Sunday, 1 July 2012

Another £66.75 to £10,000 Challenge DONE!!!

Well there you have it folks! A couple of false starts and only saved because I had the sense to withdraw some for safety along the way.

Anyway that's £66.75 to £10,266.60 since June 10th.

Amazingly this run started with my last reload of £66.75 to bet on the Spain Italy match in the group stages. It so nearly finished on the repeat fixture but on the same day as they met in the final at least.

Will withdraw the bulk again now and see what comes along next.

Good luck all and Happy Punting! :-)

Flamengo v Atletico GO

OK on to some late night South American Footy and the chance for the market to get their £5,000 back!

This is a Brazilian league match with Flamengo sitting mid table and Atletico propping up the foot of the table at the bottom.

Over 1.5 goals is the bet at 1.30. Dance Dance Dance!

Beatriz Haddad Maia - Brazilian Number 12

0-1 after 27 mins. C'mon the 2nd! Before half time? Yes please.

GOALLLL!!!!! 34 Minutes and it's 1-1.

Over 1.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £1,438.50
Bank: £9,083.35

Spain v Italy

Here we go folks it's Euro 2012 Final time.

No suprise that Spain are here but not many would have expected Italy to be lining up against them.

I'm going for goals here and I'm planning on getting back my loss last Sunday. Can't believe the price on over 2.5 goals... 2.98!!!! That is crackers and so yes folks I'm all in on that one. May look to trade out if an early goal but will watch and see.

Camila Giorgi - Italian Number 7

GOALLLLL!!!!! Spain take the lead 1-0 on 14 minutes.

30 Mins gone still 1-0. Another goal before half time would be excellent please!

Gol!!! Gol!!! Gol!!! 41st minute! 2-0 Spain. Could green out now for £3,000 on each but will wait till half time before making a decision.

There is half time. 15 minutes of thinking to be done now. I can green out for £3,052.55 on each side or hang on for the £5,005.82 for Over 2.5 Goals. Decisions, decisions!!??

OK holding my nerve... for now! Please let's have an early goal.

55 mins gone still 2-0 could green for £2931. Holding my postion.

60 mins gone still 2-0 could green for £2632 but Motta just pulled up injured and Italy have no subs left... may be down to 10 men?

70 mins gone. Still 2-0 the Italians are looking very tired but the SPanish seem reluctant to be clinical. Can still green up for £2,151. C'mon the Goal!!!!

74 minutes and Spain are finally bringing on a striker. C'mon Torres let's get it in the onion bag son! Can green for £1,566.

80 mins Still 2-0. Can green for £896. Time running out to get something out of this FFS!!!


Over 2.5 Goals Wins
Profit: £5,005.82
Bank: £7,644.85

Women's Volleyball: China v USA

Now I don't profess to having a great knowledge of volleyball or indeed women's international volleyball. However I can read a results list and compare two teams accordingly. USA have been demolishing their opponents whereas China have been losing at this stage.

1.14 is buying money in my humble opinion!!! CHARGE!!!

Sloane Stephens - USA Number 5

1st Set to the Yanks. 24-26. Closer than I was expecting but they were cruising I think.

2nd set a little one sided despite the Americans trying to let the Chinese back in with a late rally they finish it 21-25.

USA close out the 3rd set 25-27 to give them the win.

USA Win 3-0
Profit: £312.09
Bank: £2,639.03

Yaroslava Shvedova v Sara Errani

Shvedova leads 6-0 4-3* when I get on at 1.17 hoping for an immediate break.

0-15 ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 30-30 ... 30-40 TAKE IT! ... Deuce ... 2nd ... GP ... Hold.
4*-4 Need a strong hold please Yaroslava. 0-15 good shot Errani but Shvedova should have buried that ... 15-15 ... 30-15 ... 40-15 ... Double Fault 40-30 ... Deuce ... GP#3 ... Holds.

5-4* Break for GSM would be a pleasant outcome of this game. 0-15 ... 15-15 ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ... 30-40 Take it at the 1st attempt? YESSS!!! GSM!!!

Shvedova Wins 6-0 6-4
Profit: £326.94
Bank: £2,326.94

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