Friday, 30 May 2014

Palermo v Crotone

Olivia Palermo

Very odd this one. I have taken Over 1.5 Goals at 1.20 before kick off. I could probably have got higher as it's traded at over 1.30. But bizarrely Over 1.5 Goals is in the 1.40's?? It doesn't make sense that it will be 0-0 if that market is there.

Anyway if there is something fishy I will get burnt.

Palermo have the league all sewn up but hopefully they'll want to finish in style in front of a home crowd. Crotone need to secure their Play Off place still so have something to play for.

Over 0.5 Goals1.2£19.96
Ref: 48063693903 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.2£25.40
Ref: 48063693472 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.2£8.13
Ref: 48063693474 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.2£41.66
Ref: 48063693476 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.2£567.26
Ref: 48063693478 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14
Over 0.5 Goals1.2£10.45
Ref: 48063693629 Matched: 19:17 30-May-14

Looking now it must have been an error as the odds have come tumbling down and are around 1.11/1.12 now :-)

0-0 at half time. The referee obviously fancied a cup of tea as he blew for the break with 4 seconds still on the clock. No stoppages? Hmmm.

Well I went to the pub after half time to watch the England game which I was hoping to get in to after a fast result from this but no. It finished 0-0. I guess sometimes value doesn't matter when the result goes against you :-)

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