Thursday, 19 November 2009

Chekov Medvedi v Constanta

I blame Betfair personally for making me punt on stuff like this. Yes it's Thursday afternoon and rather than being able to trade on the tennis, I only have handball to attempt trading on! I have no idea who the teams are or indeed who is better! The home team are starting at 1.07 so that may be a fair reflection. So like any good trader worth his salt, I'll lump on the short priced favourite! LOL.

This is The Champions League so should be good to watch I guess. Anyway I've put up a bet at 1.08 and see what is happening when I get back from walking the dog.

Hmmm I'm back now and Chekov are losing 16-18!!! Ooops oh well still the 2nd half to come! Halftime score is 17-19.

If you want to watch there is a stream here.

Chekov have a 25-23 lead with 20 mins to go! That's more like it!

It's men and boys this half! Chekov have opened up a 29-25 lead with 15 mins to go. Could have been a trading dream had I started with a lay bet!! LOL. However I guess the end result was "Never in Doubt" ;-)

Chekov Win 37-32
Profit: £1.21

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