Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Tommy Haas v Arnaud Clement

Not sure why I jumped in so rashly here but at first glance it looked like good value!!! Clement serving for the match in the final set with the score 4-5* 15-15. Clement manages to save 3 BP's in the game but haas still takes it for 5*-5. Back to evens.

Yep it was definitely a rash bet I was watching Marat's ceremony and just flicked over to this to nick a couple of quid. Always the way! Only rarely do you get an easy ride with these sorts of bets. Really need Clemnet to break right back.

Haas leads 6-5* now! Free game for him and Clement has gone from serving for the match to serving to stay in the match in a matter of minutes! Don't you just love tennis!!!

Hmmm 30-30 not exactly filling me with confidence here! 40-30 c'mon let's get to the Tie breaker first please. Then we can focus on winning that! There it is Tie Break!!

MB straight up please Arnaud. Do it for your Mrs!!!
1-0** OK two holds then please.
1-1* And another hold please
1**-2 Now for the MB or two?
1*-3 GET IN!! Another?
2-3** Two holds then please.
2-4* Has the lead at the turn around. Another hold please.
3**-4 Damn that point could have meant I could have got out! Two MB please.
4*-4 Get this one then or there's too much pressure on your serve!
4-5** YES Now serve it out please.
5-5* Double Fault. Haas rushed forward during his serve and put him off there. Very unsporting!
5**-6 C'mon Clement take this point then!! 2nd Serve!
6*-6 Don't let him get MP Arnaud!!
7-6** Oh dear! He's had the chances and fluffed them will they now come back to haunt him?
7-7* Phew what a time for that sort of shot? But gets away with it!
7**-8 An Ace!!! Oh get lost with your challenge Haas! Now break him Clement!
8*-8 C'mon Arnaud this one then?
8-9** TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Clement Wins
Profit: £3.85

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