Sunday, 1 July 2012

Women's Volleyball: China v USA

Now I don't profess to having a great knowledge of volleyball or indeed women's international volleyball. However I can read a results list and compare two teams accordingly. USA have been demolishing their opponents whereas China have been losing at this stage.

1.14 is buying money in my humble opinion!!! CHARGE!!!

Sloane Stephens - USA Number 5

1st Set to the Yanks. 24-26. Closer than I was expecting but they were cruising I think.

2nd set a little one sided despite the Americans trying to let the Chinese back in with a late rally they finish it 21-25.

USA close out the 3rd set 25-27 to give them the win.

USA Win 3-0
Profit: £312.09
Bank: £2,639.03

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