't, to £10 a bet. In total I placed 4 bets starting with a lay in win market then moved in to backing in the place market all were winners:

Horse Racing / Good 1st Oct : To Be Placed 01-Oct-09 17:05 01-Oct-09 17:12 5.36
Horse Racing / Newm 1st Oct : To Be Placed 01-Oct-09 16:55 01-Oct-09 17:02 4.69
Horse Racing / Sligo 1st Oct : To Be Placed 01-Oct-09 16:35 01-Oct-09 16:46 1.93
Horse Racing / Good 1st Oct : To Be Placed 01-Oct-09 16:30 01-Oct-09 16:37 9.28

A whopping profit of £21.26 for 45 mins work was ok but I wasn't willing to chance it any more so moved on.

My next bet was a venture in to my favourite football bet! Yes you guessed it the Over 1.5!!!!!! U20 football between Venezuela and Spain. If only they all won this quickly! It was 2-0 within about 25 mins which was a pleasant change!

Soccer / Venezuela U20 v Spain U20 : Over/Under 1.5 Goals 01-Oct-09 17:45 01-Oct-09 18:12 60.32

A lovely profit of £60.32 :)

I then had a couple of hours off and when I came back there was some snooker on. My snooker knowledge is limited to say the least but when you're chasing..... ;)

O'Sullivan was playing and he was low odds. This attracted me and I had pretty much made my mind up to back him. Found a scoreboard ( :D ) on bwin and discovered that he was 1-0 in frames too. A bonus as I would have backed regardless. So all in at 1.33 I went. The Aussie fella he was playing then levelled to 1-1 and the odds on Ronnie went up to about 1.80!! In my state of shock I thought I'd better research my bet and realised that they play 6 frames and there can be a draw! WTF you don't get this at the Crucible. Joe Davis must be turning in his grave!!! Anyway O'Sullivan won the next 2 to take a 3-1 lead and I thought that would be that. Odds around 1.15 were to big for me to green out I confidently thought. However Robertson soon got on top in the 5th frame and I did a complete switch at 1.35. I got lucky here and at 3-2 I greened up around 1.50 for even green of £25.14. Wish I had stuck with my position a little longer as Robertson levelled to 3-3. A draw in tennis! Maybe they should introduce it into tennis ;)

Snooker / O Sullivan v Robertson : Match Odds 01-Oct-09 20:45 01-Oct-09 23:32 25.14

I was scratching my head after this one but remembered seeing a late game on the in play football coupon and there it was... Lanus v LDU. Over 1.5 was 1.44 so on I piled!! :)

Then I found out that Lanus and LDU are from South America :D Still not sure which countries though :O When it got to half time and it was still 0-0 I thought I'd better do some research. So I read the footy forum :D Apparently this was the 2nd leg and one of the teams had one the first leg 4-0 so weren't bothered. That is why the over 1.5 odds were so high as there would be few goals. Oops!! I feared the worst but then the team that had won the 1st leg scored a cracking free kick to give me hope in the 72nd minute. It then went to 1-1 not long after and yet again the complete lack of knowledge punt defeated the researched and planned one LOL

Soccer / Lanus v LDU : Over/Under 1.5 Goals 01-Oct-09 23:15 02-Oct-09 00:58 52.69

Giving a £52.69 profit and getting me back into the green for the challenge :)

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