Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Marin Cilic v Lukasz Kubot

The score is 5-4* in the first set with Kubot about to serve to stay in the set. I feel that's worth a punt at 1.25 so I've lumped on!

C'mon the break.

0-30 C'mon!! ... 15-30 ... 30-30 ...  40-30 ... 5*-5 :-(

Need the hold then Cilic then you've got a free game or a tiebreak!
Uh oh ... 15-30 Don't stuff up Marin!! ... 30-30 ... 40-30 ... 6-5* Now for the break please!

Hold to love! Tiebreak it is!!
0-1** Great start Marin!! :-(
0-2* C'mon get that MB back please!
0**-3 C'mon switch it on Cilic! Only 1 MB and evens :o
1*-3 That's better now another.
1-4** Pfft that the TB all but gone! Can you at least get one MB?
1-5* Ace :-(  Maybe the change of ends will bring about a change in fortunes?
1**-6 Woeful TB Rank 13 v Rank 111??? Well it's rank that's for sure!
2*-6 And another?
3-6** Too little too late?
Set Kubot. What an awful TB from Cilic!

Right what to do now? Back of the server through tis set may be the way forward....
0-0* Switched to Kubot backing the server: -43.61 MC 2.35 LK
0*-1 Switch to Cilic 21.12 MC -42.97 LK   

1-1* Switch to Kubot -43.60 MC 11.09 LK
0-30 Don't get broken now Lukasz!! 15-30 ... 15-40 .. FFS!! ... 30-40 ... Deuce ...

Well what a mess!! I've suffered from Firefox crashes before but at least I still have Fairbot when that happens. This time though I got a blue screen and a complete system crash!!It could have happened a game earlier couldn't it!! :-(

It's 4*-3 when I get back on! :( Kubot was obviously broken :(
30-30 c'mon 2 more points Lukasz!!! BP TAKE IT!!! ... Deuce :-( ... GP ... One of those matches I guess I see Kubot has had 5BP's now this set and converted none of them! :(

5-3* Need to hold now!
5*-4 Now or never Lukasz! Will Cilic choke? If his TB in the first set is anything to go by he might!
15-30 ... can he do it? ... 30-30 ... 40-30 :-( ... SET Cilic! Two sets and I've been on the wrong side of both!!

Still fancy Kubot to nick this so I guess my little green is on the right side! The problem is I don't like the liability so I'm going to have to look for opportunities to trade in this set!

From 40-0 to Deuce is not the start I was hoping for! BP!!! Double Fault! FFS Kubot what are you doing? AND BREAK :-( Bank is a goner it would seem!!
Or maybe not! 0-30 can he actually do it this time? 30-30 No he can't :-( GP ... And Holds!! How many opportunities does Kubot want? So frustrating this especially as Cilic was so bad in that 1st set TB!!
Here we go again 40-0 to 40-30 .... Hold this time though! Now get the break back Lukasz you deserve this match! (Not my pocket talking .... honest!)
3-1* Need to keep holding now!! Hmm 0-30 :-( ... 0-40 :-( ... 15-40 ... 30-40 ... Deuce! Now hold and lets see 1.02 smashed please!! GP ...  Lucky git Cilic Deuce#2 ... BP pffft ... Break!

4*-1 A hold here and it's over pretty much
5-1* There's the hold! Let's put me out of my misery now then!
5*-2 Oh sure now he holds to love!! Grrrrrr
15-30 But it'll end in a hold no doubt!! 30-30 ...  BP!!! But probably come to nothing! Hmmm 0/9 BP's taken! MP ... GSM

Cilic Wins 6(3)-7 6-4 6-2
Loss: £43.60

What a shocker from me! I know it's only £43 in real money but like I have explained many time I work in % of bank so it still feels the same as a £5,000 loss. Back in the red for November now

May have the rest of the night off too.

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