Sunday, 1 June 2014

Richard Gasquet v Fernando Verdasco

Jarah Mariano - Fernando Verdasco's Girlfriend

Well thanks to Mr Froch I had a bit of extra cash (and a hangover) from yesterday. So despite blowing out on Friday night I've loaded my winnings up with a £400 deposit. I love a bit of chasing!! Lumping £400 to chase £150 hahaha. Now boys and girls do not do this it will only end in tears! :-)

So Verdasco leads this match 3-6 2-6 2-2* before the match was stopped yesterday so play resumes this morning. Odds of 1.23 are very generous in my opinion at this stage of the match. I know Gasquet can be sublime at times but those are, unfortunately, not often enough through his career to have made the impact his undoubted talent deserved.

I was shocked to see that Gasquet is the highest earning tennis player in the world by some margin! A string of shrewd investments it would seem are paying dividend earning him $58 million last year! Here's the link to the story:

Hold to love for 2*-3 Good start from Cocknose.

Equally good start from Gasquet holds to 15 3-3*

30-30... Uh oh 30-40... Phew Deuce... GP... Holds. 3*-4

Oi! Oi! 30-40 Take it!!! Yes the Break! 3-5* Serve it out now Fernando!

15-0 good rally that... 2nd serve, great net play from Gasquet 15-15... shot 30-15... ooof into the net 30-30... 2nd serve, great wide 2nd serve sets up Match Point... Superb point! GSM

Verdasco Wins
Profit: £88.41
Bank: £488.41 

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