Sunday, 6 December 2009

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

There's 3:39 left in the 3rd Qtr when I get on at 1.65. Giants have just scored a Touchdown to retake the lead 21-17. Home field advantage and that 4 pt cushion is enough for me to think this is value. Hoping they can stop Dallas scoring on this drive and the odds should be low enough to warrant a green out.

Now to find a Christmas link!

Well the Giants got the shut out, but odds not low enough. I need 1.4 to green out for guaranteed weekly profit!

Better than I hoped and out at 1.20

£126.45 on Both.

OK I have a link!

Cowboys ride horses, Horses can suffer from a problem called CRIBbing here's an explanation of what that is!

San Diego Chargers @ Cleveland Browns

Well I wanted to get on Chargers from the start but, unfortunately, Saints game went into Overtime.

Anyway I have to get involved as I have a Christmas link for this that I may not get the chance to use again!

Got on at 1.04 but only £32.47 matched off at 1.03

£0.30 on both LOL

Any way here's the link.

San Diego is the birthplace of RuPaul.
He/She (whatever) released an album in 1997 called HO HO HO :-)

New Orleans Saints @ Washington Redskins

I can't look beyond the Saints here and to be honest I'm gob smacked by the odds!

1.25 is a gift if Drew Brees plays anywhere near the level he played in their last game against the Patriots.

I wish there was a +/- 3.5 market as I would definitely taken the Saints -3.5 here.

Good Luck if you're on and Happy Punting!!!

Now to find a link to my Christmas List!

Well a shaky start from Saints let Redskins open up a 10-0 lead in the 1st Qtr but they came back fighting in the 2nd to level the game 17-17 at halftime. If Saints continue their 2nd half performances from this season then there is only one winner here!

Really struggling to find a Christmas link here so it's a tad tenuous but I'm sure it's OK!

Here Goes...

One of the last players that Princeton University produced that made it pro was Ross Tucker.
Ross Tucker ended his Career at Washington Redskins.
Princeton is an IVY league University.
So IVY it is!

While I have been searching for that Redskins have opened up a 27-17 lead with 7.48 left in the 3rd!

Hmmm getting down to the wire now. Redskins lead 30-23 with 6:52 left in the game. A combination of great Redskins offence and poor Saints defence not to mention lacklustre red zone plays from Saints has my bet in trouble here. AT least there wasn't a -3.5 market to get on!!! LOL

OMG Redskins missed the Field Goal!!

C'mon Brees let's have a TD drive to tie the game then!!

Yeessss TD and Extra Point is good!!! 30-30 but still 1.19 on clock it's gonna be tight :o

Saints got an Interception with 28 seconds on the clock but to no avail so 30-30 it is and into Overtime!!

FFS My computer decided to crash at the start of Overtime!! But back now and Redskins still have the ball 3rd and 1 on own 39 yd line!

Redskins fumble and Saints have possession almost in FG range!! C'mon Saints!!!

New Orleans Saints Win 33-30
Profit: £68.08

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