Monday, 2 November 2009

Tomas Berdych v Paul Henri Mathieu

Got on at 1-0* Deuce. Hoping Berdych can nick the break. He doesn't as Mathieu holds.
However confident in my bet as Mathieu has been pretty terrible recently.

Back Tomas Berdych 1.43 £68.38 £29.40
Ref: 9345014191 Bet matched:14:17 02-Nov-09

3*-1 Break Berdych.
4*-2 And I think I'll get out Green is good.

Tomas Berdych 1.15 £85.03 £97.78 £12.75
Ref: 9345180431 Bet matched: 14:31 02-Nov-09

£15.83 on both

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