Sunday, 1 July 2012

Another £66.75 to £10,000 Challenge DONE!!!

Well there you have it folks! A couple of false starts and only saved because I had the sense to withdraw some for safety along the way.

Anyway that's £66.75 to £10,266.60 since June 10th.

Amazingly this run started with my last reload of £66.75 to bet on the Spain Italy match in the group stages. It so nearly finished on the repeat fixture but on the same day as they met in the final at least.

Will withdraw the bulk again now and see what comes along next.

Good luck all and Happy Punting! :-)


  1. well done mate you are my idol...... I have tried it many times but have not got the nerve to bet huge amounts for the kill! very best to you :) and very happy for you too

  2. Fantastic job mate very well done. Nerves of steel!!!!!

  3. the biggest cahones around!!!!

  4. Just found out your blog :-) amazing!!
    Also checked some of your early threads in betfair forum (cool stuff).
    Will you be active blogging once the football season starts?


  5. Hope you're getting in on all this great Olympics betting - so many opportunities! If you are...please blog about it. I'd love to hear how you're getting on.

  6. You did it again, yeah. Congrats

    Hope to see you around


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