Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dnepr Mogilev v BATE

Nicolle Bate

Not for the faint hearted folks I've decided to go full on for the chase.

£550 deposited which takes me to my monthly limit I set myself. Going all in on Over 2.5 Goals in this match at evens. Wish me luck I probably need it, but fortune favours the brave. Mind you they also say a fool and his money are easily parted! :-)

Over 2.5 Goals2£427.63
Ref: 48141818523 Matched: 16:59 01-Jun-14
Over 2.5 Goals2£4.24
Ref: 48141825768 Matched: 16:59 01-Jun-14
Over 2.5 Goals2£48.56
Ref: 48141845163 Matched: 16:59 01-Jun-14
Over 2.5 Goals2£7.31
Ref: 48141836925 Matched: 16:59 01-Jun-14
Over 2.5 Goals2£12.02
Ref: 48141899646 Matched: 17:00 01-Jun-14
Over 2.5 Goals2£0.24
Ref: 48141925190 Matched: 17:01 01-Jun-14

Well this isn't going to plan! 0-0 at half time. It maybe my punting funds over for June on the first day! :-(

65 minutes gone and still 0-0. Don't you just hate when you look at the other game you were thinking of punting on at higher odds has already landed. Them's the breaks :-(

79 minutes and we have a goal by BATE 0-1. A gllimour of hope I doubt it. They could have scored 70 minutes earlier to give me a nice fat green!

Oh well it didn't pay off. No punting for me for a whole month! (perhaps)

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